Wednesday, November 21, 2018

UFO Disclosure Implications

The intricacies of a quandary in under four minutes.
This was originally posted in Feb. 2010, and I'd nearly forgotten about it. There was this online service where you could create these awkward animations. I wrote a little script and look what happened...  I think it's funny!


R. Friend said...

Hi Mike -- this gives me an opportunity to express my appreciation for your work over the years. I've listened to your interviews, most of them more than once, and I consider them foundational in my understanding of the ufo phenomena because of the variety of experiencers and the intimacy of detail brought out by your approach to the subject.

It is funny. I'm in the midst of working my way through G.Cameron's Managing Magic and it seems not much has changed since 2010 (other than our monitor technology has evolved. Thank you, Roswell!-)

Best to you in your continuing quest.

Red Pill Junkie said...


You should share this with the T(i)TS/AAS(s) fanboys and the Lazar redeemers ;)