Thursday, February 4, 2010

conversation with Anne Strieber

There is a new audio interview on Whitley Strieber's DREAMLAND (with me), it's posted in the subscriber's section, dated 1/30/2010. I talk with Anne Strieber, Whitley's wife, for about 40 minutes.

I have been going to UFO conferences over the last few years, and I had the chance to talk with Anne at an event in Joshua Tree California in October of last year. We sat together for a short time, and I shared some of my experiences, and she had a lot of insights.

After the publication of COMMUNION in 1987, the Strieber's received over half a million letters where people would share their experiences. Anne claims to have read thru all of them, and in doing so, she has become a sort of data base for the extremely bizarre details that get reported by witnesses.

You will need to be a member of the DREAMLAND site to access this audio interview.

Here's an excerpt of what Anne wrote about the interview:
Subscriber Special: A Subscriber Close-Encounter Witness Tells His Story
... Anne Strieber talks with close encounter witness "Mike" about his current and ongoing encounter experiences. As our visitors focus more and more on people who are taking an active interest in them, the close encounter experience is changing. No longer does it involve only sudden appearances in the middle of the night to totally unprepared people, it also involves ongoing relationships with people who have been having encounters, often for years.
These people offer a whole new narrative of contact, and represent the first ongoing experience human beings have had with entities of unknown origin that is not being turned into mythology and superstition. Listen as Mike tells you of his life and his experiences in a calm and straightforward manner. He discusses synchronicities, missing time, seeing visitors as a child, and his personal struggle to get past denial and fear and make his encounters a part of his life of value to him, not simply something to be endured in fear and confusion.

Also, early in the interview I mistakenly say 1973 when talking about the Orange Flash event, I should have said 1974.

Shortly there after I say that I received an email from Whitley where he says he is following my blog, I made a mistake, that email was in reference to following my twitter account. He did send me a note about my blog, but it was a different day. Sorry about that, I was nervous at the beginning, and I made some mistakes.


Christopher Knowles said...

Love to hear more- sadly not a UC member...

Jim Boyle said...

Listened to your interview with Anne today in the studio - it was really good. I was at the Dreamland festival in Nashville last Summer and I got to hear some interesting stories like yours. When you talked about the beings outside your window I immediately thought of that illustration on your site before I even knew it was you being interviewed.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I once tried to become a member of Unknown Country —the reply I received was that at the time they didn't accept foreign members :-/

Wish there was other way to hear the interview.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

great post, Mike!