Wednesday, April 19, 2017

UFO Hub video - Owls and UFO Contact

interview recorded in April of 2017 in Eureka Springs Arkansas

It was a delight to take part in this video. The director has a vision—and he's produced a series of high quality interviews.

The camera-man asked a few questions but his voice was edited out of the completed video, creating something calm and sparse. This was recorded at the 30th Anniversary of the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, and I honored to have been a part of this wonderful event.

The chair where the recording happened
I realize that I need to explain my experiences to people who know nothing about me. This means telling the things stories over and over, and anyone familiar with what I've shared will recognize a few of these stories. No sound bites here, I was allowed to talk about my experiences and research without any pressure to make it seem zippy and fast paced. Thank you Adnan!

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disposium said...

Mike, that was a very professionally-done interview and I very much enjoyed watching it. I have emailed you on occasion, and in the years since it's been interesting to observe your ongoing development as an observer and thinker involved with these topics. The symbolic value of the shamanic animal, the meaning of the otherworldly visitor, the nature of our consensus existence and its interface with some deeper reality... These are all such rich topics, and they interweave in such unexpected ways. For me it's very reassuring to know that there are others like me out there, attempting to find their way back home, trying to find the right processes and the right ingredients for whatever Alchemy it is we, as individuals, need to work.

There are multiple ironies here. As moderns (post moderns?) we have lost much of the contact our 'primitive' shamanic ancestors had with that more fundamental reality. Our greater collective power has made us individually weaker. Yet this same debilitating 'omnipotence' allows some of us to understand our need to get back to those archaic modes of gaining understanding even in this anaesthetically amputated world.

Kudos to you for making use of this technology to gain insight and provide inspiration to others traveling parallel roads, and for doing all that with patience, humor, and kindness.