Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Commander Sgt. Major Bob Dean is very much alive!

There are proably hundreds of hours of online interviews with Bob Dean. Here's 7-minutes.
Over the past 24 hours Facebook has been buzzing with the sad news that Bob Dean had died. But he is still quite alive! Last night I was suspect of the news and I searched around and couldn't find any reliable reports. I saw a few more announcments this morning. I thought it must be true. I even wrote a blog post this morning about meeting Bob, who I thought was a wonderfully kind man. That short essay is posted below. I just now changed a few words to reflect that he's still with us!

I very briefly met Bob Dean in 2009. He was at the UFO Congress when it was still in Laughlin Nevada. He was quite the celebrity within that crowd so he was always surrounded by a group of people, everyone eager to talk with.

There came a point when I saw him sitting alone in the midst of the flurry of the conference. I politely approached and asked him if I could ask a few questions.

He graciously pointed to the chair next to him and I sat down. He wore an ascot and was smoking a cigar. I felt like Luke Skywalker meeting Yoda. I said I was new in this field and thought I might have had some UFO experiences and I was hoping for any advice he might offer.

He replied with that deep slow voice, "Be very careful my good man. You are standing before Pandora's Box, and once opened, it can never be closed again."

At that point I had been looking hard into my own experiences so I said something like, "Well, its a little too late for that."

I explained that I was taking my first steps into these waters. I was beginning my own research, dealing with my own memories, and it had been really confusing for me.

He told me, "Here's my advice in these matters. Keep a very open mind..." Long pause, "... and keep your bullshit meter set on high."

He is quite a radiant guy. Since then I've followed him through interviews on line. In the last few years I've noticed that he isn't shy about telling the world he was getting old and looking forward to finally going home.


Beyond Being Human said...

Thanks for posting Mike, I'm so glad he is still with us... and mea culpa...

I sent out a tweet and facebook post responding to this vague announcement - - which was accompanied by a long in-depth, never-seen-before interview video.

I was quite amazed at how fast it spread... BUT everyone made the same mistake:

O woe is me... journalism 101 - check your facts, get 2 sources!


PS - please join us at: Beyond Being Human -

Anonymous said...

Today is the 17th anniversary of our encounter with "4ft Owls" so thought to mosey on over to your site. Glad to see this video and learn about this guy. Pandora's box is right. Still would like some definitive answers. Meantime thank you for your book.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Anonymous:

Have we spoken?

Please contact me thru the blog, I want to hear your story!

Mike C

Anonymous said...

Wow Check this out

John Burke said...

During the final half-hour segment of Linda Moulton Howe’s interview with Whitley Strieber on her KGRA radio website show with John Burroughs (called “Phenomenon”) Whitley told an interesting story along the lines of what Bob Dean discussed in this clip. Whitley’s story is based on information he received to the effect that there is nothing more that the government fears than aliens which look exactly like humans. Linda followed up with a remark she was told by (controversial AFOSI disinformant)Richard Doty to the same effect. At that point, I imagined Whitley saying under his breath: “ix-nay on the oty-day.”

Anya Briggs said...

Why if he's so untouchable Mr. Cosmic Above Top Secret doesn't he publicly post all of the files he's been claiming he was going to post for years. Just keeping my bullshit meter high and all. Hope you're well.

Anya Briggs said...

Oty-day isn't the only Mirage Man in the bunch.