Monday, June 3, 2019

Hidden Experience, the eBook, available now!

I just clicked the final button on the Amazon site. My ebook is now done. This is an exciting moment for me. This book can be seen as the third book in The Messengers series.

I want to thank all the reader who have come to my blog over the last decade. I truly appreciate your support on this strange journey. Thank you!

  available NOW - click here  

For the foreseeable future I'll be working to promote this book. I'll be adding excerpts here, including audio readings.

from the conclusion:
I’m a much different person after this decade of soul-searching. I still struggle with this stuff but I’m no longer stuck, and can finally trust my own experiences. I don’t know the source of these mysteries and probably never will, but I’m okay with that.
Recently, someone asked me how my life has changed because of these experiences. I thought for a moment and said, “I now live in a magical universe.” I meant that, I see reality as something much richer and more mysterious than I could have ever conceived.

Why am I so driven, and why am I writing these books? I really don’t know. It’s not easy to separate what might be an enthusiastic interest, from what might be an unhealthy obsession.
What I can say, is that this has been a terribly exciting adventure.

Perhaps the UFO occupants organized all my experiences for a specific reason, and maybe this book is part of some grand plan. And maybe you, the reader, are also part of that plan.

The eBook debuts first, followed by a paper book, and finally an audio book. I have no set dates for this, but I'm working to make it happen soon.



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Anthony Z said...

This is awesome, Mike! I can't wait to read it.

David From AU said...

Just purchased it from Australia!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike:), I´ve been following for years now. And like you´re saying, I understand you´re the guy people go to now with extra-ordinary stories of owls. You are the Owl-guy. The man who carries the spirit of the owl. So didn´t you yourself actually become our "Owl" now..., our "sign-post"? The night-stalker (:D...) in strange woods , the acute listener to stories. A wayfinder in border lands (and with sweet humility and honesty, too). I mean, you yourself are a Messenger now- a medium of sorts- carrying the message to people and between people (and peoples). To me at this momen for one, sitting in front of my computer screen... Isn´t that so....? :)