Wednesday, July 18, 2018

symbolic owl in The Pleiades

I found a cool image from space (above), and my first thought was it looked like and OWL! I mean, it sure looked like an owl to me, but at this point everything does. 
I mean, that's an owl, right?
It’s a Hubble Space Telescope image of a dust nebula near the star Merope. Merope is a star in the Pleiades, an easily recognizable star cluster in the night sky of the norther hemisphere. I was doing a simple google search of The Pleiades for a fiction book project. I was looking up the names of the Seven Sisters in Greek mythology. The scene in the book involves an owl and also the Pleiades.



Brizdaz (Darren) said...

You might want to check out the Owl Nebula, as well?

Red Dirt Report said...

In David Lynch's new bio, "Room to Dream," he talks about collaborating with Sparklehorse, which was written by Mark Linkous. What is interesting is that one of the most notable songs by Sparklehorse was the Neil Young-ian (or Jungian?) inspired "Spirit Ditch." In the first verse, Linkous sings: "The owls have been talking to me / But I'm sworn to secrecy."

Sakib said...

I would like to mention that there is actually an Owl Nebula as well as a Southern Owl Nebula. :-)
Ooh and can't forget the Owl Cluster!