Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1-2-3-4-5 synchro weirdness

Huh? Not again!

I was digging thru some old stuff on my computer, and found an email from last summer that I thought was really curious. How did I forget about this one! There is a synchronistic intensity to this little incident that I find perfectly fascinating. This email points out the 1:23:45 time count on an MP3 audio file, and how I paused it at random. And, this marks an interesting quote in the dialog.

Here's the (slightly edited) email below:
On Sat, February 6, 2010, Mike
Clelland! wrote:
Subject: 1-2-3-4-5 (time count
To: "Chris Knowles"


...This has been a WEIRD day. I listened to you excellent interview with Tim
Binnall today. At one point I had to run out to the barn, so I hit pause on the MP3.

When I got back, I noticed the time code was paused at 1:23:45.

This has been a significant number
synch for me in the past, so I took note of it. I replayed that section, and here's what you say at EXACTLY that curious time-count:

(you were speaking, quite passionately about Jack Kirby)

"He creates this whole set of characters called the New Gods and they are (exact 1:23:45 time-count) aliens! They are inter-dimensional aliens..."

Now, I don't wanna be overly dramatic, but that is a VERY interesting couple of sentences!

Chris Knowles replied:

AWESOME! I saw your comment. Loved its
synchronisticy flavor!

Psychedelic weirdness from the Great Jack Kirby

Just so y'know, this interview with Christopher Knowles on Tim Binnall’s show is really impressive, and I highly recommend listening to the entire thing. I have an obsessive fascination with the present day UFO lore and how it mimics ancient mythology, and my mentors in this are Knowles and Jacques Vallee. And mixing in the berserk comic book genius of Jack Kirby makes my head spin.

This particular synch takes place in PART ONE of a two part interview. Please visit Christopher Knowles' amazing site, THE SECRET SUN.

And - Here's my personal experience with this same curious time-count in a post from 2009.


Red Pill Junkie said...

That comic cover says "No 11/NOV".

You think something interesting will happen this Halloween? ;)

Mike Clelland! said...

"No 11 / NOV"


11 / 11

Brizdaz said...

Look at the time you posted the comment above about 11/11.

April 14, 2011 9:20 AM

April 14, 20.....11/9:20...AM

11/9:20...or 11/11.. .-)

Brizdaz said...

"Please visit Christopher Knowles' amazing site, THE SECRET SUN"

Yes,I have to agree with Mike,there.
"The Secret Sun" is an amazing blog.
I've also read his blog right through to the present post,and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Two thumbs up.
I've also read his book
"Our Gods Wear Spandex"
,and would give that the two thumbs up also.
I've got the "Complete X-files" as well,but haven't got around to reading it yet,but it looks awesome.

Trish said...

A great synchro, Mike.

Quanta said...

This is one of those great synchronicities that speaks to the "big truth" - because you're listening.

Sweet shivers up my spine!