Tuesday, April 26, 2011

audio conversation with Greg Bishop

Author and conversationalist.

This is a wide ranging conversation that goes all over the map. We attempt to make sense out of some of the more elusive topics in the already confusing realm of the UFO phenomenon.

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2 hours and 2 minutes long

Greg is an author of a UFO book without any UFO's. PROJECT BETA is sub-titled: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth. It deals with the confusing issues that arise when the government uses UFOs as an agressive form of disinformation, and how insanity can follow.

And just so y'know, we never really mention the book during this interviw. This seems to proove that Greg is not using my humble blog to try and shamelessly promote his book. That said, I feel strongly that you should go out and buy it.

We also look into Greg's very own UFO sighting from last month. He saw a curious object sit frozen in the sky despite high winds. A report is linked HERE.

As yet unexplained object that hovered in the sky near the coast in Southern California. Sketch made by the witness, the interviewee, Greg Bishop.

Please NOTE:
I apologize for poor sound quality, the Skype Gods were frowning during our recording session.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

audio conversation with Phil Imbrogno

Philip J. Imbrogno is a scientist.

That said, he sure ain’t timid about jumping into some of the deepest waters of the paranormal phenomenon and all its associated weirdness.

This interview is focused mostly on the abduction phenomenon, and how it has evolved over the decades. Plus, we attempt to connect a few dots as to how this phenomenon is intertwined with other paranormal strangeness.

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one hour exactly - and that ain't enough time!

Phil has been a busy guy, and he’s been put three books out in the last year or so, and a fourth is due out in December. He’s been speaking on-line as a way to promote those books and here are some links to a few of the really good interviews (audio podcasts).

Here is a really great two hour interview with Phil on Binnall of America. And a whole series of interviews from THE PARACAST.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

significant FBI documents?

A momentous piece of paper as the smoking-gun? Or more clever disinformation? Click on the image for a hi-res view.

In the last few days the media has been buzzing with news stories concerning the release of FBI UFO files. I am very cautious to get worked up whenever there is a release of nothing more than pieces of paper. I don't really see it as conclusive "proof" anything. Sadly, I have a sorta short attention span for this ominous stuff about government.

Dan Mitchell (of the LUMINOSITY blog) pointed out some details in one document that he found most intriguing. He writes about it in a recent post, linked HERE. He addresses the clues within the text that point to some sort of occult knowledge .

The document is dated July 8th 1947. This is the same day as the infamous headlines in the Roswell Daily Record, the local newspaper. See the image below.

In the elusive document there is a series of numbered points, noted below. I found three of them to be most interesting. Weird stuff for an internal memo, especially from that era.

Excerpt from the documents pictured above:

4. They are NOT excarnate earth people, but come from their own world.

5. They do NOT come from any "planet" as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us.

8. The region from which they come is NOT the "astral plane" but corresponds to the Lokas or Talus. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.

Iconic headline, dated July 8th 1947.

Additional text added April 18th 2011:
There is something I didn't know at the time of the posting above: these are NOT new releases. ALL the UFO files at the FBI's Vault site were declassified in 1976, and have been on the FBI's original site since that time.

People are assuming that because the FBI's Vault site is new, that the files are therefore newly-released, but they have been used and referenced in dozens of books and articles for at least 30-plus years!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1-2-3-4-5 synchro weirdness

Huh? Not again!

I was digging thru some old stuff on my computer, and found an email from last summer that I thought was really curious. How did I forget about this one! There is a synchronistic intensity to this little incident that I find perfectly fascinating. This email points out the 1:23:45 time count on an MP3 audio file, and how I paused it at random. And, this marks an interesting quote in the dialog.

Here's the (slightly edited) email below:
On Sat, February 6, 2010, Mike
Clelland! wrote:
Subject: 1-2-3-4-5 (time count
To: "Chris Knowles"


...This has been a WEIRD day. I listened to you excellent interview with Tim
Binnall today. At one point I had to run out to the barn, so I hit pause on the MP3.

When I got back, I noticed the time code was paused at 1:23:45.

This has been a significant number
synch for me in the past, so I took note of it. I replayed that section, and here's what you say at EXACTLY that curious time-count:

(you were speaking, quite passionately about Jack Kirby)

"He creates this whole set of characters called the New Gods and they are (exact 1:23:45 time-count) aliens! They are inter-dimensional aliens..."

Now, I don't wanna be overly dramatic, but that is a VERY interesting couple of sentences!

Chris Knowles replied:

AWESOME! I saw your comment. Loved its
synchronisticy flavor!

Psychedelic weirdness from the Great Jack Kirby

Just so y'know, this interview with Christopher Knowles on Tim Binnall’s show is really impressive, and I highly recommend listening to the entire thing. I have an obsessive fascination with the present day UFO lore and how it mimics ancient mythology, and my mentors in this are Knowles and Jacques Vallee. And mixing in the berserk comic book genius of Jack Kirby makes my head spin.

This particular synch takes place in PART ONE of a two part interview. Please visit Christopher Knowles' amazing site, THE SECRET SUN.

And - Here's my personal experience with this same curious time-count in a post from 2009.

Monday, April 11, 2011

psychic session with Marisa Ryan

This morning I found an almost forgotten digital audio file on my computer. It was a recorded audio session with myself and a skilled psychic named Marisa Ryan. When I re-listened to it, I was struck by a a few things. First, I was impressed by how accurate she was with her set of insights about me and my on-going weirdness. The other was how freakin' anxious and tormented I sound!

This session with Marisa is just a little over two years old, and my voice from that point in my life seems a lot different than how I'm feeling today. At least I hope so.

I wrote a little bit about this session in a self-reflexive posting from March of '09.

One-click download HERE.
42 minutes long

The audio features our half hour session, and plenty of editorializing by me as I cut into the dialog. The content features a lot of personal stuff from my end as I attempt to articulate my emotional quandary at that chapter of my life.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

is the phenomenon being self-generated?

The Path, whatever that means.

Dan Mitchell (of LUMINOSITY) had single sentence in a recent posting that touched a nerve in me. He wrote:

"This again leaves little doubt that at least in my own case, the phenomenon is being self-generated."

I've had this very same concept rolling in my head in the last few days. I feel like the phenomenon has been manifesting in a way to match my deeply personal set of (dare I say) needs. The direct experience can be truly mystifying, and it can stir-up a lot of self doubt.

It feels like there is a deceptive and elusive mystery unfolding before me, and there is something about the whole thing that I truly like as it urges me further down the path. It's an irresistible puzzle that somehow engages me in a way that exactly matches my own personality.

What is happening? Are there all-knowing beings out there in a hidden realm that can read my mind and understand all it's subtleties? Can these entities tailor my set of experiences so they exactly match what would be most engaging to me and me alone? As nutty as it sounds, this is how it "feels" on some level.

Or could it be something equally bizarre.

Another thought: Is there some part of me, some higher self (of future self, or astral self, or my soul-self) that is reaching outward, and meeting these mysterious entities half-way? Maybe the result is a merging of intentions that is creating these highly tailored experiences in my life? This has the ring of truth too.

Maybe it's all self generated, and there is no outside force at all. As I ponder this concept, it doesn't feel right. I get the distinct impression that there is something very mysterious that is influencing my life.

I am a cartoonist with a playful sense of the absurd. My drawings (and my personality) seem to revel in a sort of warm hearted and mischievous outlook on everything. This statement seems accurate, and I am self-aware enough to feel that saying that is honest. And - curiously enough, my experiences seem to manifest with "plot elements" that match my truest personality quirks.

(An example HERE, and another one HERE)

A mystery is being laid out before me, seductively urging me to follow. And in a very real sense, it is most certainly MY mystery, and MY path alone.