Saturday, March 11, 2017

a flood of mean-spirited reviews aimed at UFO authors

a one-star review on Amazon from someone who has probably NOT read the book
Someone with the name PROLETARIAN is being Mr. Harshy-Pants on Amazon. This person has reviewed 104 products on amazon in less than a year. The cynical UFO critiques started March of 2016, and the most recent was March 1st of last year.

He gave 95 one-star reviews (the lowest you can give) with text like, “Bogus, complete rubbish, bunk, lies.” My book is shown above.

He gave outspoken skeptic Robert Shafer a five star review for his book titled: UFO Sightings: The Evidence. This person's review page linked HERE.

He did seven reviews in 3 days (between February 21 thru 23, 2017), and six reviews all in one day (Nov 9 2016). I feel strongly that this guy has NOT read the books he is reviewing, and is simply flooding the amazon reviews with his prejudice against the subject of UFOs. I'm all for people sharing their beliefs, but his reviews just seem obsessive and mean.

Authors depend on these reviews for their income. So these actions can have a real impact these authors in a very competitive market.

I have plenty my own issues with some books in the UFO field, but Jeeesh! He slams people I respect greatly, like Richard Dolan, Leslie Kean, Brett Oldham, Dr. Karla Turner, and Ardy Sixkiller Clarke.
NOTE: I moved this from its initial posting date of April 3rd 2017. This seems like I am whining, and I don't wanna interrupt the flow of some wonderful stories that have been added recently. Mike C!
Text added April 27 2017
The fellow going by PROLETARIAN obviously saw my post and added to his review (his initial Feb 15 review shown in full in the image at the top of this post). His amended text below. He brags about not reading the book.
Nonsense for gullible hicks. False. Fake. Bunk. Every chapter, to answer the query below, every paragraph and every line is FALSE. The evidence gathered is not "evidence". It's a tissue of falsehoods, insanity and a plain old desire for recognition, White Trash Style!
Owls are indeed revered by many cultures, but to THEN make the connection with ALIEN BEINGS FROM OUTER SPACE is absurd. No proof. No evidence. No logic.

There are no aliens. Owls are just birds. "Eyewitness" testimony is sheer drivel. Deluded rustics making things up in trailer parks.

You are responsible for your own lives. Aliens will not save you.

These alien books are bunk and I am proud to have never read them. Those who do are Trump morons who desperately believe they will become rich some day. Bah!


Red Pill Junkie said...

Must be some Skeptic douchebag on a self-appointed crusade to mess up with rating algorithms of the most popular UFO books in the Amazon catalog.

What is strange is that Amazon would let this sort of attitude fly. Can't they recognize what's going on and delete those comments?

Mike Clelland! said...

I sent a notice to amazon. It seems a vlicd complaint to me. Looking at the number of books he is reviewing in just a few days is sign of his intentions.

Mike Clelland! said...

above: vlicd = valid (ooops)

Ahk-N- Rotten said...

So, I spent some time exploring his reviews, the pages of books and other things he reviewed, and other peoples' reviews of the same things.

First, I think it's very ironic that one of his stand-by lines is, "author is in it to make a buck." You've gotten rich off the messengers, right, Mike? (*nudge nudge, wink wink*). In one "review" he even juxtaposes that line with "this book probably only sold two copies." Hard to square that with "making a mint."

This irony is only further compounded, in my mind, because... well, I am by no means an expert or insider, but I think I have a more-than-average-passing-knowledge of the "fields" of high strangeness, and many of the books he puts into the spotlight strike me as *very* *very* obscure (even though he picks on some big names, as well). That is, he's bringing attention to stuff I most likely would never have encountered. Maybe I'll buy one or two of those. Great work, valiant debunker!

When I click through from his reviews to some of the book pages for books reviewed, I notice this: When someone reviews a product, their review may be tagged with "verified purchaser." When I then go *back* to look at "all negative reviews," Proletarioid (or whatever) never shows up as a verified purchaser -- thus lending weight to your theory that he never read most, if not any, of the books he "reviewed."

Further, in the comments on some of those reviews, I see that Amazon has deleted many comments. I imagine at least some of them are from him, because some comment discussions say things like "Proletarioid is an alien sent to debunk alien sightings," and there are deleted comments in the thread, but nothing remaining from P.

For whatever reason, P. the quasi-bot is adding noise, not signal.

BTW: I've heard some of your most recent interviews, and it's really great to hear you sounding like you're really having fun. (You yourself comment on this sometimes). A definite change from earlier days.

The other day I had a talk with a person who teaches anthropology to undergraduates about a public talk she's doing about Bigfoot. She seems to clearly have decided there's nothing to it, from a very materialist, biological perspective. She contends that before Europeans showed up, the First Nations people regarded Bigfoot as "purely a spiritual creature." Maybe that's what actually shows up in the peer-reviewed anthro- literature, but I didn't bother to inform her that I believe she's really wrong about that.

The point is, one doesn't have to claim to *know* "what the hell is going on" to engage with the stories of experiences people share... which is, I think, very much your own approach. As you yourself say, you're not a "scientist," but I think what you're doing could fairly be described as "folklorist," or very close to it.

Keep it up!

Mike Clelland! said...

Thanks Ahk-N-Rotten, I agree with your assessment of the harshy-reviewer!

And - I do say that I am more of a "folklorist"

Mike C!

Preston Dennett said...

Hi Mike,
I just got a review from this guy too. He's hitting all the people in the field, Leslie Kean, Richard Dolan, Nick Pope, Ardy Six-killer Clarke, Steven Greer, Karla Turner... I guess I should be flattered! I think people who read the "trollviews" from this person understand that he is revealing more about himself than about the books he hasn't even read!
Preston Dennett

becksterc said...

Fuck him. Troll playing scientific materialist. I'm a professional, middle-class screaming liberal and I found this book magical and thought-provoking. This guy is just stewing in his own negativity. Hope he succumbs to a painful death from a bleeding ulcer!