Friday, May 20, 2016

talking owls on Where Did The Road Go

podcast series exploring the deepest mysteries
I did two shows, Part ONE and Part TWO with Seriah Azkath on his excellent podcast series Where Did the Road Go. Seriah read the book in its entirety, and asked some excellent questions. This 2-part show totals up to nearly three hours of conversation at the highest level. Highly recommended.

  Part ONE and Part TWO  

Also, here is my initial conversation with Seriah on owls back in 2013, liked HERE.


R.A. said...

Hey Mike, I've been enjoying your interviews on the various podcasts I listen to. My own encounters with owls have been rare, and generally audio only(I could hear them, but never saw them).

So when I listened to your interviews(still need to pick up the book too!), I was amazed at the synchronistic interactions with owls you described. The stories where an owl stands in the road and looks at the person in their car had the most impact on me for some just seemed so weird. I had certainly never experienced anything like that.

...until last night. My brother and I were driving down a lonely road in the middle of the night and a huge owl landed right in front of us, straightened up, and looked right at us. There was no time to stop. We hit it and it went under the car.

We stopped, backed up, and pulled over so we could go check it. It was lying in the road twitching, and there wasn't much time because we could see traffic approaching, so we bundled him up as gently as possible and put him in the back of the car.

When we arrived at our destination, we checked on him, and he was awake! Amazing. He seemed dazed, for sure, but otherwise not too badly hurt. Considering we were going about 70mph when we hit him, I'd say that was a miracle.

I have video of us getting him out of the car. Would you be interested in seeing it?

Mike Clelland! said...

Wait -- Would I wanna see a video?? Heck Yeah!

My email is on the CONTACT tab at the top bar of the blog!

Mike C