Monday, January 22, 2018

interview about the new book on Mysterious Universe

Robbie Graham
Robbie Graham takes a break from preparing for his upcoming talk in Arizona to post an interview about owls. We did a rather in depth Q and A last week and now it's posted it on the Mysterious Universe site.  This is a nice overview of the upcoming book, STORIES FROM THE MESSENGERS, due out very soon.

Robbie was in the auditorium and saw me give a presentation in Leeds back in 2014. Afterwards he said something that I 've heard a few times after other talks. He described how people in the audience would visibly flinch at something I would say from the lectern. This tells me that what I am trying to address in this research is real. People are having these experiences and are left baffled.

Below is a short excerpt from the interview with Robbie.
There comes a point in all this where the logical thinker is going to hit a brick wall. The experiences simply aren’t logical, so you end up with a dilemma. I’ve found, for myself, I want to climb over that wall and see what is on the other side, and that means abandoning logic. Or, maybe it's better to say being content with an illogical data set.
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Anonymous said...

I always saw owls as something really eerie, somehow they always managed to make me feel some kind of "harmless fear". Sometimes, walking to home in my condo they would show up in signs; alone, in groups.

Since iv been studying spirituality - two years by now - a lot of sicronicities been happening, and animals or bugs seemed to walk side by side with this; but owls were the creepiest. Time passed and i started to study ufology, thats when the owls seemed to come back to my attetion - three days ago.

I'v been studying ufology for one month by now.

I was out in the back of my house, looking to the stars as i always do. I had this enormous feeling of wanting to see some UFO, as though i believe in the phenomena, i never saw with my own eyes - only in my dreams. I was playing the guitar, and signing my songs, for the stars up above.

They are in portuguese, i'm brazilian, but i think that it is vital to translate at least one of them - ALL of them talk about race, spirit, evolution and space. Its not the perfect translation, but It does the job.

It goes like this:

"The Mystery of Life"
You soo mysterious you
You make me drooling sing
With my tongue things
That only you
Can understand and enjoy

To star, this fire body of yours
Light years from what i call home
Light years
I lived in thousand planets just to be able to watch you

Loliness its a farm on earth
Yesterday i visited her daugther
A child
My god how many memories of my little cows ruminating

The mystery of life its the secret
And her foreign dress
Its color of honey
Honey, my little baby

After i played this and other songs, always looking to the stars, something strange that never happened before took place. A big white owl came flying and hit the staircase window, like she was disoriented or trying to enter my house. I got scared by the sound and could see she coming back from the hit, but instead of flying alway scared, she fleet on my neighbor roof. She stayed there, looking at me from above.

I got really discomfortable, as this seemed to be the contact that i'v been waiting. What made me stay still was exactly this, the feeling that this was not a mere coincidence. The feeling of being watched was real, and i could only think of playing the guitar. I literally played a song for the owl, looking at her, and then i got in.

I searched on the internet about but i didnt found much, till today, when i saw your video on UFO HUB - i think thats the name. In fact, i have to thank you for following your heart, i don't think this attitude selfish at all.

I hope my story helps your path, as yours helped mine.

Light and love from a brazilian brother.

Tourinho, 22 years old.