Thursday, March 7, 2013

popular posts and their implications

the number 123 from this weeks stat counter

Looking at the stats for this blog I can see that two posts on this site have been extremely popular. One is titled I Have Rh Negative Blood, the other is titled Tiny Dots in a Triangle on my Left Arm. It seems pretty obvious that people are searching out some of the signs and symptoms of the UFO abduction experience. From the comments it's obvious they are trying to find answers about themselves.

To me, this means that people (potentially a LOT of people) might be dealing with some confusing issues around their own life. The implications are challenging.


Meghan M said...

Also, they are both physical symptoms. What are some other top posts?

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Meghan:

If you scroll down (way down) and look at the right side-bar you'll find a listing of popular posts.

Weekly, monthly and all time.

Some are popular simply because they were linked elsewhere on the net and that generated a lot of hits.

Sarah said...

I found you last last year while searching the internet for information on a couple of my own strange experiences. I have always suspected many of your readers did the same. Thanks Mike.

Eva said...

Well I am RH- so I have read that post :-) and the other one too, about dots in a triangle.
Intresting with the numbers 123 too! Those numbers keep on following me :-)