Friday, March 5, 2010

the highway to Sedona (Laughlin 3)

A map showing the route between Flagstaff and Sedona There are meadows shown on the satellite image, and these are less than 2 miles from the forested area that reminded me of the dream. Click on this map for a HI-rez image.

I picked up a friend from Germany at the Las Vegas airport on the afternoon of Thursday February 18th. While still in the airport I told her about my weirdly colorful dream. We were planning to visit Sedona Arizona for two nights before heading to the conference in Laughlin Nevada. The reason we are going to Sedona is because Natascha had a channelled reading from Anya Briggs, where she was told (quite directly) that she MUST visit Sedona Arizona.

To get to Sedona, we got off of I-17 and onto US Highway 89 just a few miles south of Flagstaff.

It was a delight to be off the busy interstate and onto the tiny mountain road. At a certain point I needed to stop the car, and get out to pee. I pulled over in a pretty stand of trees, got out, walked into the forest a few steps and did my business. As I stood there, I was immediately aware that this scene almost exactly matched the forest in my intensely vivid dream from two nights before.

When I got back in the car, I told Natascha that this spot was eerily similar to the forest in my dream.

We arrive in Sedona a little while later, and we didn’t keep track of the time. But, everything seemed perfectly normal.

Now, lets jump forward to the Laughlin conference. I had the chance to visit with “John Smith” (a pseudonym), who I’ve met a few times now at two different conferences. This guy has quite a rich set of experiences. I tell him about my dream in the forest, and the eerie section of woods on the way to Sedona.

Then John tells me a very strange story.

He was with his wife staying at a hotel in Flagstaff, and at 9 o’clock at night, his wife says that they need to drive to Sedona, right now. John recognizes how odd this is, and says he has a bad feeling about it. But she is absolutely adamant that they leave right at that moment. So, they get in the car and begin the drive. They drive south on I-17 and then turn onto US Highway 89 just a few miles outside of Flagstaff. They get to an open meadow, and then his wife says, “I don’t think we need to go to Sedona, let’s turn around.” So, they turn the car around and head back to their hotel in Flagstaff. John notes that there is about 15 minutes of missing time.

In the months that follow, both of them are, for reasons unknown, increasing agitated about that night. Later, John gets hypnotically regressed and a set of memories emerge where he pulls off the road and parks next to that open meadow, and his wife is somehow pulled up out of her car seat and through the roof of their rental car (he even explained that she rose up through her seat belt). John sat in the drivers seat for about 15 minutes, and then she was returned. They began driving and his wife said, “I don’t think we need to go to Sedona, let’s turn around.”

John and I talked about that stretch of highway 89. He explained where that meadow was in comparison to the spot in the forest where Natascha and I got out of the car. I don’t know exactly, but the two spots are probably no more than 3 miles apart.

When I shared this story with Natascha, she pointed out that in both situations it was the woman who insisted that they go to Sedona.

Text and Photo added on March 6th 2010:
John Smith sent me a series of photos showing the meadow along Arizona Highway 89a. After the event he went back during daylight and found the location and took photos. Here is one of them. Note the forest in the background, it has a similar look to my dream memory, thin pine trees without branches down low. This meadow is located on the map above.


Anonymous said...

Around 2003 I was thinking of going on a long road trip down to Arizona & Utah. One night I dreamed I was at a restaurant with some friends or family. A waitress came to take our order. I looked up and was shocked to see she was more or less a kind of pale grey alien with long blonde hair (not sure if it was a wig). I don't recall her face in detail, but at the sight of her I was overcome by an inexplicable feeling of remorse and deep humility... and I woke from the dream weeping. I also woke with the distinct impression that this was a message that I should indeed embark on that road trip.

The primary destination of the roadtrip in question was Sedona, where I stayed with friends for three weeks. I did a lot of hiking in that area, and I know that stretch of Hwy 89A between Sedona and Flagstaff really well. Probably driven it ten times or more.

Nothing weird ever happened there, aside from the strange dream that helped get me there. If anything, I had an odd dislike for the forests between Flag and Sedona, the part before you go down the switchback. Something about it kinda creeped me out little.

Also, during my first time in Sedona, I met a guy who spontaneously blurted out to me that he'd had a classic abduction experience while hunting in the mountains near Flagstaff. He seemed genuine about it.

So, seems there's something about that area...

Anonymous said...

~~ Larissa here:

The ability to "phase" solid matter into something able to pass through solid matter is well-documented. But the sensation of it is something else again!

The last time I remember it consciously, my husband and I were both being lowered simultaneously onto our beds-- they even lifted the covers up (by this remote "beam") and settled it over our bodies once we were solid again. The buzzy/vibrating feel of it is actually rather pleasant, but knowledge of what it means on the way THERE tends to give me an anxiety attack if I'm at all awake...

Dawn Southern said...

One day I couldn't get it out of my head I needed to go dig in a mine. The thought was so irritating for days I booked a day of digging just to get it out of my system. While digging I found some tanzanite, quartz and aquamarine. I didn't think anything of it. The next weekend friends took an impromptu trip to suprise. While there when ever I looked at my best friend I would see this weird black skull impose over her face. That night I kept dreaming about Sedona. The next morning I woke everybody up and made them go to Sedona against their wished. For sone reason I just had to. When I drove there I ended up on an off the path road and I parked and told friends I was getting in the water. My friends were very worried because of my odd behavior. While in the water I found an amethyst crystal. I wouldn't leave the river u til I found a total of four and my friend who got in the water needed to find one. After I found 4 crystals I told them we coukd leave. A week later my friend was on life support. An intutive friend told me I had to touch her with the crystals I found. This was odd to me since I'm not into that stuff but I went ahead and did it anyway. As soon as I touched her hand and foot I felt like I was being elecruited, which lasted about a min untill it disapated. That night in bed I had the most horrific pain in my abdomin I couldn't get out of bed. I went to dr and everything was fine. That evening my Intutive friend emailed me that I was suppose to have had the crystals I had found in the mine in my pocked to ground and protect me. She told me to go touch her again. I really didn't wanna do this because it was out of my normal comfort zone and after the day before I didn't wanna experience that again. But I did it with the crystals from the mine in my pocket. This time I felt the same experience but the energy was weak and I didn't have the stomach pain afterwards. My best friend came out of coma that evening and was pissed at me. Then she said an odd thing to me that she understood why I did it. 6mos later another friend was on life support, I did the same thing and had a simular experience. This whole experience with the amethyst crystals from Sedona has left me to this day perplexed. My intuitive friend keeps telling me I'm a healer, had a past life as a medicine woman. It's all to out of the norm for me yet I think about it a lot. Here's the odd thing, today Facebook reminded me today is the day I found the crystals.

Mike Clelland! said...


This is a fascinating account. I want to ask a few questions. Please send me an email if you can. My contact info at the top of the page here.

Mike C