Wednesday, March 9, 2016


synchro-owl photographed by Hunter D

My pal Hunter D called me the other day laughing. He had been reading my book and he was near the end. The whole time he was reading he said he was: "So primed to see an owl!" The story is funny, and after we hung up I sent an email asking if he would write it out for a blog post.

Hell yeah I will! On the afternoon of 3/6/16 I walked out of my shop to get some fresh air and enjoy the winter weather, (cold, gray, wet and windy). I was rather emotional and preoccupied. The shop is on a slight rise and I was looking out over the ponderosa and juniper forest and I thought, I should call Mike right now (been meaning to for awhile).  
At that moment I turned to my right to walk back into the shop and get my phone and I looked up at the adjacent building and on the second story deck railing there was this mechanical owl. [that I'd never noticed before] This is like two seconds after deciding to call you. I immediately identified it as a fake, but then it turned it's head and stared right at me! I recognized it for what it was, a motion detecting function, but it added a nice element to the synchronicity! I belly laughed all the way to get my phone. I called you at 1:07 and we got disconnected so I called back at, oh you're gonna love this, 1:23. 

Great chatting the other day. Finished the book, enjoyed every page.

Hunter D on the Muldrow Glacier, Denali 2005

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audrey said...

Wow! I wish New England looked like that right now, but its as mild here this year as it was last year, where I was living in Virginia. I like this picture because it has a heart in it.