Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Disclosure and owls

Whitley Strieber writes about Disclosure, and mentions owls. This essay is posted as a journal entry on his Unknown Country site. As is his way, Strieber looks at the complexities of the issue with the eyes of a poet, and examines the deeper challenges and opportunities. Also, it was in his 1987 book Communion that the owl meme was first thrust upon the public in a meaningful way. Since then, the idea of owls and UFO contact have been seeping into the greater consciousness.

Link to the full essay - Disclosure: Are we ready?

Below is an excerpt from the journal entry, specificly the paragraphs where he mentions owls.
What communication we have actually received seems to have been more by way of demonstration. For example, in narrative after narrative, the visitors have identified themselves with the owl. And sure enough, if you study the owl, you will find a whole lot that seems to reflect the way the visitors act in our lives. It's not simple, though. Deep, serious study of the species and of the close encounter narratives will reward one with useful insights about how they want us to see them, and, above all, the place they occupy in nature and the cosmos...and the one we occupy.

...This will by no means disempower us. On the contrary, it will open useful opportunities to advance our sciences and deepen our cultures in ways that are just now coming into focus. We are going to be able to approach basic questions of science and philosophy in entirely new ways...

We must see this for what it has the potential to be: a feast of newness and discovery. But we should not forget the owl, dangerous bird of the night.

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Lucretia Heart said...


We had a visit by beings tonight! They left physical footprints behind and I have photos!

Check it out!

NOT astral!

Footprints were weird. Wide toes and narrow heels.