Thursday, January 27, 2011

parallel psychic experiences

In the last few months I've experienced some form of exacting psychic knowledge, I had a sense of absolute knowing that was palpable, and I when made the effort to check what I was feeling, and it was confirmed. I simply KNEW something that I shouldn’t have known.

Here’s an example, and I am going to avoid a few details because it involves someone else. I saw a very tiny profile image of a smiling woman on a facebook page, and without knowing why, I simply stated to myself, “This person is 48 years old and a psychic.”

The internet being what it is, it took just a few mouse clicks to get an email address for this person, and a phone number. And, sure enough, she was 48 years old and a psychic. We spoke on the phone for almost an hour, and there were a few other details in her life that were extremely interesting to me (and I’ll leave it at that).

Here’s another experience that, strangely, also involves facebook. In November of last year I contacted Jake Kotze through facebook to ask if he would do an interview. A few seconds after sending him the note, the phone rang and it was a friend from my youth calling to ask about our impending 30 year high school reunion. We spoke for a few minutes, and then she said she had to go. I went back to my desk, and saw that Jake had replied to my request (saying yes) and at that moment I knew, without question, that Jakes birthday was March 17th, (a quick check proved I was correct) and this was the same birthday as the person who I had just spoken to on the phone, but 20 years earlier.

Even though there wasn't anything overtly profound bout these two little events, these were exacting psychic hits, and I cannot state this clearly enough, I absolutely KNEW these facts in a way that was clear and unambiguous.

There are psychics out there who may see this as old hat, but this is something entirely new to me, and I gotta say it's a little overwhelming. All I can do is proceed forward, and hope that these skills can get put to some good use.


Natalie said...

Hi Mike, I have been a working psychic for twelve years and it still never ceases to amaze me. Every time.

Mike Clelland! said...

Natalie - It took you just 17 minutes to leave a comment. The post had only been JUST posted that long before you chimed in.

I'm not sure if that counts as a psychic "hit" but it's quite impressive.

(Yeah, that's a psychic hit, f'sure!)

Natalie said...

Synchronistic definitely!
My computer is at my dining room table and as I walk by, I check in regularly,( on the days that I am not at work, that is). I am having lunch with Hub, and was actually thinking about your blog this morning, when I woke up. I had a vague feeling that I was going to learn something from you today. :)

Brizdaz said...

I think everybody on the planet has psychic abilities,whether they lay dormant,or are developed to a greater or lesser degree than most other people who are exercising their psychic abilities is irrelevant.It's like the ability to draw or paint.We all have that ability (and some are better than others at it...for now)whether we think we can paint or not,it is obvious that if we took the time and honed the skills,that we all have the ability within us to be great painters or artists.
Psychic abilities aren't that much different to painting or drawing skills.We all have them whether we believe we do,or not.

Anyway,I got to get to work now...
because I'm getting the vibe that if I rock up late,I may lose my job.
See...little steps...we all have the ability.-)

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

I'm with Daz and Natgalie! Very cool, Mike. Those types of psychic hits are impressive for their exactness.

Natascha said...

Let's just call us human beings. We are human beings that have evolved appropriately. There are no psychics. On the other hand ... those who don't seem to have "these special psychic abilities", they are cripples. And to make it clear: everybody "has it" already .. it's just that most of the people are crippled by their upbringing, education, society, all those conditionings, that keep us from being an appropriate developed human being.

Brizdaz said...

Mike,I know what you mean about knowing.It is a totally different feeling to wishing or hoping.I remember experiencing it a few times when I've won money playing footy TAB here in Australia.It's a game where you place $1 on the Rugby League teams you think will win,and by what margin.The times that I have won,I knew I was going to win,even though the odds were stacked astronomically against me.I won over $3000 the first time (for a $2 outlay,$1 on two winning tickets) and then over $1600 on a $4 outlay,and then $3600,and each of those times I just knew I was going to win.I have never had that feeling any other time when I play the game,and until someone has experienced that knowing feeling,they will probably never understand the difference between hoping your right and knowing your right,but there is a world of difference.

I'm not advocating gambling here,but it is a good way to hone your skills.The trick is to treat it as a game,where you have no interest in winning,just guessing...and not even an interest in guessing correctly.Once the ego gets involved,it's over.Try it,and I'm sure you'll get what I mean.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Maybe everybody has psychic abilities, the same way everybody can sing or draw even the most basic doodles. But not everyone is born to become a Rembrandt or a Pavarotti. It's a delicate and not-too-clear balance between natural skill and dedication, I think.

There was this time when I had such "precog" abilities displayed. A few years ago there was a woman working at the office I'm in, and after talking to hear I learned he had known a buddy of mine —I met this guy at the gym I used to go back then.

So this woman told me a little about this buddy of mine's troubled past, and how he tried to help him; and when I told her I knew him, she said she wanted me to say Hi to him on her behalf (the usual pleasantries).

Now this guy used to disappear for long periods, but at that moment I "knew" I would see him next Saturday. I don't know if this was a premonition or not; I was reading the CastaƱeda books back then, and I was very interested in the whole thing about "willing things" and focusing you intent on to something.

All I know is that I was confident that I would see that guy on that day. And guess what? it worked :)

Brizdaz said...

Natascha and RPJ have summarized what I was trying to say in my first comment pretty well.
And I might add,that when it comes to psychic abilities and painting,I'm in the drawing stick figures category,but I'm trying to progress to crayons .-)

Brizdaz said...

"I knew, without question, that Jakes birthday was March 17th"

I was wondering if Christopher Knowles knows Jake's birthday is on St.Patrick's Day (St.Osiris Day)?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike~!

I'm with Red Pill Junkie on the issue of psychics. Yeah, everyone can go through the motions of psychic ability, but results will vary wildly. When someone describes someone as a "Singer" or "Dancer" they mean a SKILLED one. Most people can sing and dance a little-- doesn't mean they can make a living at it. Same with psychic ability.

To make things even more complicated, people can be temporarily or periodically psychic. That seems to be the case with me... I have some low level of ability most of the time, but sometimes I go through these short term phases of ability much higher than normal.

What you're describing-- running into situations where you'll just KNOW something "out of the blue" has happened to me as well. I wish it was more consistent or useful, but it seems to be about mostly trivial types of information. I don't get it.

Jane Psychic Medium said...

I am a psychic and I still am amazed over and over. Last week I was visiting my mum and dad who live in a different state and I asked them if they had seen my old friend Michael lately. They hadn't seen him for months. As we parked outside the post office only 5 minutes later - guess who knocked on the car window?? Michael! I really freak myself out sometimes!

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