Thursday, December 13, 2018

Althea Provost, owls, and the transformative experience

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I say yes to a lot of interviews. After so many I can get into a rhythm of telling the same stories over and over. I enjoy the chance to talk, but there can be a similar vibe to the questions and format to a lot of show.

The interview I did with Althea Provost blew past the standard interview. From her first words we were into he deepest waters. She asked insightful questions, but it was more than that—she was urging me to confront the core of life’s mysteries.

This video presentation is excellent. She added graphics and quotes to match the conversation. I appreciate the time, effort and thoughtfulness of Althea’s approach.

Althea’s web site HERE

Althea’s other video interviews HERE


Anonymous said...

Maybe the rush of "synthetic' fear before the emotionless floating phase was to do a test of your fear parameters? As if to somehow first scare you to the max so they could calibrate how to then turn it down - sort of a 'tuning' before they brought you into the tone they wanted? Just a thought.

Emelius said...
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Anonymous said...

I just saw your interview and came here to add my own experience with owls. Me and a buddy of mine were hiking a mountain on new years to do some spiritual work, as we tend to do. I find nature to be a powerful place for those things. The whole hike was just full of weird syncs.

Where it gets trippy, on our hike back we start back down the trail. Towards where we left our scooters, we sit down and enjoy the moonlit sky and stars. Suddenly, shit starts getting weird. I close my eyes and I see this.. Rainbow colored owl in a black space flying at me, over and over and over. It'd get real close and then it'd revert back and that'd keep going for a minute. I told my buddy and he looks at me and says "Do you hear that?". The trees starting making a strange noise. My buddy says we gotta run the hell away. So we boot it down the mountain, out of breath. We look up the dark trail and we see this massive fog/light humanoid off in the distance. Up in the sky we see these white lights moving so fast, making no noise, just barely skirting the tips of the trees. I must've seen 6 of them. Trippy experience.

We go back up the mountain and look around and we can see a group of these foggy light people congressing down the other side of this small mountain hill off in the distance.

Wild stuff. We got the hell out of there, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

I loved this interview ... she asked really interesting questions and you seemed to enjoy her insights too.
I just came across an old series called Children of the Dog Star..a quirky tv series made in NZ years ago.. What I noticed at the end when the children 'made contact' was the Morepork ..native nz owl hooting...made me think of you and your fascinating work.

Bonby Haud said...

Thats nuts! I remember one time an owl landed outside my window, and my body just reacted, and for some reason when I ran to scare it off I Barked at it like a big dog. It was crazy. That owl almost took one of the baby birds that were chirping up on the window seal.
This isn't a spooky alien story, you must realize that now. It's true tho