Monday, January 24, 2011

parallel psychics

I just got off the phone with Marla Frees. We had a very lovely conversation where she explained that she felt compelled to call me because she needed to share something.

She struggled a little to articulate what it was exactly, but she said I was supposed to be working (or promoting?) my illustration (or creative) skills. She felt it was an important time for me, and I needed to play self-promoter, she felt inspired to tell me this stuff.

Three days ago Anya Briggs called me and shared almost the exact same thing. Let me add that she called right while I was drawing the graphic novel image that I posted under the headline: the creative process.

Neither of them could quite express exactly what they were feeling, and they searched for phrases to try and put their psychic impressions into words. Basically, they said the same thing, and in the same unsettled way. These two women are both forthright and very clear speakers, and both had difficulty articulating their thoughts during the phone calls. Both spoke in a sort of an awkward halting way that was very distinct.

Please know, from my direct experiences both Anya and Marla are very powerful psychics.
Links for Anya and Marla.
This is the illustration I was drawing when Anya Briggs called me on the phone to tell me I needed to pursue some sort of creative project. This was pretty much the very first pen-to-paper sketch for a graphic novel idea.


Mike Clelland! said...

Please know, I haven't met Anya in person, but I can only assume she isn't blurry in person.

Brizdaz said...

It seems to me that it's a unanimous decision,that you should proceed with this project.
The lights are keep moving forward.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Hi Mike, You might try Dennie Gooding of Los Angeles sometime. She's very good.

Red Pill Junkie said...

LOL the blurriness might be the result that Anya is now in a different "vibrational" state than the rest of us ;)

Please don't take this as a sarcasm directed at her. This blog has taught me to be more open-minded.

But yeah. When I saw that image you had posted from this exciting new project, my immediate reaction was to think in my head "a huevo!!"

["a huevo!" would be a very vulgar Mexican phrase, akin to your American "F*$ck yeah!" :P]

Anonymous said...

Universe sometimes doesn't just hint-- it sends a telegram.

Attention: Mike!

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Lucretia Heart:

Or - sometimes the universe lets you have it with a brick in the head!

Mike C!

Mike Clelland! said...

The post above was posted at 12:33 (drat!) one minute off!