Friday, May 24, 2013

a lone owl and 1974

Danish Blue Plate and resonant weirdness

I sat with my mother yesterday. It was the first time I had seen her in almost a full year. This morning I found this Danish Blue Plate in my sister's home.

My mother was born in Denmark near Copenhagen 81 years ago. She collected these plates and they decorated our home in my youth. They are heavy porcelain and created each year by the Royal Copenhagen company in Denmark. This Christmas plate is titled Winter Twilight.

The image on this plate includes an owl, a full moon (matching tonight's super-moon and eclipse), the Star of David, pine cones (where we get the term Pineal Gland), my ancestry, my mother and 1974. For obviously persona reasons, the year 1974 comes up over and over in my self indulgent research.

Also, I did a psychic session with Anya Briggs in 2009 where she spoke about my mother and her previous lives and how it was intertwined with the blue and white porcelain pottery from Delft Holland. I realized at the time this was eerily similar to my Mother's obsession with the Danish blue and white plates. And, I had dinner last night with family who have been living in Holland.


Mike Clelland! said...

Yesterday, whe I was visiting my mother, I saw a mourning dove within a few yards of where I saw one last year (almost to the day) at my father's funeral.

Joao Sousa said...

"For obviously persona reasons, the year 1974 comes up over and over in my self indulgent research. " You're not the only one indulging in your research. ;)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Interesting sync for me here too,as my mother's side of the family were Danish Jews that left Denmark for Australia in my great grandmother's generation.
Mum told me my great grandmother only ever spoke Danish and couldn't speak hardly any English at all.
And I had Dutch neighbours growing up and remember being fascinated by their kitchen that was full of plates like these on the wall of their home and in their cupboards.
I don't remember if there were owls on them though.
Brings back found childhood memories seeing a blue china plate like this one.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That should be fond memories in my comment above,not found :-)

Trish said...

Interesting plate and synchros! This kind of stuff crops up anywhere.

Hamanda said...

Hey, Mike-
This is just a note to thank you, globally, for your blog and podcasts. I have no UFO/abduction experiences of my own, but I’ve been interested in “out there” subjects since at least my college days (and I’m 60 years old now). I’d paid little attention to UFOlogy since the 1970s, until your blog caught my attention (via a circuitous route that began with Radiolab podcasts, where I heard Steve Volk and subsequently read his book Fringeology, checked out his website and was directed to his interview on Skeptiko, downloaded other Skeptiko podcasts that sounded interesting - including yours - and then checked out your blog). Once I arrived at your blog several months ago I made a point to read all of it from the beginning and just “caught up” yesterday.

Ta-da! Time to break out the chocolate!!

I appreciate your articulate and careful evaluation of events and people -- neither snarky nor credulous.

I’ve also loved reading (most) comments to the posts and following many of your links. (In particular, I’m intrigued by Lucretia’s accounts of her experiences in the Hocking Hills, since I live in central Ohio, only a short drive away. I can’t help but wonder where, exactly, she and her husband lived.)

The overarching theme I’ve taken from your writings and interviews is that our lives (and the universe we inhabit) are infinitely more complex and layered than we can possibly comprehend. Our brains are too small to understand what’s really going on, so we’re left with astonishing (and sometimes troubling) glimpses of a reality we’re unable to knit into a coherence. But although our brains may be incapable of perceiving everything that’s there, we dishonor our nature - and diminish ourselves - if we turn away from the attempt. That’s something the hard-core skeptics just don’t understand.

I look forward to tagging along with you as you continue the journey.

Charles Frith said...

Be good if you did your angle on these women.

Red Pill Junkie said...

And you yourself have blue eyes.

Did you get them from your mother?

Lucretia Heart said...


I've lived and had quite dramatic experiences in Lancaster, OH, as well as Logan, OH and the rural areas surrounding it in both the early 1990s and mid 2000s.

I'll be writing more about these experiences in upcoming posts in my blog, At Spiral's End.

Hamanda said...

Many thanks, Lucretia - My husband and I have driven/bicycled/hiked in that area over the years, so I'll be specially interested in your posts.

Mr.Owl said...

The Hocking Hills region of Ohio is filled with incredible natural beauty and natural wonders like Old Man's cave, Cantwell Cliffs and the Devil's Bathtub, to name just a few. Considered to be the foothills of the Appalachians, I don't find it too surprising that one would have mystical experiences in that area.

I've always considered Ohio to be a hotspot, but I'm afraid I'm biased, based on personal experiences and on the fact that I'm a native of the buckeye state. However, over time I've found through research and my personal interest that this consideration has been confirmed time and again. Lucretia, I've read your entire blog, and it had furthered my hunch about Ohio. Looking forward to more posts at Spirals End. Btw, especially loved the post about your first meeting with your future husband. It's almost like a fairy tale! Peace

Lucretia Heart said...

You're welcome Hamanda!

Mr. Owl-- I'll soon be adding more memory posts to At Spiral's End, I promise!

Meeting my husband in that 'set up' was very strange and fairytale-like for sure!