Friday, December 28, 2012

UFOs on Thinking Allowed

These interviews are arranged, in descending order, 
by the awesomeness of each guest's haircut.

Michael Talbot - Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe
Jacques Vallee - Implications of UFO Phenomena

Terence McKenna - Hallucinogens and Culture

Neil Freer - Who Were the Gods? (6 minute excerpt) 
Recently, Neil Freer came forward
 with his personal UFO contact experiences.

John Mack - Human Encounters with Aliens (9 minute excerpt)

If anyone can find links to this full interview with Dr. Mack, please lemme know! This seems like an excellent format for a deep conversation.


tinyjunco said...

heehee, finding this on your blog at this moment (early saturday am) is a funny little synch for me! I've been cutting hubby's hair the last year+. I've found a couple of 'inspiration' haircuts on the web, one of which is Michael Talbot.

A few days ago hubby informed me that we need more attention paid to the transition between the sides and top.....i wanted to take a closer look at Mr. Talbot's 'do to refresh my memory, but of course i hadn't bookmarked his interview on your site, plus i'm on a new machine.

i'd decided today would be the day where i knuckled down and found that interview, one more thing i'd rather avoid - so Thank You Mike for saving me the hassle :)

Happy Almost 2013 All! steph

Bright Garlick said...

Great post Mike. Jeff's tuff was always top quality and his interviews always fascinating and well done !!!

Thanks for posting.


PS. Have a wonderful transition into the new year !!!

Kymimom said...

Mike, You can probably get the full interview with John E.Mack here:

Unknown said...

Mike those haircuts almost make me want to get one - especially seeing my Mcfugly mug on your site ! I'll be bald soon enough but maybe a John Mack hair cut might add an air of distinction till then !

Thanks for renewing my interest in Jeffrey Mishloves interviews !!! Talking of which are you familiar with his work on PK Man and his UFOabilities ???

Trish said...

Three of these 4 I've heard of. They're the greats. Karla Turner should be added and, of course, Budd. Interesting and informative post.