Tuesday, October 14, 2014

problems with the Disclosure movement

What happens when a leader in the exo-political movement touches an author's butt?

Robbie Graham is sure to annoy a lot of people with his recent editorial on the problems with the Disclosure movement. I have to say that I completely agree with his assessment. I've had a few angst ridden talks with Robbie on exactly this subject, and I think maybe I hear a little of my own voice in his bold declaration. He starts his essay like this:
The problem with the Disclosure mindset was that it declared an end to the UFO enigma. It said, in essence, we know what ‘they’ are: extraterrestrial spacecraft. End of story. And then the movement looked to officialdom –a sort of unfair parent figure– and it tugged incessantly at the leg of power, saying ”daaaaaadddd, TELL US!”
... And he ends it like this:
So let’s take officialdom out of the equation altogether; let’s shift the focus onto ourselves and to our own relationship with this phenomenon. Let’s see UFOs as a call to look within, with the aim of unlocking our true mystical nature, our latent psychic and spiritual potential, because, in so doing, we might actually begin to understand all forms of extraordinary and impossible phenomena.
To read all the thoughtful stuff in the middle, go to his blog, HERE.


Knocker said...

Thanks, for the link, Mike. How aptly put! I respect his treatment of Bassett and the movement despite his disagreement with their philosophy as well. It's an empowering essay, to say the least.

Lorin Cutts said...

He didn't annoy us.

In fact there's a nice synchronicity in that we talked about the Disclosure idea on our High Strangeness Show that was recorded in mid October and Lauren used very similar language to Robbie in this article.

"Ï don't need Daddy to tell me".

With the new twitter storm announced today, I foresee problems too.


Another major issue is the wording. It automatically assumes UFOs are "extraterrestrial".

I'd like the disclosure movement to disclose how it knows that.