Saturday, January 30, 2010

police sketch artist

Drawn after a careful explanation from the witness. Some minor details are not exact (like the staircase in the window) but I was told that the overall image is very accurate. Click on the illustration for a HI-rez view.


I got to play the role of "police sketch artist" for Anya Briggs. She had a memory of a very odd event that took place on 17th street in Manhattan.

To read about here experience, see the short article by A.M. Murphy (here).

slightly edited excerpt:

The winter solstice (of 2007) brought what Anya believes is her first conscious contact. Standing at a crosswalk waiting for a light to change, Anya found herself face to face with (as she later wrote), "the strangest looking man sitting in the window of a Starbucks. He wasn't abnormal, for all intents and purposes he had a perfect body, like a professional swimmer's, but way bigger ... he also happened to have the longest arms and fingers on a person I've ever seen, and additionally, he was about 6'8 or 6'9 and had the most perfect posture ... Additionally he ... was holding his mug of tea very awkwardly - his elbows were sticking straight out, exactly parallel to the floor." As she watched this bizarre figure, she became certain he was "not of this earth." There was a moment of apparent mutual recognition. Then he seemed to inundate her with a new and blissful feeling that Anya describes as "universal love."


Just so you know, I have a sense of humor. It was a quiet Sunday morning, and I doodled with this illustration. Click on the small image to the left for a HI-rez view.

Text added Feb. 6th, 2010
Here is an excerpt from a comment I received last night:

Until I read the text below the drawing, I initially thought this was a picture of a tall, beefed-up Mac Tonnies, given the Starbucks and coffee context. A kind of spooky "deja vu all over again."

When I read this, I felt myself shudder. It seemed so weird. Mac worked as a barista at a series of Starbucks in Kansas City. He was a lover of coffee, and his blog is loaded with deep reverence for espresso. The bald man (despite his ubber size) looks more than a little bit like Mac. What does it mean? I have no idea, except I simply KNOW that Anya would have been totally captivated by Mac - as I was, as everybody was.

Wanna see a nice little video of Mac being charismatic in a coffee shop? Click HERE!


Christopher Knowles said...

Man-- you really have the touch. Very evocative sketch.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Chris:

Thanks for the kind words!

I begin by drawing a sketch on white paper with a black pen. Then, i scan that drawing, and I use PHOTOSHOP to add the tone. I love working in Black & White, and I really enjoy trying to make a 3-dimentional feeling.

On this sketch, I was really happy with the way the scribbly perspective of the people on the street (left side). It has a nice layering from foreground to deep background. It feels like a manhattan street at night.

Also - - - I did the OWL dream in the car sketch in color, (previous posting) and I felt I needed to draw it in color just because the OWL had such wildly intense YELLOW eyes.

Red Pill Junkie said...

How do you apply the color on Photoshop, though? do you have a Wacom tablet?

Back to the illustration: I notice that you drew the bald man with slanted eyes, giving him a somewhat 'oriental' look —something extremely common in contact reports, BTW— is that part of Anya's description, or did you take some creative liberties?

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes - I have a WACOM tablet!

THe eyes are a little bit asian, and maybe a little bit too much, I will revize 'em if I get that feedback from the witness, Anya.

Do I take liberties? I guess so, sure. I have been doing a series of "police sketch" drawings for other witnesses, and I seem to be doing pretty well...

ToothyGrinMatt said...

Anya has spoken about her ability to open time portals and I believe 100% that she can.
What that means exactly is something one could postulate on indefinitely at this time.
But how's this for a thought.
Anyas gifts are multidimensional. This experience could be an amalgamation of any number of her gifts expressing themselves to her and her alone, and also still grounded in this dense dimension enough for her to recall it more as a "regular" person.
It was clearly meant to activate her as she now activates others.
A starting point, if you will.
Another great pic and post!

ToothyGrinMatt said...

LOL! @ the new doodle.

I think that owl is catchin' o' bit o' the downwind from that "fellas" armpit.


ToothyGrinMatt said...

4give me Mike C!, I don't mean to inundate you with replies, I'm just goin' w/the flow.


Mike Clelland! said...

Matt - I watched that YouTube video and it is surprizingly creepy!

In light of the whole UFO thing that is one weird owl!

Mike C!

ToothyGrinMatt said...

You're very welcome.

Also, I really like your artwork and I'm glad you have the HI-rez view.

It's like looking at a comic book.


Red Pill Junkie said...


Hey, I'm just enjoying a cup of expresso, so I guess I'm part of the owl crowd.

What do you hummingirds prefer? ;)

Ankka said...

You wrote, "I did the OWL dream in the car sketch in color, (previous posting) and I felt I needed to draw it in color just because the OWL had such wildly intense YELLOW eyes.

Made me think of a dream I recorded in my own journal in Nov. 08:

"Saw a tank filled with ominous, shadowy sharks. One settled on the bottom and looked at me with a staring, yellow eye."

Later in the same dream:

"A lynx/bobcat knocked down a man and lay on his chest. It stared at me with intense, yellow eyes."

The way the animals stared so pointedly at me it was as if I was meant to really pay attention to their eyes. In fact, the colors of everyting else were rather drab-- like on a gloomy,overcast day; which of course heightened the intensity of the vivid yellow.

Love the illustrations! :)

Dave Sailer said...

I'm getting to enjoy this. Not wanting to be judgmental in either a pro or con way, I'll just say that your friend sounds like a shaman. We don't seem to have a place for that in our culture. I can't contribute any more except to say to anyone, if you haven't see Phil Borges' work then try it:

Intense said...

Until I read the text below the drawing, I initially thought this was a picture of a tall, beefed-up Mac Tonnies, given the Starbucks and coffee context. A kind of spooky "deja vu all over again." 8^}

I did the copy edit on Mac's book a little over a month ago, on behalf of Anomalist Books, for spelling, syntax, and grammar, but declined a credit, for personal reasons, and as I wish to remain somewhat anonymous for now.

After having read through his book a couple times, it will be quite interesting to see what people think, and what reaction they have to it. It is relatively short, but the main gist of what Mac had to say is in there. It is just very unfortunate he did not have the time to develop some of the concepts within it more fully and deeply, or with footnotes to alternative sources and related texts which bear on his ideas. Hopefully others will be able to reevaluate the standard ETH as a result and create further extrapolations derived from his last work.

I also think it should be remembered that Mac did not necessarily believe outright or assume the cryptoterrestrials were a physically real, prehuman species in some senses--although his book does suggest that fairly directly, which may have been done to appeal to the general reading audience--his original ideas were primarily a thought experiment intended to both address the flaws of the first-level interpretation of the ETH, and as a means to open and broaden alternative thinking and discussion of the usual concept of "the other," as being possibly other than extraterrestrial.

While I ended up a bit disappointed and disagreeing with his proposed idea that the cryptoterrestrials are an actual race of advanced humanoid beings in decline due to some unknown genetic malady (I tend to favor the Vallee-ian concept that “they” may be intermediary representations or transcultural, informational agents designed to sync with our cultural expectations and psychological need for some degree of physiological familiarity or relatedness, more akin to synthesized "puppets" with some unseen "puppet masters" orchestrating encounters from behind the scenes, and which themselves may be transcorporeal, extradimensional or energy-based, shape-shifting entities or very advanced nonhumanoid beings of some kind, which may or may not be earth-bound, partially due to the wide variety of humanoid and other morphologies historically observed over time), I would submit that it may be preferable to consider Mac's hypotheses as speculative and meditative in nature, or metaphorical in intent, by which a deeper reconsideration and analysis of the ETH, and rational alternatives, can be both developed and investigated.

If his book is understood as such, and can help prompt a revision in conceptualizing "the other," it will be an intellectual and philosophical success.

It may be that Mac interpreting the "other" as a kind of genuine, prehuman or very advanced, parallel humanoid species from or resident on our planet, could be seen as a kind of literary device or simplifying mechanism (or as John Mack might have posited, a sort of reified metaphor), so that the beginning of a serious meta-level reorientation and reevaluation might transpire.

I could be wrong about that wishful interpretation, as Mac and I never had the opportunity to discuss it, since we were out of touch in the last few months before his death, and even though I did offer a few times to debate this idea with him, he chose not to, and I can only assume he may have felt that such an extension or revision of his concepts was too esoteric, ambiguous, or far-fetched to advance the preliminary discussion he hoped for in real or concrete terms, which may be true.

That said, I still miss Mac more than I can properly express or even clearly understand, perhaps in part because I always found him to be one of the most curiously adept and flexible intellects with whom to seriously debate these kinds of ideas and now will no longer be able to.