Monday, April 25, 2016

Andrew Robson speaks about his NDE and his life mission

The Spiritual Testimony of Andrew Robson

A young man sharing his near-death experience (NDE) in this short video. He has had other powerful life events, like UFO and orb sightings, as well as seeing a Sasquatch.

I've been seeing an interesting outcome when these experiences overlap. It is especially powerful when there is an NDE as part of the life journey. I sense a pattern where these people will follow a shamanic path. Not so much that they become a shaman, but more they take on the compassionate role of healer.

  His site is linked HERE  

This is an excerpt from Andrew's message:
Trust your heart, Follow your dreams... We are here for a reason... YOU ARE MEANT FOR SO MUCH MORE, BREAK FREE. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK AND BRING HEALING TO THIS TIME AND PLACE... We will see each other through and wait for one another in the paradise of our true home, the other side, heaven.

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