Tuesday, November 25, 2014

an enormous owl and missing time

Christopher Knowles seen with four owls in approx 1973
There is a short posting on The Secret Sun from July 16th 2009 titled Owls. Christopher Knowles shares a few ideas about the imagery of the owl, most specifically how his mother would collect owl figurines and display them in their home. The photo above gets used in a presentation I have given at UFO conferences. I have a few examples where experiencers will say their mother collect owls.
Screen grab from the comments on an essay titled Owls. Click on image for a HI-rez view.

What is of great interest to me was a comment on this 2009 Secret Sun posting, left by someone named Jessi. The full text is below:
Wanted to share an owl story from my childhood. My family was moving to another town which took four hours by car to commute. My dad was in a truck in front of my mom, me and my sister who were riding in a car behind him. It was late at night and we were making our last load for the day. We were moving into an old farm house out in the country. We were on a dirt road and my dad was right in front of us. My mom stopped the car because she saw something walking in the road. It was the most enormous owl any of us had seen. It simply walked in front of the car, turned to look at us (realize that it was big enough to see us over the hood of the car) and continued to walk across the road (or waddle maybe) when we got to the house my dad was irate and wanting to know where we had been. Evidently, over an hour had passed while we watched that owl cross our path.
Jessi doesn't give an estimated size of this enormous owl, but she does say the it was big enough to see us over the hood of the car. This is something I have heard repeatedly from various witnesses. This puts the owl at about four feet tall. I even photographed a four foot tall cardboard cut out of an owl in front of my car to show how improbable it would be to see an owl that large. I’ve used this image in a series of presentations at UFO conferences. What I need to say is that this propping this photo was super creepy even though the owl was nothing more than cardboard.

cardboard owl positioned in front of my Subaru

There is also over an hour of missing time reported by the people in the car who saw this owl. This plays out as a series of clues that seems to imply a UFO contact event with an impossibly large owl as a screen memory.

What also stands out, especially for me, is the time count on this comment, 1:23 PM. This number sequence screams at me to pay attention.

I have come back to this post repeatedly over the last five and a half years, and it is quite likely I even read this comment, but it didn’t really jump out at me until just a few days ago.

 If anyone knows Jessi, who wrote the comment, please get a hold of me! My email is HERE. 



Red Pill Junkie said...

In one of those comments, someone mentioned that owls were something of a decor fad in the 1970's. Sure enough, when you google "owls + 1970s" this is the first page to pop up:


(And BTW Google autocompletes it for you, so you know people are searching for this stuff)

Red Pill Junkie said...

From another site:

"It’s no wonder that three of the world’s most popular owl characters were created in the 1970s.

First came Mr. Owl in 1970, who famously failed to answer the question “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” in TV commercials.

Woodsy the Owl landed in 1972, helping the U.S. Forest Service remind kids to “Give a hoot – don’t pollute!” Finally, Charlie the Owl brought his stuffy cleverness to the popular kids show, “New Zoo Revue” from 1972 to 1977.

The 1970s was definitely “The Owl Decade.” Riding on the wings of the 1960s environmental movement and its anti-pollution goals, the owl swooped into the 70s as a cultural symbol of nature, purity and wisdom. Soon the owl popped up as a design element in kitschy home decor and fashion. Lamps, statues, planters, wall hangings, coin banks, mugs, belt buckles – owls were everywhere! (Only in the 1970s could the owl-ful color combos of orange, brown and gold be truly appreciated!)"

Also, remember how Robbie Graham has pointed out that in some Spielberg UFO movies there's a lot of owl decoration?

Elvee Kaye said...

Owls are not just for the 1970s anymore! They are undergoing a HUGE revival. Everywhere I go, I see owls, in everything from home decor to Christmas ornaments and toiletries, from children's clothing to bedding. I wonder about this sudden surge of popularity. Is there a message here that we are supposed to receive?

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

You know what else was big in the 70s? UFO flaps.

Mike Clelland! said...

I worked at the ad agency that did the Tootsie Pop "Mr. Owl" commercial.

Red Pill Junkie said...

How many licks does it take to reach the center of your psyche ;)

Red Pill Junkie said...


I was born in '73. Still waiting for the mother ship to comeback and pick me up ;)

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

RPJ, I think you know what I think of the ETH by now.

Red Pill Junkie said...


Alright, alright: I'm waiting for the transdimensional portal in the form of the Cosmic Egg to return me to Magonia :P

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Oh. OK.

Anonymous said...

I think I know what the owl was thinking: walks across the road, looks at car, "Hey! I'm walkin' here, I'm walkin' here!" Because the owl looks a bit irritated in the drawing LOL.