Monday, November 24, 2014

Dr. John Mack talks about his research

An excellent video of Dr. John Mack talking about his research with experiencers. 

I have been working on a book project over the last year and a half. Much of what Mack is saying here fits with what I've been digging into for my own research. In the beginning of this video Dr. Mack talks about Stanaslov Groff, spiritual emergency as well as a past life memory. I have been writing exactly about these topics and issues, and wrestling with the challenges that arise. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these videos. I look forward to hearing your interviews, you are my favorite now. Your voice and the sensitive way you question people is relaxing and refreshing.

TP said...

Ditto. This is such a compelling series of interview out-takes. Dr. Mack was a brilliant (skeptic turned) advocate for the veracity of the UFO contactee phenomenon and is shown here as a supportive academic shield against suggestions of mental illness I assume were brought by the interviewer. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have in my corner. His responses are thoughtful, and genuinely sensitive toward the people he worked with over the years, who I’m sure not only greatly appreciate his contribution but miss him dearly.

Thank you for all of the great information posted here. I too find myself checking this site more frequently than others, and find great value in the work that you do. Assuredly, when I find a job I’ll even hit the “donate” button. More than once:) 

One last thing – I am also finding that synchronicity increases the more attention I pay, or credence I give to episodes of “high strangeness” in my life right now. You report having just “run across” this interview as you research similar topics of spiritual emergency for your book project. To me this demonstrates a beautiful kind of support, encouragement even, for our endeavors. Brave on!

tp said...

Also, totally brilliant commentary on the predominant Worldview and uselessness of scientific materialism. It brought to mind the scene from the film you posted with Mary Rodwell (made by her son) where she bravely agreed to debate the university physics professor and he was rude, poking fun and luring her into rhetorical traps Dr. Mack seems to be saying it's pointless to enter into that debate because they don't have a mindset capable of even exploring the phenomenon

UFO JIM said...

Hi Mike... (December 2014)
Dr. John Mack and Budd Hopkins
will be missed. I think...
Scientific Materialism/
Behaviorism/... are
all forms of a "Scientism" or Worship of Science where Professors
and Instructors at Universities and Colleges are the High Priests
of the "Temples Of Education".
They are serving a limited and
outdated Science of the 19th Century. I think it is only the beginning of knowledge composed of
fragments of Truth. It is based on
the principles of John Stewart Mill. Everything has to be measureable... and repeatable.
However, is a Comet repeatable...
is "Personality" measureable, repeatable, or even explainable?
Do Scientists know what magnetism.
electricity, or light is...? I think they do not...!
Rupert Sheldrake... has talked
about "Morphic Resonance"... and
has a new book out in England that explains the weaknessses and
shortcomings of the Paradigms in Modern Science.
I think anyone that looks into Anomalies and permutations and the
mystery of Creativity... or Aliens & UFO's... will need a great deal of Intuition and Psychic Ability.
What about Matthew Manning...
a famous Psychic from England... as well as thousands of other Psychics and "Savants" and
Geniuses throughout history...?
If you want to know about UFO's
and Aliens... why not study what "David Sereda' has to say at ""...?