Friday, March 8, 2013

owls at Java Love

 two of nine

I have been in Sedona Arizona for a few days staying on a friends couch. I have been catching up on work stuff using the internet at the closest coffee shop to her home. The place is called Java Love. So far I have counted 9 owl tchotchkes. And the first day I was in here one of the hippy baristas had an apron with 4 owls on it. Adding to the synchro-weirdness, I've been writing an essay on Owls and the UFO abductee while drinking coffee here at this little cafe.


and even more


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I was looking at the T-shirts they sell at their on-line store and couldn't help but notice the alien type imagery in their
Mountain Biking Kokopelli,Tan Skull Roses and White Skull Hibiscus t-shirt designs.
I know they are meant to be skulls,but they could almost double as aliens as well,especially the Mountain Biking Kokopelli.
Then again maybe I've been drinking way too much coffee .-)

tinyjunco said...

Fun! all the owls so far look like little screechy guys, steph

Trish said...

And then again, Daz, maybe it's not the coffee!

Anonymous said...

Definitely aliens.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Speaking of Owls,Richard Martini is giving a talk about his book
"Flipside" at "The Owls Lantern"

It's an interesting book,too.
Worth reading.
Could Aliens be involved in these so-called Afterlife experiences...or are they the real McCoy ?

Red Pill Junkie said...

Whoa! That website is sure trippeh! :P

So, how do you like Sedona so far, Mike?

Mr.Owl said...

I've been exposed to owl themed art since I was but a wee lad. I'm not sure why owls (other than the fact that they're awesome) were such a prominent theme in decoration in the house I grew up in. My aunt used to cross stitch owls and frame them. My mom explained that she was just really fond of them. I have since inherited several of her owls, along with some of mom's owl knick knacks, including a small crystal owl. When she gave them to me I just smiled and nodded knowingly. Now, how about the late 60's green, yellow, orange and brown owl wallpaper in the kitchen... Mike you should've snatched up those owls! Whenever I travel, if I see one, I give it a home. My favorite is a carved wood one from Canela,Brasil.

Anonymous said...

Coincidence or synchronicity, I don't know. But, last evening I was watching 'The Woman in Fifth' (Kristin Scott-Thomas & Ethan Hawkes) on Showtime. The movie was full of owls. Owls in the Paris park peering at the protaganist in the moonlight; stuffed toy owls and paper-mached owls in his daughter's room.

I couldn't help but think of this post, Mike. ;-)

~ Susan