Friday, January 28, 2011

Not metaphorically - LITERALLY!

The cave
Okay - this just happened and I haven’t made any attempt to process or interpret anything, but here goes...

I was up early this morning and my cabin was cold so I put on warm clothes. Sitting at my desk I had a funny feeling under my sweater, right near my left nipple, right at my heart level. It felt like electricity, like an intermittent vibration. I thought that a fly or a mosquito was under my shirt fluttering it's tiny wings against my skin. Like "bzzzzzzzz!"

I've never in my life felt anything like it, and I reached up under my sweater to see it there was something itchy caught inside my shirt. Nothing, but something was definitely odd.

Then, I sent a note (thru facebook) to a guy who I met at a UFO conference, and minutes later he replies to me in a phone call. We talk for almost two hours (imagine that).

At a certain point during the phone call he tells me one of his experiences, a scary story. He said he was alone in his bedroom and suddenly, everything shifts and he's was trapped in a cave. It's wet and the floor is lumpy and cold. He tells me the details and he insists it’s REAL and not a dream. There some sort of projected fear, and he feels that he's being tortured. The story culminates with a GIANT predator lizard confronting him with threats of death.

Okay, crazy story, easy to dismiss as a dream or delusion, right? BUT - for the five minutes while he tells me this cave story - the electric buzzing under my sweater is basically switched ON. The very real sensation stays on for the whole story, and switches off when he’s done.

This was intense, someone shares a fantastically strange experience - AND I FEEL IT AT A HEART LEVEL. Not metaphorically - LITERALLY!!!!

Hows that!

Also, this guy has a lot of profound UFO related stuff in his life, but he doesn’t have many scary stories, he’s had almost exclusively wonderful loving experiences, and he says he’s told almost nobody about the experience in the cave. He went on to speculate that he feels such bliss during meditation that maybe his nice vibes pissed off the big evil predator lizard.

Lemme try to better describe the electric buzzing sensation. It felt like a toy Barbie cell phone set on vibrate was set lightly on the skin of my left part of my chest.



Mike Clelland! said...

Richard Dolan explains the UFO secrecy in 10 minutes.


Here's a note I sent to Richard Dolan about this YouTube video that I saw this morning (link above).

Mike C wrote:

"Hey [Richard] - You're wearing that little lapel pin. The one that recreates an ancient sculpture of a 'flying' thing, that was recently tested in a wind tunnel and proven to be aerodynamically groovy."

Now, this note was posted right BEFORE I sent the email to my friend, the one with the scary cave story that made my left nipple buzz.

Note that the pin I mention is on Richard Dolan's left lapel, basicly the same place my where I felt the weird vibration.

Richard Dolan is 48 years old, as am I.

Also this morning I had a conversation with a very nice woman with LOTS of profound UFO experiences. She is 48 years old.

Brizdaz said...

I love that lapel pin.I wonder where he got it?
It would make a great conversation starter.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Ah! that little golden "space shuttle". They were first made famous by Von Däniken, and now more recently thanks to the Ancient Astronauts series.

There are a lot of websites saying these figurines are Mayan, but that is not the case. When I first heard about them they were said to be Incan. In any rate I'm pretty sure they come from South America.

Your story combined with this little golden figurine reminded me of one of my favorite mysteries: the Tayos cave in Ecuador.

PS: Do you suffer from "buzzings" in your ears? some people (like me) are very sensible to electromagnetic radiation (I can't stand to sleep with the A/C adapter of my external hard drive plugged in), is that your case?

Brizdaz said...

Mike,I tend to get a numb spine tingling feeling when something like this happens to me.Especially when I'm on a synchro roll like this following story for example.

On October 30th last year,my Father-in-Law died suddenly with a heart attack which took everyone by surprise.That story is related here at ;

...but that's only part of the story.A few weeks later I came across a book called "When God Winks:on New Beginnings" by SQuire Rushnell,which I purchased from Amazon,because I liked the cover with the white door opening into a green field (which I saw in a dream).While reading it I came across a story about how "America's Funniest Home Videos" came about,through a series of syncs,and that SQuire was actually one of the guys responsible for getting the show on the air.
So,then I went to see if there were any YouTubes featuring SQuire,so I could get an idea of the man behind the book.And I came across this one;

In it he relates a story about Emmett Kelly and his daughter which a found...well...spine tingling.I've always loved pictures of this sad clown,on a subconscious level,as I've grown up through the years,but never knew anything about him (until now).And to make things even weirder,the night before I checked out this stuff on Emmett Kelly,I had a very vivid dream,where I was being pushed up a hill in a sky blue (my favourite colour BTW)
toy car by my dead Father-in law,but I was an adult like I am now,and had to sit on the boot with my legs astride the doors,as I was too big.He pushed me up the hill then I coasted down the hill by myself,and into a house which in the dream I believed to me mine and my family's.
I wanted to buy some sought of model car to place on my desk,so I would not forget that strange life like dream,but try as I might I couldn't find anything close.Then after reading about Emmet,I was so impressed with the story of his death,that I wanted a sculpture of Emmet to remind me of all the synchros.
Then I came across this;

That is pretty much the colour of my dream car,and the way I was riding it in the dream,although the style is slightly different,but it is all too close to my dream,not to give my those spine tingles.

Things just keep getting weirder in my life,all the time.You couldn't write a movie script like this and expected it to be made.You would be laughed right out the producer's door,and I wouldn't blame them.

Red Pill Junkie said...

@ Briz:

The God Winks book sounds interesting, though I must confess I kinda resented that this SQuire dude decided to appear before cameras wearing a cap with the title of his own book --IMHO it gives the wrong impression.

Brizdaz said...

I agree with you RPJ that SQuire is a little commercial in his approach with the "God Winks" series and his approach is from a Christian angle,which isn't really my cup of tea (but,in all fairness,he doesn't push it down your throat),
but a rose by any other name...
"God Winks",
coincidence,whatever,still adds up to the same result...a sense of guidance from beyond our everyday lives,that wants to tell us something,if we will only listen.

You have to remember SQuire's background as a DJ and TV show producer,as well.A lot of people will be put off by his approach,I know,but his books (New Beginnings,
anyway) are worth reading,just for the incredible stories of synchronicites,or as he likes to call them "God Winks" that appear in people's lives.

Brizdaz said...

Oh...and talking of surprisingly good commercial books.I picked up "The Tao of Willie" written by Wille Nelson (the Country singer),and while I wasn't a big fan of Willie before reading this book.I am now.
If we all lived by the philosophy presented in this book,the world sure would be a nicer place.

Brizdaz said...

Re:My above comment.

"That is pretty much the colour of my dream car"

The picture of the car I've placed as the icon for this comment is pretty much the car I saw in my dream.The wheels are the same colour and style,the shade of blue is nearly correct and the body shape is pretty much right,but there was no number on it,and I was riding it like the sad clown was riding his car in the link above.

Sorry...I just thought I would bore the readers of this blog a little bit more with my stories .-)

Red Pill Junkie said...

So, is Willie's book printed on hemp paper? :P

Brizdaz said...

Re: RPJ's comment
"So, is Willie's book printed on hemp paper? :P"

No.It's not...but that is a dang fine idea.One that you,or I should suggest over at

...and I hope those t-shirts he's selling are made from hemp,as well.

...and those CD cases,they could be made out of hemp,too.

Now we're smokin':P

Anonymous said...


I know exactly what you're talking about with the vibrations buzzing small areas of your body. You describe it perfectly.

I've made several comments over the last few weeks on many of your posts, and they seem to go missing. Is there a glitch somewhere? I hope this one posts okay.

~ Lucretia

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Great post, Mike. Am interested to know how you solve this enigma! As Brizdaz remarked, it's a good conversation starter.

Brizdaz said...

Mike,I just finished reading a book called "SIGNS" by Robert Perry;

I think you might find it interesting.He's from the "A Course in Miracles" group,which ain't really my thing,but it's more about his synchronicitys in his daily life,than "A Course in Miracles",which he tries to dissect in a rational way.
He's around about our age,I gather from the time-lines in the book,and while he doesn't mention UFOs,he does mention poltergeist activity in his house while he was a teenager growing up.
I had a LOT of synchronicitys while reading both this book and reading to were I'm up to on Chris's blog
(March 2010).
I can really relate to his experience of synchronicity and feel he is of a kindred spirit.

Worth a read.

Cheers / Darren