Monday, April 11, 2011

psychic session with Marisa Ryan

This morning I found an almost forgotten digital audio file on my computer. It was a recorded audio session with myself and a skilled psychic named Marisa Ryan. When I re-listened to it, I was struck by a a few things. First, I was impressed by how accurate she was with her set of insights about me and my on-going weirdness. The other was how freakin' anxious and tormented I sound!

This session with Marisa is just a little over two years old, and my voice from that point in my life seems a lot different than how I'm feeling today. At least I hope so.

I wrote a little bit about this session in a self-reflexive posting from March of '09.

One-click download HERE.
42 minutes long

The audio features our half hour session, and plenty of editorializing by me as I cut into the dialog. The content features a lot of personal stuff from my end as I attempt to articulate my emotional quandary at that chapter of my life.


T said...

Another good interview to take in! Thanks for posting, Mike.

Brizdaz said...

This woman is an extremely gifted psychic in my opinion (not that I've heard of her before)and I think she did an amazing reading on you.And I think she's right,you should relax more,and enjoy the ride and let things unfold naturally.If a benevolent force is guiding you
(and me,too) then it will guide us back on the road when we've taken a wrong turn,or more importantly guide us along the right path all the way in a set course in time (otherwise it wouldn't be synchronicity,would it?).
One thing she mentions,and one thing I know,is that you have a book in you (maybe more than one book,but focus on getting a least one book out there)and I get the feeling it should be along the lines of this blog...something you feel you should do...write it as though you were writing it because it is something you feel compelled to write,or because it is something that YOU want to read or say.
A thought just plonked into my head like it was a prompt from I'll pass it on.
If you haven't seen it,then see if you can rent this movie "Field of Dreams" starring Kevin Kostner.
Because the message I get for your book is "Build it and they will come".I'm not saying the book will be a best seller (although I'm not saying it won't),but it will attract the people who need to read it...does this make sense to you?...if so,I think you should go for it...remember,write it to please yourself...not an audience of potential buyers,only you.
"Build it and they will come".
I'll buy the first copy BTW:-)
P.S. You might want to rent a copy of "The Blues Brothers",too.
Because like Jake and Elwood Blues,even though the ride seems wild,I think in your own way that you're on a mission from the God-force.-)

Brizdaz said...

...Oh,and I liked the Bo Diddley track,right at the end...see people do listen right to the very last.-)

P.S. I just finished reading "Mothman Photographer II" by Andy Colvin,and found it a great read.
If you have some spare change,get a fact get one,two and won't be sorry,I'm sure,and they might give you some ideas for your own book/s.

Red Pill Junkie said...

There's definitely a noticeable change between the anxiety you were showing in 2009, and the way you're enjoying the "wild ride" you're in ;)

About the reptilian stuff... I dunno. I'm still leaving that in my gray basket; for some reason I can't make myself to take seriously all that 'lore' yet.

Irfan Ali said...

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Jen Pauly said...

I AMA believer and know there are gifted mediums. Marissa Ryan is not one of them! All you have to do is watch her hour plus conference on you tube. She gives not even one validation of information to anyone!!! Everything she says is so general. She also distracts by her poor use of humor. She's a fraud!!

Anonymous said...

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