Friday, March 31, 2017

an owl arrives while reading about owls and UFO contact

books from 1987 and '88
In mid-September of last year I received a very interesting letter from a man in Pennsylvania. He shared exactly the kind of experience that is at the heart of my owl and UFO research.
I don't remember the exact year it was but it was either 1990 or ‘91. I was in my mid 30’s. I had recently purchased Whitley Strieber’s books Communion, and Transformation for an amazing price of $2.00 each at a local Walmart. He wrote had always been interested in UFOs and sci-fi, and was totally terrified when he saw the movie based on Communion. He said, “I never understood the intensity of the fear… and wanted to read these books as a way to handle the terror I felt from the movie.”
There was some tension at home one night, his wife and daughters were bickering about school and clothes. He describes the events that followed.
I retreated to the basement and started looking through the Transformation book. I came to a part were he was talking about seeing owls before an ET encounter. This was the first I had heard about this.
My wife then frantically called me upstairs so I shut the book and went to see what was wrong.
She looked at me and said, “There's an owl on the porch.”
I kind of froze for a second because of what I had just read and slowly went to look out the front door window. I had two snow tires laying on the porch and sitting on top of them was a very large owl. I stared in disbelief as it turned its herd and looked right up at me, spread its wings and flew away. I could not believe what I just saw, its wingspan stretched across the entire porch which is six feet. I felt an increasing terror at the coincidence of just reading about a possible relationship between owls and aliens but I had to push the thought aside and help get the kids settled for bed.
I had a very difficult time getting to sleep that night and when I did I had terrible nightmares about little demon faced creatures crawling around the the bedroom window. They were mumbling something when my alarm went off and that was all I remember about the dream. 
I have never seen any owls so close since and have only told this to a few people. I have hesitated to talk about it because of the coincidence of reading what I did right before seeing the owl.
This is the first time I have written this down. Other than how it effected me it is just an interesting coincidence.
That he was called to see an owl at precisely the moment he was reading about owls and UFO contact is astounding. This should feel normal to me by now, but it doesn't. I am continually amazed at the power in these stories.

He told me in a follow up email that, “I actually never did read the Transformation book. I was too scared at the time... and how I was flipping through it that night when I saw the parts about owls.”

This account prompted me to go back and review Transformation. I bought a Kindle version (at a low price) and searched out the owl segments. I was shocked at how much owl stuff was in that book. What he Whitley wrote back in 1998 is, in many ways, what I have worked so hard to say in my own book. Yet what he has written is poetic, perceptive and right to the point. 

I wrote about this in a post from last Autumn—linked HERE. There are several passages from those two books included in that essay.

Links for both The Communion Letters and Transformation. Both are required reading and both are available for the very low price of $3.99.
Audio excerpt from Transformation linked  HERE


Fred said...

feels strange to see my experience exposed to the world. There is so much information on this site I'm not sure where to look next. The audio segment was very well done, I always loved his voice.

Unknown said...

Speaking of Strieber, here's a site that may be of interest:

Uriah said...

I am caught up on your ufo history shows and there was something overlooked that I was "super" wishing would be mentioned. Now I realize you guys were talking T.V. show type programs but my biggest influence as a child wasn't a TV program but a special news bulletin that built up for a few weeks I remember. You did mention the alien dissection this was right around the same time. So far I have found no one else who remembers this not that I have asked they just never have brought it up. When the X Files was first aired I was I was a huge fan while my brother and sister would go out Friday I would stay home to watch X Files. This had to have happened between 1993-1994 so I would be 13- 14 yrs old. Fox 31 came out with a special news report and they built it up and I swear it aired after the X Files. What they claimed was that a film maker and his family had disappeared and the police found the tape. Sound familiar? At least the plot. So they actualy aired the video which showed a ufo landed on the lawn and greys coming out from it. The family shot at them and then fled into the house where they were attacked by orbs swooping all over the house. The video ends with the guy holding the camera cowering for fear of his life in a dark room and a grey opens the door and the video went black. they had interviews with what looked like real police who said the people genuinely were missing? This was aired as a real event and it was never publicly debunked although I think it looked fake at least the ufo was cheesy the greys and orbs were good. It would be interesting if this was a propaganda piece to inspire belief in aliens. Uriah