Friday, November 7, 2014

an owl listens to my podcast!

me and my little buddy
This story comes from a reader who sent me an email me with an interesting story. Curiously, this story includes me. It starts with a photograph taken a few summers back, and it shows me sitting near a great horned owl.

I was at an event where a local raptor rescue center was taking part in this community fundraiser. There was a golden eagle, a falcon and a great horned owl. This owl had been rescued after someone found it with a severely injured left wing. It was nursed back to health but it was unable to fly so in couldn’t be released back into the wild. Now its life involves living at the center and occasionally being shown at elementary schools an other public events like the one on that day.

I couldn’t miss out on the chance to get a picture with a live owl! In the photograph you can clearly see that the owl’s left wing hangs awkwardly at its side. I posted this photo on my blog and facebook page the same day it was taken, August 4th, 2012 (see HERE). The photo was taken in a big barn, and this shows up again a little over a year later, where I watch a "fact checking" owl land on that same barn, HERE.

Four days later I got a an email from a woman named Diana. That morning she was in her house trying to transfer one of my audio interviews onto her iPod, but the download was going really slowly. While she was waiting she went outside to take the trash to the curb and saw what she thought was a bundle of something in the driveway, when she got closer she realized it was an injured owl. The poor creature could barely move because of an open wound under it’s right wing. The owl would flop onto its back and as it struggled to get upright, she saw the wing twisting, there was almost nothing holding it in place. 

Diana sent me a photo of the sad looking wounded owl in a dog kennel. Curiously one of the only words I can read on the paper is "Angel" 
She got a dog carrier from her garage and after some struggles got the bird into the container using a rake. She went back into the house to search out a local veterinarian’s office that was affiliated with wildlife rescue. After that she transferred the podcast to her MP3 player. She put the dog carrier with the injured owl in the car with her and drove to the vet. Here’s the weird part, on the drive both her and the owl were listening to my voice. 

The similarities between her story and my photo are positively bizarre. Both stories feature a wildlife rescue, a great horned owl with an injured wing and both owls got to listen to my voice. She was also clear that she had not seen the photograph of me and the injured owl before contacting me with her experience. She told me what episode she was listening to and it involved me and the guest, Lorin Cutts, talking about owls and how they interact with UFO abductees! Lorin has had some extremely strange owl experiences of his own.

I can’t ignore the fact that the woman who shared this story is named Diana. In Roman mythology, the goddess Diana was associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to animals.
two pictures with the same owl

There is even more synchro-wierdness connected to this image. The author of the Longmire series of books, Craig Johnson, and oddly enough—he is pictured with the very same owl! Also note our choice of shirts.

A little more about the day I had my picture taken with the owl

It was a lovely summer afternoon at the festive small town event, and I took the time to speak with a doctor who was working with the veterinarians and naturalists at the center. I briefly told him about some of my experiences with owls. I described seeing three owls on two separate occasions within a few days and then asked if he had ever heard of anything like that. He said no. Then I told him another story of seeing five owls fly above me and a friend as we were lying on our back in a meadow talking about metaphysical issues. I asked if he had ever heard anything like that. Again, he said no. He added that such things simply don’t happen. Then I told him another of my experiences, and another. He looked at me with concern. As I talked I recognized he was getting uncomfortable and he slowly began moving away from me. It was a curious feeling to realize that an owl expert hearing my experiences was looking at me as if I was insane.

and a little more... 

The date of August 9th plays into another owl sighting I had, and their connected synchronicites. This involves seeing an owl in my yard, and it coincides with a friend's mystical experience in crop circle country, linked HERE.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing. Before visiting your website to see new posts, I just found out that an Owl is on the back of a US dollar bill.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have been looking for where to share my albeit amazing Owl story, I am not a follower of UFO's neither do I attach any spiritual meaning to this, I however hope to get a new perspective on this.
The presence of two strange large white barn owls with face shaped like a halved apple and eyes black and shiny like grapes was not new to my yard, as their size was intimidating upon sighting and their screeching night cry was very annoying, it stirs up something in your chest. I guess they were telling us that they were here to stay and we better start getting used to it.
We had always ruled the day; they ruled the night, but this particular morning was different seems the boundaries between night and day overlapped. I was in my room when I began hearing sharp chirping cries of birds behind my window, it was so loud and consistent that it attracted my attention, I peeped through my window and found two birds making synchronized warning cries, (I have been looking online to get the names of the birds;), within minutes of this persistent cries, different birds all familiar to the neighborhood arrived in their two's, three's and fours and perched on the roofing, they were all chirping noisily (to a human it looked they were engaged in a heated discussion), but then, the Owls had made a make shift home from a hole in the roofing of the house adjacent to my window, these birds(about five or six different species) then summoned the courage and attempted to enter the hole, the best attempt was a sneak peak, after which they withdrew, the noise continued with a few more birds attempting to enter the hole in the roof. After awhile the noise simmered and the birds all went about their daily business, but I kept watch, hoping to catch the Owl's sneaking out or witness any paranormal activity around that hole, about 20 minutes later a large bird, probably a hawk arrived at the hole in the roof, landed on the ceiling, and took a long stare inside, but at a safe distance, it was there for a minute before the mate( I suspect the female) came and fought it off. These repeated itself twice and the scenarios were much alike.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Does the owl in the barn have a name?

Saint Theresa said...

Hey there Michael. I found this blog recently and am enjoying it immensely. It's helping me see some of things I've noticed my whole life, although not in a "me too" type of way. I've been told of things very similar to what UFO experiencers have seen by family members and have my own very personal synchronicity with numbers and birds....especially owls.
Well, I really didn't want to introduce myself just yet but I finished a book called "bless me ultima" by Rudolfo_Anaya. And If you haven't read it I hope you will. Some very familiar owl references in this coming of age novel set in 1940's New Mexico.
Take care.