Thursday, April 12, 2018

a nice paragraph in my new book...

Chihuahuan Desert in southern Texas
I've written an handful of books, some about UFOs and some about outdoor skills. The last month of my life has involved working on an audio book for Stories from The Messengers. This project has been much harder than I could have ever expected. It means scrutinizing every single word of the book. This afternoon I read this passage into the microphone—and it just sings to me. 
       Kristin was in Alpine Texas waiting for the midnight train to Austin. This was in the early 1990’s and she was in her mid 20’s, a time when she had given herself over to wilderness travel. She’d just finished ten days of solo hiking in the Chihuahuan Desert about one hundred miles south of the train station. She stood alone on the dark on the platform, and as usual she was sobbing. It tore her heart out to leave the wilderness and return to her life in the city. When the train approached she collected herself and wiped away her tears.
This story also includes owls, UFOs, healing skills, an NDE and a OBE. I reference the goddess Diana as well as St Francis of Assisi. Plus, there is an amazing story about glowing. This is the longest chapter in the book.
this was origonaly posted on April 13th 2018

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