Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Vesica Piscis and the thing in my eye

Charles Gilchrist on Sacred Geometry

The other night I received a message from a reader who has also had life events that certainly imply some sort of direct contact experiences. He noticed something in his own artwork, and then found it in a drawing I had done. What was revealed to me ties back to a lot of other events, and these are all linked here on this post. These divergent threads are all tangled and overlapping, and this messy jumble seems a deeper clue that it's all real, at least to me.

In October of 2009 I saw something within my own eye, I was diagnosed earlier in the summer with a slight cataract on the lens of that eye. What I saw in October is described in this two part series of posts, part ONE and part TWO. Whatever it was, it was within my eye, and only I could see it. As strange as it sounds, I immediately recognized the image was a combination of a gray alien, a seated Buddha, a scull—and me!

the initial pencil sketch, this feels very accurate
a color rendering using the pencil sketch above
Here are two drawings of what I saw. The pencil sketch was made as I lay on my living room floor squinting into the sun, and then sketching what I saw using a clip board. The color rendering is more what it looked like, as if the image was emerging (and refracting) through thick glass.

What is more curious is the shape that emerges in the way the two circles overlap. I was informed by that reader that this is a essential element within the study of sacred geometry. He linked me to a video presentation by an artist named Charles Gilchrist (a guy with "Christ" right in his name) and he nicely explains the formation of this series of shapes.

Given this, and if the image in my eye was actually a caricature of myself, then the Vesica Piscis frames my heart chakra, so right on for me!

from mandala to the shape in my eye
Here's a short excerpt from Charles Gilchrist's intro to sacred geometry:
The Circle is . . . THE ALL. This is the essence of Mandala: The Circle holds ALL.

These two overlapping circles with a common radius, create the second enclosed form of Sacred Geometry. The ancients called this archetype. The Vesica Piscis. (black shape)

ALL FORM, literally ALL the dimensional forms of this cosmos evolve from this football like shape . . . The Vesica Piscis.

The Vesica Piscis is literally the womb of the universe . . . the ever unfolding Mother of Sacred Geometry.
compare and contrast 
What is even more curious is that the Mandala is the foundation to these shapes. This leads back to another two part posting where i tell of a shared event in 2010 with my close friend Natascha. As far as I can tell, I was abducted from a tent after both of us experiences profound irrational fear. Interwoven into this already weird event is an even weirder reference to a mandala and that thing in my eye. The story of this frightening event is linked in part ONE and part TWO.

the mandala is seen as I was floating upwards
The vesica piscis is the building block of the TREE OF LIFE pattern. 


Merlyn's Apprentice said...

Oh very cool! Glad i could help unravel part of (and then perhaps create more of) the mystery. :)

As I travel further and further down the rabbit hole, I have come to realize that my ability to let go of old paradigms is an aspect of my personality that has allowed me to make connections and see hidden meanings. This doesn't make me special. Facing this all with humility is also a key component. I am just saying letting go of old paradigms plays a pivotal role in gaining understanding and true wisdom from these adventures in high strangeness and magic. I can't imagine anyone would disagree. (well, maybe the ones who don't believe in high strangeness and magic... but that's an old paradigm :) I have worked really hard at being able to "let go". My advise to future "initiates" would be to work really hard to do the same.

If i may add some of my experience, (that has now overlapped with yours and i thank you) I have been getting increasing amounts of "dream lessons". I wake up with these symbols still in my mind and by recalling the symbol i am able to recall partially the lesson. As if the symbols represent the lessons taught. When i saw what i now know as the Vesica Piscis, I also drew it with the eye of Ra at its center. The drawing was in Photoshop. i actually didn't like the eye and thought it was too tacky and almost erased it. i decided to keep it because i have learned to trust my gut. It was through a series of coincidences that i found this video. Amazingly the meaning i had for it was EXACTLY the same meaning sacred geometry teaches) SOOOOO basically i was given a lesson in sacred geometry during my sleep. I have never studied it before but wow! does it speak to me and the way i intuitively understand creation.

Red Pill Junkie said...

*Very* interesting.

I interpret the 'interference' zone formed by the 2 overlapping circles as a sort of doorway; which seems to relate how your mandala-like friend of yours sort of 'emerges' from the Vesica Piscis in your drawing.

If you don't find a crop circle with that shape during your trip to the UK, I shall be EXTREMELY disappointed ;)

Lucretia Heart said...

Wonderfully interesting! Thank you for the update on this series of episodes in your life.

Bright Garlick said...

Vesica Piscus !