Thursday, October 16, 2014

owl physiology / book excerpt

Here is a work in progress from my owl book project. This excerpt is mostly focused on the physiology of owls and how that plays into their odd connection to UFO reports. It's long, over 12,000 words.

I am open to any feedback or editing suggestions. Please note, as the book nears publication, I will take this page down.

The first half is my attempt to show how seriously well designed the owl is, they are remarkable on a lot of levels. If this initial text seems too dry and "scientific" scroll down to page 14, things get a little more zippy at that point.

Text posted in PDF reader below.

and this too (linked HERE)


Red Pill Junkie said...

Finished reading it.

Ok, first things first: When I started reading all this scientific info about owls, I was dreading that the whole 35 pages would be ALL science stuff --I like me some biology info like any nerd, but c'mon!-- Luckily, it didn't turn out to be that way; that said, perhaps you can cut some of the drier stuff, since it only reinforce your point that owls are highly evolved predators endowed with incredible senses and stealth abilities.

Also, since I know you like to illustrate your climbing/skiing books with your own drawings, I was kinda expecting you'd do the same in this book? Maybe that way the dry science stuff would go down more smoothly ;)

There are other things I want to touch upon, but I fear it will be too long. Just a few quick comments on some of your paragraphs:

--"My response to this frightening image was to think to myself, "Oh yes, they're here, let's just shut down and black out." Then I nonchalantly lay my head down on the pillow and promptly fell back asleep."

I've always listened you retell that story as 'listening a voice inside my head saying "now it's the time to shut down." So, what you 'listened' was your own voice?

--"They’ll describe a vibration or a literal buzzing sensation in their body, they can feel it within their gut or chest. Sometime it’s just a very real sense of knowing"

Reminds me a lot of the early stages of an OBE.

--"Using the eyes of birds as a kind of avian-reconnaissance is part of Norse mythology (Let me add that my mother was born in Denmark). Odin created two Ravens, Huginn and Muninn, or
thought and memory. They would fly around Midgard (earth) each day and then return to Odin, transferring all they had perceived to him. Odin, the father of Thor, is a principal member the Norse pantheon of gods and is associated with death, wisdom, shamanism, magic and prophecy"

Reminds me a lot of Saruman in LOTR ;)

--"Heather Clewett-Jachowski is a shaman and researcher of ancient sacred sights. She has a powerful story from a summer’s night in the crop circle country of southern England. She describes an electric feel in the air as she approached a white owl perched on a fence post, it watched her and then spread its wings and flew off into the darkness. At that point Heather experienced some odd visual sensations, she saw the ground zipping below her, getting closer and then further away. It took a moment to realize what she was experiencing, she was seeing through the eyes of the owl
as it flew over the undulating ground. There is a lot more to this story, and it’s covered on page < ??? >."

Reminds me a lot of the movie Birdy (1984) ;)

--"This kind of implanted technology is occasionally removed from abductees by surgeons. What is then studied is usually very small, but with some extremely strange properties. These objects have been scrutinized in advanced laboratory settings, and they’ve found isotopic ratios incompatible with anything here on earth, better likened to meteorite samples. If these tiny implants can be put into people, they could certainly be put into owls. There is no good answer what these implants do, they might be a little technological gizmo that allows the aliens to watch the owl-cam using a big view screen onboard their flying saucer, but that notion is probably far too simplistic."

Source? I've never known what to think of the so-called implants. Maybe I didn't look too deep into Dr. Leir's research, but I didn't find it too convincing.

Welp, that's it for now :)


Anonymous said...

Could you make your book available on when you complete it, please?

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:

Yes, i sure wrote the science stuff rather dryly. I am actually sorta proud of myself, despite the dry text.

Partially I found it fascinating. And also I wanted to really hammer home that owls are pretty amazing creatures.

I plan on editing everything down, at this point it is a little wordy.

Also - I plan on doing drawings for the physiology section, they will be "sketch book style" rather that wacky cartoons.

RPJ, you commented on the text:
My response to this frightening image was to think to myself, "Oh yes, they're here, let's just shut down and black out." Then I nonchalantly lay my head down on the pillow and promptly fell back asleep."
My reply:

It is interesting, I wrote that text about 8 years ago, well before starting the blog, probably around 2006 or '7. So, it was closer to the actual event than present day. I re-tell that story verbally pretty close to what you described. I used my original text in the book excerpt because I wrote that closer to the events of 1993.

I have recited it over and over like this:

I heard a voice inside my head, I am not sure if it was my voice, or if it came from an outside source, the voice said: ""Now it's the time to put my head on the pillow and shut down."

But, I can't be entirely sure of the exact wording. I do feel strongly that my *impression* was "Oh yes, they're here." (To me it felt like they're here AGIAN)

That line "Oh Yes, they are here." was added after a hypnosis session with Budd Hopkins in 2008.

A) "Now it's the time to put my head on the pillow and shut down."

B) "Oh yes, they're here. Now it's the time to put my head on the pillow and shut down."

C) "Oh yes, they're here, let's just shut down and black out."

I honestly don't know what is correct on the list above. They are all pretty close, and I don't feel like I can answer it with any certainty.

Mike C

Mike Clelland! said...

The book will most certainly be an eBook, available thru Amazon...

Red Pill Junkie said...


Maybe I'm being too nit-picky, but I just want to have a more clear picture in my head of... well, what was happening through yours.

The way you wrote it down 8 years ago, though slightly different to how you've mentioned it on your podcast and other interviews, seems to hint at you being more um, 'in control' of the situation? Like being more of a willing participant than just acting like a mindless drone --or at least like someone well familiar with 'the drill'...

PS: Hey, I wanted to share something with you and your readers, which you remind me of with your excerpt.

So I've suffered from sleep paralysis on a number of times in my life, though they became more scarce as I grew older. I usually interpret it as the 'usual' case of my mind being awake while my body was still asleep; I usually react with a lot of fear, probably spawned by my reading of Communion and the classic abduction lore, though I have to point out I've NEVER felt any sort of presence during those states.

Anyway, recently I had one of those sleep paralysis, but THIS time I had what I felt was a profound realization: I was suffering the paralysis during a lucid dream. In the dream I was inside a recreation of my bedroom, and I even fell out of my bed in my frenzy to 'snap out of it' and do what I always do --reach out for the night lamp near the bed.

But now I *finally* understood why the lamp NEVER turned on during those states: Because lights don't work on a lucid dream.

So, I do wonder... maybe most 'abductions' happen in that state 'in between'. Maybe that 'liminal' dimension, is the natural place of origin of these entities.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:

I think me leaving out the bit about *hearing the voice in my head, whether my own or projected from an outside source* might be partially because I found it so illogical.

i can tell you it felt like *words* rather than a feeling or sense.

At the time I wrote that, i was struggling with the reality of that whole event - seeing those beings out my window - it had such a weird "dream-like" vibe that I just didn't know what to think.

All that changed with the events of march 10th 2013. I wrote this post in the follow up.

I felt like feeling-the-same-feeling in each of these events was a kind of confirmation that SOMETHING real had happened.

Mike C

Red Pill Junkie said...

To admit that something like this was real, is to admit we don't KNOW what reality is.

And that might not be such a bad thing at all. That might just be the first conscious step toward understanding.

Fletcher said...

Awesome Work Mike!!