Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dr. Karla Turner on Coast to Coast AM from 1994

Author, researcher and abductee

This is a two-hour interview featuring Dr. Karla Turner on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. This audio is sort of scratchy, but really amazing content. Dr. Turner talks about her personal experiences, her books and her research. More audio from Dr. Turner HERE; this is where I found this amazing C2C episode.

I didn't edit this at all, there is an almost nostalgic charm in the way the almost 20 year old recording sounds. Linda Moulton Howe's voice sounds different, and at certain points you can hear someone trying to adjust the AM dial.

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Anonymous said...

Great interview, Mike! Thanks for providing it to us.

Karla played her cards close to her vest in not giving a personal opinion about what/who she thought these beings were. She was waiting on the data.

All these years later and we still are clueless as to their true identity.

I appreciated also her pointing out the possibility that perhaps all people have these experiences to a lesser or greater extent, but not everyone has a memory of them.

~ Susan

Drake Bradstone said...

Karla was way, way ahead of the curve. Mike, you may have already posted this but just to repeat, here are PDFs of her books available online,

Mr.Owl said...

I want to take a moment here to thank Mike for posting this. Although I had only recently become aware of Dr. Turner's work, not on this blog and say in the last year or so, it really doesn't matter. I have actually never
listened to Coast live. I was aware of it, how could you not be, but I'm fond of sleeping during those hours.

So, basically, when someone makes an episode as important as this into a format I can listen to anywhere, anytime, believe me when I am thankful. She was so earnest, objective, intelligent, analytical and frankly, scientific, that I think that indeed, she was seeing through the masquerade. That's why 'they', whoever they are, killed her. Thanks again Mike.

Ray said...

Thank you for posting this about her, she was the one that really got me to question what it was that was happening to me.