Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rune Soup and 42 Minutes / recommended interviews

Gordon White of Rune Soup
I was honored to take part in two very good audio interviews, both are now up on line.
Douglas Bolles hosts a Sync Book Podcast
The first was with Gordon White from RUNE SOUP, the other was with Douglas Bolles from 42 MINUTES. These are two of the smartest, most insightful researchers in this field. Both are digging in areas that well below the waterline. Gordon's book Star Ships is amazing. It's a powerful experience to be asked questions that allow me to wrestle with these more challenging avenues of thought.

  Rune Soup and 42 Minutes linked here  

Both interviews are recommended, as are their entire catalog of other podcasts.

Below is a comment posted below the Rune Soup podcast. Seems someone is having exactly the experiences that I've been trying to make some sense of.
um freaky timing for this interview because I was hearing an owl hooting this past sunday afternoon and saw a ufo while it was happening. The ufo and hooting both ceased at the same time. I tried to take pictures of the ufo but it was so sunny I could not see if I was focused on it, too much glare. I got nuthin. Then I looked for the owl but never found it. I have not heard or seen an owl in the daytime in 25 years. It was most definitely an owl hooting, it was a sound I was more familiar with as a child where I grew up than where I live now. I learned how to call owls during some nature class as a kid and I used to go out in the woods and call and sometimes one would fly close.I have never felt that owls or ufos are signifying the presence of death so much as the presence of a reality that is not my known reality. I have never experienced owl hooting and a ufo sighting at the same time. It was really weird but I do love weird so it made my day. It just felt like a reminder that the world I am walking around in is not the whole picture.
yippee for this timely interview with Mike Clelland, it feels like my sunday afternoon just had an addendum.
This comment came from someone with whom I'd had some previously correspondence—and she shared the most wonderful owl dream! I even did a post about her funny dream HERE.

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