Sunday, March 12, 2017

audio excerpt from Aliens in the Backyard

This is a really interesting story!

This is from Trish and Rob MacGregor's audio book. It's an eight minute long audio excerpt from their book. It is also posted along with the interview I did with them last week (the interview lined HERE).

The 2013 book Aliens in the Backyard can be found HERE.

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Eva said...

Thanks for sharing that Mike. It is a bit scary. Reminds me of my experience in my bedroom in 1996/97 of three small beeings. Only saw the silhouttes. And the morning after waking up with three marks (triangular shape) over one of my ovaries. That was during the time when we tried to get pregnant with a second child. But that never worked out. First I thought it was just a dream and I forgot about the marks. It wasn't until about 10 years later (when other weird things happend) I realised I was real.