Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cynthia Crawford had passed on

The ET Sculptor
I am sad to say that artist and experiencer Cynthia Crawford has died. She was a wonderful friend to me when I needed support. I am honored to have known her. We did an interview with her back in 2010. She was a radiant soul and will be missed.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That is sad news indeed and probably explains the “Cindy Crawford dead 2017” : Model killed by internet death hoax" stories going around the net today.
I bought a sculpture of a blue alien with yellow eyes off her around the time of that interview and it sits to the right side of my computer still.
It's always had a sense of life about it that I could never quite be sure if it was just my imagination running wild when I glanced at it from time to time, or something more sentient about it.
It's even more special to have something Cynthia made with her own hands sitting on my desk now, as it feels like she is still here in a sense...if that makes any sense.
I hadn't heard about her brain tumour until today when I was Google-ing around to find out why she had passed.
She was a nice lady and will be missed in the physical world, although I'm sure she is alive in the spiritual world.

Uriah said...

If no one has pointed out yet this flaw in logic about her sculptures here it goes, as someone who knows painters, sculptors, a friend of mine even makes mannequins. The problem is that all these artists have something real to go off of. Artists trace, making a sculpture takes real multiple referencing of the dimensions of the subject. All artists reference reality when drawing an artistic rendition. right away when I see the photo above their is so much detail how could see do that if their is no reference??? How indeed? What I would ask is if other people are astonished when then see he work and go that is exactly what it looked like, like when this guy I used to work with used to draw football players they looked real. Just like them.

Uriah said...

you could have grounds to erase my comments on bad spelling and grammar alone I apologize I'm a writer so I type before I think and we always fix everything in post. Film school Joke.

Uriah said...

A coincidence? sorry to blow up page but this is ringing a bell across my entire upper back in shivers, a side hobby of mine is making music, I was editing/mixing down, last night a song of mine called "Conundrum" which was a throw away title which I renamed as I made the mixed file to keep the original unchanged "Wake Up In Strange Places." I actually have those words in my song. It has my friend as a psychiatrist asking me what do I remember, and I say "I can't remember most of my days, their is the headaches and blackouts, I wake up in strange places.

Uriah said...

One last thing. Remote Viewing 101/magic, Remote viewers were initially given a latitude and longitude of their target which they would use psychic ability to connect with. After years of doing it this way the genius Ingo Swan figured out you could write anything down on the paper and still the remote viewer will see the target it is all about placing intention. So when you start talking about associations with objects/star systems don't think of it as literal but in the magic sense, they are giving us rituals that help us break the barriers of our own limiting belief and reach them. People like me develop our own, most people because of human faith have to be told what to do to have enough faith to break through their belief. 100% I agree with what she is saying I had to pause for a minute because my mother was killed by her medication for her fibromyalgia which she was told for years was mental illness and not real. On belief I recently shared this with Seriah and he liked it. Note I am a mix of all races the minority of the minorities/ which I think is the majority if people knew where they came from and didn't play up what they think and have been taught they are, example my friend who's grandfather hated Italians and went on about how native he was, when the family traced ancestry they had more Italian than Native American blood. EXAMPLE: When a racist puts on a Ku Klux Clan white robe he is wearing his beliefs. If he walks into a minority neighborhood wearing them he isn't going to have a very good experience is he? So by wearing your Christian/any religion but America is Christian and even if you don't call yourself one it is ingrained in every facet of American life. So if you go at the paranormal with you Christ Klux Clan outfit on no !@#$ your going to have a bad experience. You are essentially calling the paranormal what ever it is (insert racist prejudice biased disinfo term here) Christianity is the demonization of experience to be replaced by indoctrination in biased opinionated books. We were put here to experience and religion pretends taking our only given right away is protecting us? Most Americans don't have the capacity to understand this at all. They are bought in on Bibles/books replacing reality and objective experience and sold out to indoctrination. The paranormal and ufology unfortunately is plagued with these people trying to bring their limitation over on our infinite space. So forgive me if I'm a little harsh with them. They already have taken away most reality now they are going for the imagination. Oh and for those who think science is the savior follow the money, it goes right back to the church. the church and science are two sides of the same materialist coin flushing down the societal commode.

Uriah said...

One last thing on this podcast that I had heard probably already three times before, but this time it meant more, it was the right time. The only thing she said that I thought was way out there is the lady who talks to animals and says they are hear to teach us love? But,my entire kid life I used to find strays and bring them home, and it's different in that situation as you care for them but they are wild and see your care as imprisonment. They would always run away eventually except one I had till she passed on. I never referred to myself as rescuer of dogs, I don't think the term existed. But anyway I never thought I would have dogs again and now I have two after a dream premonition no I didn't buy them nor seek out getting them, they came to me. These are not strays but two dogs who people don't want because they bite and if you saw how little they are you would laugh, I don't it's sickening how privileged people only want things they can control, these are two of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned and as much as I hate "love" because we need thought/thinking not love/emotions these animals seem to get into a soft spot in me and as out there as that sounded I couldn't discount it at all. just a small example of too strange being just right. Great interview and special since my birthday was the 24th.

Kristin L said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Mike. We are losing so many good people these days!

Unknown said...

How could she die of a brain tumor, when all she had to do is ask one of her alien doctor's to just fix it, or remove it? I'm sure she was a lovely lady, but I wonder why she was removed from her physical body. She wasn't old, old, seems to me she should have lived at least several years beyond what she did.
I'm sorry for your loss, and feel bad for her children.