Monday, June 3, 2013

seeing a UFO?

I spent the day with Chris Bledsoe (at left) on Friday May 31st in North Carolina. He has had experiences of such bizarre intensity than can barely wrap my mind around the enormity of what he has endured.

I’ll post more soon, but I was there with two other investigators, Chase Kloetzke and her research partner Renata.

After the sun went down there was a big crew all sitting around in the backyard of Bledsoe’s home. We were all making an effort to look up at the sky. At probably around 11 o’clock Chris calmly pointed at an orange light in the western sky and hinted that this might be something odd. The light looked like nothing more than a normal aircraft, it was just a small blinking light moving slowly to the north.

Renata and I walked across the dark yard to get a better view through an opening in some trees. One one level it seemed to be just an aircraft with a slight blinking quality. But after just a few seconds of looking at it, we were both aware that the light was moving in a weirdly halting way.

It was sort of skimming across the sky in a fluid motion, it would stop and back up a half step and then ease across the sky again. It had the quality of a dragonfly rather than a normal aircraft in flight.

Renata was saying, “Ooh, look at that. This is giving me the chills!”

Then I requested out loud, “If you are a UFO make some movement to confirm what you are.” Nothing happened beyond the gliding liquidly motions.

We probably watched it for less than a minute and it eventually moved off to the north and out of our view. The movements were subtle, but decidedly unusual.

This little orange dot gave me the chills too.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Is his home close to the Brown Mountains?

Red Pill Junkie said...

PS: the fact that you were with him, & '2 other researchers' seems interesting, if you take a look at the Bledsoe coat of arms.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Just a few nights ago I caught a re-run of the Discovery Channel's UFOs Over Earth with the Fayetteville Encounter of Chris Bledsoe and his fishing buddies. I was wondering about any updates in his encounters. It's good to read there are still investigators on it.

~ Susan

Lucretia Heart said...

May 31st, not June-- right? Just want to make sure I'm following.

Mr.Owl said...

Maybe you shouldn't have asked for a sign out load, but rather, in your head. It sure has worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Most of those anomalies in the sky are pieces of ectoplasm which have broken off from physical mediums as it retracts into their solar plexus. See MU!!'s new book "Ectoplasmic UFO's; The Proof"

Darryl Forests

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Lucretia,

Yes, May 31st...

I just corrected the text. Thanks.

Mike C

forests said...

I am a theistic evolutionist. I am not a Christian or religious, and am agnostic on the identity of God/s. I tend to learn towards pantheism/panentheism though. I reject the idea of a personal, anthropomorphic deity unless they arrive on a UFO.

I am convinced by sceince that these non-personal, non-anthropomorphic deity of from the sky interfere in evolution.

Mike,I am in the process at the moment of compiling an actual list of points about UFO-theistic evolution (know, I am not yet ready to), once I have completed it, I will paste it here.

Darryl Forests

Anonymous said...

"Sceince", Darryl?

Aliens who intervene in evolution, Darryl?

Ok, proof?



Jon Donnis

P.S. I am a gay psychic medium and I have NEVER had contact with aliens.

If they exist, I would know.