Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the elusive search for truth

Robbie Graham from  the website Silver Screen Saucers
posts an insightful and highly recommended essay:


Meghan M said...

What an honest essay. It is really refreshing and grounding to read about the topic in this way.

Also, the comment thread is a must-read as well.

Mike: in the comments, you mention how talking about lights in the sky pretty soon turns into talking about God. Well, it seems this was plainly demonstrated when the conversation took a dogmatic turn, and the validity of the UFO field was put into question.


Mike Clelland! said...

Meghan, UFOs are a dogmatic religion! Go to a UFO conference, you'll see...

Mr.Owl said...

This is an excellent article. I couldn't have said it better myself. Once I just threw up my hands and decided that none of this crap makes any sense, I felt as if I'd been freed, in a sense, from all the questions that had plagued me for years. I said as much while making a comment on this site a while back. The prolific RPJ responded with something along the lines of 'that doesn't mean we should give up trying to make sense of it!' He's partially correct, and always insightful.

However, throughout the years of my interest in the subject, and my quest for corroborations and insights (notice I didn't say answers), I've found that I would reach a certain point where I needed to drop the whole thing and back away for awhile. This just so happens to be a period where I knew I had to pursue the subject again, for personal reasons.

I feel that it's just unhealthy to pursue this subject without taking a return to our normal lives. You lose your objectivity and grounding in reality and everyday life. How can we judge the strangeness of encounter if we've lost touch with ourselves? Otherwise it all seems to just become a hobby for some people. As this phenomena affects me personally, I feel I can say all of this with some authority. Conclude that it all makes no sense whatsoever, take a step back for a while, and start over with an uncluttered mind.