Friday, March 13, 2015

over one million page views

from the stat counter
According to my stat counter, this blog now has over one million page views. This blog had its first post on March 3rd 2009, over six years ago. Mac Tonnies left the first comment on that inagural post, titled Cat and String. This was lead to a bunch of odd events, when we realized we had BOTH written the same essay within a month of each other.

Also found a tidy little 123 in the stat counter for a post from last year about the late Dolores Cannon, see below.
123 views for this post last week


Brian said...


Good to hear that you are on the radar of many! Through my own direction to this site having to do with a strange synchronicity with Karla Turner and your 500th posting (I sent you an email on this a few months back - not sure if you got it), I would think this site has been a beacon in navigating the volumes of information available on an elusive and seemingly very personal phenomena as well as an invaluable resource for many of the topics touched upon here.

It is quite incredible to me that you are able to maintain this site in your spare time with little or no financial reward and continue to produce great interviews and articles.

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication in developing and maintaining such an amazing site as well as a direction for many.


Kandinsky said...

Well done and congratulations!

I had a synchronicity late last year that you might like.

I had a super-vivid, colourful dream of walking through countryside and seeing a 'pride' of bright foxes. One of them was unkempt and black and came across to me whereby it pushed its muzzle on my leg and left me uncertain whether it was going to bite...or not.

It woke me up at around 3:30 and, intrigued, I instantly googled black foxes to see if they existed and what popular culture thought. Turned out they do exist and the first cultural search placed them as a good omen with associations to Trickster characters.

Later that day I was clearing out books from my room at work. One of them had been there for years although I'd never opened it. It's a Gustave Dore illustrated book. The page I opened it on had an illustration of a black fox and the story The Lion, the Wolf and the Fox.

It all resonated deeply and brought some tension between external reality and internal reality.

You and Tonnies riffing on the cats analogy for UFOs followed the thoughts of Aime Michel. No doubt you both arrived at the ideas independently and I've had similar thoughts too. Some ideas seem to have a certain inevitability...

In terms of cats, dreams, UFOs and synchronicities? Aren't they all localised to the perceptions of isolated witnesses? They invite questions about whether our internal mindscape is instrumental on our external landscape or vice versa? Or if an external medium is communicating via the abstract? Of course, it goes without saying that I could be getting carried away by meaningless coincidence too.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, if you stopped LAZYING AROUND and upload more interviews, we could easily break the 2-million milestone by the end of the year! :P