Friday, April 13, 2018

The Owls Speak: Stories From the Messengers (Exclusive Excerpt)

Those penetrating eyes
My pal Red Pill Junkie just posted a full chapter from my new book on The Daily Grail. The exclusive excerpt is Chapter Four, titled Gypsy Woman and a White Owl. He wrote this in the article:
“If it’s not weird, I don’t trust it.” That was the motto of Anne Strieber, the late wife of author Whitley Strieber, and her way to deal with the hundreds of claims of non-human intervention she and her husband received from the readers of Communion.

Mike Clelland, author of The Messengers, totally agrees with this idea—though he probably would add “and if it doesn’t have owls, I trust it even less.”

...This new book, Stories from the Messengers, is intended as a companion volume that will add even more depth to this journey into the most mysterious aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Something I personally feel resonates with a great deal of people, despite what conference organizers or the TTSA consultants might think. Because if there’s something that’s sorely lacking in this ‘new’ interest in UFOs by mainstream media –oops! Sorry: I mean ‘UAPs’ (gotta get those acronym right, folks)– is an acknowledgement of how the phenomenon refuses to conform to simplistic explanations when viewed in its totality, instead of edited accounts cherry-picked by researchers or black-and-white videos from UFO encounters with military jets; another thing lacking from those smartly doctored gun camera videos, is the profound impact these type of events have on many who experience them; and when they find themselves with the rug of consensual reality swept from under their feet and in a state of total confusion and despair, the owls might show up with those big unblinking eyes of theirs –a casual reminder that they need to pay attention to the road ahead.

Mike Clelland wrote this book for those kind of people.

We at The Daily Grail are very thankful Mike accepted to share a chapter of Stories from the Messengers as an exclusive for our readers. We hope you enjoy it, and if you do, that you share it and also pick up a copy in either a paperback or e-book format:
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Anonymous said...

Surely, it is NOT ‘UAP’! That acronym is one more attempt (whose idea was it anyway to put that word out there?) to confuse and obfuscate the very real phenomenon of unidentified flying objects - where the words ‘flying’ and ‘objects’ imply intelligence and purpose - because it is so vague and unspecific. Don’t be fooled and don’t be an apologist ufologist: use the acronym UFO.