Monday, September 30, 2013

Reiki and an owl

Great Horned Owl
Just minutes ago I left an office where I had my first ever Reiki session. I’ve known the practitioner for years, but it was only recently that I had heard she was using Reiki as part of her therapeutic work. The reason for our meeting this morning was that I’ve been desperately seeking out any kind of help as a way to come to terms with the challenges of what I’ve been going through.

Anyone who has followed my story, even if only a little, will know I’ve had a lifetime of depression. I am at a place right now where I’m wondering if this bleak mood is somehow tied in with my UFOs experiences and synchronicities. I’m looking for any help I can find, and sitting with a Reiki therapist seemed as good a way as any to dig deeper.

The session started with her asking questions; I explained the reasons I came to her. I spoke about my ongoing depression and how its impacted on my life. Then I cautiously asked if she wanted to hear about what I think might really be happening.

She said, “Yep, I wanna hear it.”

I tried to fill her in on the UFO stuff, not an easy thing to do in just a few minutes. She nodded and reassured me that she believed me and then she asked me to move my chair to the middle of the room. She told me to get comfortable and to close my eyes. For the next half hour or so I sat quietly while she briefly set her hands on my head and shoulders. The rest of the time she just stood near me, mostly behind me as I sat.

After that she sat in front of me and told me I could open my eyes. She said, “Well, what I’m getting is that you are having a Kundalini awakening.”

She went on to explain what she had received. She told me I was very open, that I was experiencing things coming into me and that these things were real.

She was framing things in her own spiritual understanding, one based in eastern traditions. She had studied Kashmir Shavism, and within that tradition all things are a manifestation of a Universal Consciousness. The emotional pain I’ve been feeling could be seen as a separation of this wholeness of conciseness. Her sense was that the source of my depression wasn’t base on any kind of buried UFO trauma, but more on an awareness that I was feeling a separateness from the one unified source (call that love, Universal Consciousness, God or whatever) and I was now coming to terms with that deeper knowing.

Listening to her, it was obvious that she was seeing my experience as if it were parallel to her own. She wasn’t having UFO sightings, but she told me of an almost mystical kinship with elephants and that the grass would talk to her.

I was impressed that her way of framing the totality of all of it, what the universe meant to her, jived so closely with the way I see it. She used different vocabulary words and metaphors, but none the less, it matched what I’ve been experiencing.

During this part of our session she was sitting with a big window behind her, so her head was back lit by bright, but overcast skies. She had her curly hair tied back and the way some of the wisps of hair set against her ears created a weirdly vivid illusion that she had pointed elf ears. It was perfectly symmetrical on both her right and left ears. This wasn’t subtle, she looked exactly like an elf straight out of the movie The Lord of the Rings.

I interrupted her to explain that I was seeing her as a magical elf. In that moment, I had a profound ringing in my left ear. This happens sometimes, and I don’t quite know what to make of it.

Until this point I hadn’t mentioned any of the owl stuff. I wanted to tell her about the book project I’ve been focused on (the working title is Owls and the UFO Abductee) but before I did, I asked her: “Have you seen any owls recently?”

She said, “Well, me and my boyfriend saw a great big owl last night, it was really incredible.”

I asked what happened and she explained that they had been walking near their home when they saw an owl sitting on a branch near them. As they walked closer it swooped down low and then landed further down the path, staying ahead of them as they walked. She described a Great Horned owl, she said it was big and it would glide low and incredibly close to the ground as it stayed in front of her and her friend.

I asked if she had seen many owls since she moved her over a decade ago. This valley has a lot of owls so it didn’t surprise me that she said she had seen a few now and again. I asked if any of these sightings had been powerful in any way, she said, “Not really, except for what had happened last night, that was pretty intense.”

I calmly told her, “That was me. That owl was all about this, us here right now.”

She agreed. I went on to say that I was just about to tell her that she shouldn’t be surprised if she saw an owl in the next few days, but The Universe beat me to it, it had already happened.

If this had been 2009 and she said she had seen an owl the night before our session, it would’ve really flipped me out. The synchronicity of it would have sent me into a spiraling frenzy of second guessing. My fragile brain would have been a conflicted jumble of divergent thoughts, first dismissing it as nothing, and the next second, ascribing the owl as a divine messenger from on high. But this morning, I saw it as being almost (but not quite) mundane.

She also pointed out that I used the term crazy a few times during our discussion. I had said things like “this crazy UFO stuff” as I tried to explain what had been going on in my life. She told me that it wasn’t crazy and I should stop framing it that way. I agreed and said that I use it less and less as I proceed forward in my acceptance of what seems to be intersecting with my life.

Text added, same day, 11:23 at night:
I just got an email from my Reiki therapist (excerpt below). She saw an owl again tonight. Two big owls seen two nights in a row. Why does this all seem so normal to me now?
[my boyfriend] and I took the kitties for a walk tonight and just as I was thinking, "I'm going to manifest an elephant sighting," that big grey owl appeared on a fence post. I don't know if it landed there as I thought that thought - or if it came into my conscious view after I thought that thought - or if it just appeared, materialized. I had to laugh out loud - the playful universe constantly displaying its sense of humor and connection.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

When I was reading Graham Hancock's book 'Supernatural' he admitted to suffering from depression (reading between the lines,I think he was hinting at suicidal thoughts)but he said the vine (ayahuasca) had cured him of those thoughts and his fear of death.I have never tried ayahuasca,but this does seem to be a common theme when depressed people take it.
Ayahuasca is illegal in The States,but perfectly legal in South America.
Hancock says in his book that the UFO abduction/ayahuasca entities are real entities outside of and separate to our own consciousness,although he doesn't believe aliens are "nuts and bolts" type beings.You would have to talk to him about it yourself Mike,but I find Graham's work truly inspiring and cutting edge stuff.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I used to suffer from depression, too. I good week would be the one when the thought of doing something really stupid to myself, would only cross my mind once or twice. A bad day would be when the thought would pop in a couple of times.

I still get depressed & have fits of bad temper, but they are a whole lot rarer. And I think the reason is that I found what I'm supposed to do --to be involved within the circles of people looking for answers, sharing the same splinter inside our heads that threatens to drive us mad.

Knowing there are a lot of us out there eases the burden considerably :)

Chuck Hennet said...

Interesting stuff, Mike. Thanks for continuing to share.


muzuzuzus said...

I love her advice for you to not frame your experiences as crazy. often we can do that as a form of self-censorship or a kind of disclaimer when talking to people about stuff that may seen extraordinary

Mr.Owl said...

Way cool story, Mike. I wish I saw owls that often.

By the way, I've always referred to the sudden profound ringing in my left ear as a 'ping'. Take that as you may. Peace

Red Pill Junkie said...

Oh, I forgot about that! I get those too, occasionally.

Though in my case it might be due to one rock concert too many :P

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I have a constant,although not annoying ringing in my left ear all the time.It sounds to me like ghostly distant crickets chirping.
I've always put it down to a fault in my hearing (which it may well be),but it is never annoying enough for me to go see about it.I can live with it.
Whenever I hear the Simon & Garfunkel song "The Sound of Silence" I always think to myself,
"What,crickets ?-) "

Lucretia Heart said...

I love this latest owl synch-wink story! It figures in so perfectly!

As far as ringing in the ears go-- there's constant high ringing called "tinnitus" and then there is a type of feedback sound that you usually get with pressure changes that sounds more like an almost electronic tone. I have had another kind, very rarely, that freaks me out just a little-- with a morse code type of series of changing tones. The first 2 types are common to everyone, but the 3rd-? I'm still trying to figure out.

I also agree with her advice about letting go of the self-censor talk using the word "crazy" all the time. That's you reflecting the limited view of the mundane masses and is no longer usefully applied to your own situation.

Meanwhile, my own depression seems under control while I take St. John's Wort. If I forget to take it even for 1 day, by that evening I'm having yet another crying jag for no reason, though. AND I'll get nightmares. Otherwise, I take it and things even out and I dream normally. Apparently, I really need the herbal boost right now.


Mr.Owl said...

Yes, I know tinnitus very well as I have it in both ears. It drives some people insane, but after twenty years it doesn't really bother me anymore. It can be caused by excessive exposure to loud noise, or one sudden extremely loud event such as an explosion. I'm guilty of being exposed to both, loud music, wearing headphones/ earbuds for many years, pipe bombs, shotguns, etc. Ah, the foibles of youth!

The 'ping' I'm talking about starts suddenly out of nowhere, seems to encompass the entire, in my case, left side of the head, and lasts anywhere from five to ten seconds, then fades out. It could be a 'natural' function of the body of someone with screwed up ears, but it's also coming from the same ear and side of the head as... Well, you know...