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August 10th, crop circles and owls

That's me sitting in a crop circle in Teton Idaho, 2002
One date has come up in this research that encompasses owls, crop circles and myself. The personal aspect feels very weird. I’ve included a set of links int this post that will help define some of these events.
~ August 10th 2002 - Teton Idaho
~ August 10th 2009 - Owl design UK
~ August 10th 2013 - Chute Causeway UK
I had a curious psychic flash while sitting at my desk, this happened over a decade ago. This nice thought just appeared in my head: “We need a crop circle here!” The next morning, August 10th, 2002,  a crop circle was found in a field of wheat near the small town of Teton Idaho. By western standards, this is quite close to me. No owls in this event.

Wiltshire County UK, 2009
On August 10th 2009, a crop circle in the UK appeared with the stylized owl face in the design. This was a rare circle because it reappeared the next year., this was because the crop that had been pressed down the summer before grew differently and it could be seen from above. It produced a visual echo of sorts. No connection to me with this event.

Chute Causeway formation, 2013

On August 10th 2013 a crop circle, known as the Chute Causeway formation, appeared in the UK. This rather complex set of events involves a crop circle, owls and myself. I have a friend who experienced a profound connection to this circle, she was with a crew of croppies in southern England and they meditated for the appearance of a crop circle on the night before, August 9th. They were asking for a circle with the theme of peace. She woke up at four in the morning (on August 10th) and while lying in bed, she formally asked to be taken to see a crop circle being formed. What she describes next was a weird rotating sensation and what might have been an outer body experience. As this was happening she blacked out.

The next morning my friend and her crew of croppies heard about a new circle from that night before, and they hurried off to visit it. She describes an outright mystical experience while she stood within the circle. Months later she had a hypnotic regression to explore this experience, specifically what might have happened the morning she asked to be taken to see a crop circle being formed.

More on her experiences in a formal report sometime soon.

Now, back in the USA, at about nine in the evening of Aug 9th, I saw a great horned owl land on a tree in my neighbors yard. I was standing on his deck, and myself and two other people watched the owl for a few minutes and then it flew off. It was a lovely sighting, the bird was silhouetted against the twilight sky at the very top of a spruce tree right up close to where we stood.

At the time, I couldn’t figure out any significance to that sighting, I just dismissed it as nothing more than a pleasant chance to see an owl. It was only later, after talking with my friend at length about her experience with the Chute Causeway circle, that I realized this might match the owl sighting in my neighbors yard.

Allowing for the time difference, 9:PM Mountain Time (Aug. 9th) lines up precisely with 4:AM GMT (Aug. 10th). That means I had an owl sighting that happened at the same time my friend described having an outer body experience seven time zones away.

Peace signs embedded within the design

Also of note, a Dutch researcher made an diagram of the Chute Causeway circle, He worked from aerial photos and posted his image on-line on the same day circle appeared. What turned up in the design were six little peace signs. These weren’t in the field, they only emerged after he used a computer to connect points within the design. So, after a group of people meditated with the intention of manifesting a crop circle with the theme of peace, a circle appeared nearby with peace signs hidden within the design.

Chute Causway formation, 2013

Also of note is Aug 9th. I wrote about an event involving a woman named Diana and how she found a wounded owl in her driveway, This event is curiously linked to an owl sighting I had 5 days earlier She found the owl on August 9th 2012, and it listened to part of one of my podcasts where I talk about owls —really! This story is posted HERE.

You can find this same report as part of Owls and the UFO Abductee, on page 19 of the PDF.



Anonymous said...

OK, so: Today, driving to visit the fam for the holiday, I had my walkman plugged into the car stereo, and I re-listened to your interview with Colin Andrews, where you describe thinking "We need a crop circle!" and then one appearing in your hometown. Get on the wifi at the hotel, and there is a pic of you sitting in said circle. It's not a story I recall hearing from any other interviews of yours I've listened to. Hmmmm...

Red Pill Junkie said...

Wikipedia sez August 10th is the 222nd day of the year (223 in leap years).

Anonymous said...

Crop circles are man-made!