Sunday, December 30, 2012

an alien encounter told by Bright Garlick

Hi, I'm Bright Garlick and I'd like to tell you about an alien encounter that I had on January 19th, 2011. . .
These are the opening words
to a series of fascinating youtube videos.

I have been meaning to watch these for several months now, but I was a little bit intimidated by the length of time required for this undertaking. These videos total up to two hours and 22 minutes. The reward of watching is that you get to hear BG's calm and insightful re-telling of what happened to him that day.

I watched them all this morning, and I am absolutely thunderstruck by the thoughtful voice of this man.

Similar to other encounters, there seems to be an odd warping how time is perceived, and it makes for a rather haunting and mystical narrative. Listening to his words, I sense that reality itself is malleable and fluid in ways that might be impossible for us to fully comprehend, but he describes these sensations beautifully. All this time seems essential as a way to attempt to describe what he felt and what he experienced in the presence of these non-human intelligence's.

The beings he encountered projected a kind of unconditional love, and he tries to articulate the complexities and the implications of how that felt - and what it might mean. Watching these videos is an extremely touching and sensitive experience.


Here's Bright Garlick's personal blog, and here's his youtube page.


Trish said...

2 hours 22 minutes? 2:22? Very interesting, Mike.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Some interesting ideas thrown around, like feeling sick as a natural reaction to being in the presence of aliens, and the claim that Reptilians don't really exist --something quite un-P.C. though I've considered the possibility that the Reptilians are nothing more than a modern myth (well, maybe not so modern).

Other ideas are even more controversial, like the claim that there are only benevolent aliens, which is part of Greer speel, are harder to digest :-/

But I really enjoyed Bright calm & soothing tone. I think he would make for a great interviewee ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope these beings Bright Garlick is in contact with and who've taken an interest in his recurring cancer, will heal him. There have been some anecdotes of aliens healing humans of cancer.

Bright's a very brave man to have sought this out, considering the, at times, overwhleming effects of the encounters on him (vomiting, some missing time ect.).

I do think he's wrong (and being 'reverse-judgemental') when he adamantely states, a few times, that there are no negative abductions. First we don't really know from A to Z what goes on in an abduction. Even Bright's positive interactions include him suddenly being taken on board a craft with periods of missing time, sickness and confusion.

~ Susan

Bright Garlick said...

Hi guys. Thanks Mike for giving me a voice at a time when I've been thinking about dissapearing after all the flack I've copped. And thanks Trish, RPJ and bownie for your considerate comments. Not sure RPJ what un PC means ?

A lot of people have tried to lynch me for my views on Reptilians and no malevolent space faring aliens (probably didn't clarify that in the video). I'm hated for it big time. I've had hate mail and a death threat. Will probably even have to move house very soon because my family is very uncomfortable because someone revealed private details after I refused to change my POV in conversations with them. I try to tell people hat early on I found my experiences very frightening, very hostile like I was a piece of meat. It changed over time as I consciously chose to see it differently and I "grew up". I still have unexpected visitations and health checks and samples taken and general weirdness that is very uncomfortable but I have learned to embrace it, rather than be frightened of it. I guess Buddhism has helped me to see everything with compassion - especially the last decade. It has also helped me to see beyond my own mental projections.

Every few months the journey continues with one or other race and I just have to go with the flow. I know why they come and I'm no longer afraid. I look forward to the visits. I try to have as many conscious, initiated contacts as I can but the unexpected still happens a lot to me and my family.

Brownie/Susan - the Teal'hia (who I used to call the Brownies) they did give me all I need to heal I'm just not very good at doing what's good for me - like getting into debates on this whole subject !!! I'm conscious that they put certain people and events in this life and other lives into place to prepare me for cancer. It's the only thing that would have helped me to wake up as quick as I have. Without it I was heading down quickly. So I see it as a gift and a teacher - not from them but the universe. It's just part of my path.

Guys my opinion about abductions is this simple. Yes people are seemingly taken against their will and it is frightening but who are we to say it's negative or hostile. Maybe it is a negative experience from our perspective but that doesn't mean it is intended to be. They may in fact be doing something for our long term benefit - for this life or future lives. We cannot see with the eyes of god. Given the opportunity it is possible for people to change their opinions about their own ET experiences over time. We all grow at different speeds. I also feel that we are too attached to the body. We need to let go of that and know our true nature. Because I have largely done this, my body is their body - they may do what they wish.

I wish that we humans would look at how we treat plants and animals before we judge aliens so harshly.

Anyway I didn't respond to create any arguments - I have had enough of that. I just want to encourage people to consider that maybe we are projecting too much of our fears/aggression onto our ET friends and changing how they really are.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to watch my videos. I might be taking them down soon, so thank you.

May you all have a wonderful 2013 !


tinyjunco said...

". I might be taking them down soon, so thank you. " oh, F@Ck, No!!!!

Hi BG! don't know that i will come across all that well, but i wanted to chime in. First, your interactions with these beings has some very striking similarities/resonances with being i first encounteres during an NDE 30+ years ago (medical procedure went awry and i almost died of a lydocaine overdose, convulsing for 20 minutes).

your take on the fear resulting from an overattachment to our bodies/ego/world view i've found to be very true in many of my own encounters. At the 'start' of my NDE i found myself instantly out of my body in a largely formless void - no breathing, no DNA, no time, no chemicals., no personalities or objects. I cannot tell you the absolute terror, beyond imagining really, when everything (you think) is gone. These beings (the tibetan tatagathas) offered me the choice to 'let go' of all that, and somehow i had the sense to agree.....

they held me in the neutral space where one can experience everything without that fear. They gave me the type of 'downloads' you talk about - Rovert Monroe calls them 'ROTE's. all these decades on i can still go back into that information that they 'put' in me and dig into it anew. What a shocking way to know things - it took me YEARS to come to terms with just that.

Also, it's terrifying to be confronted with beings so much larger, intelligent, flat out different from us. Also to have your world view torn to shreds in an instant. All this and much more can cause just sheer terror.

The beings i've come to know have always been in my best interest - truthful and helpful to every extent i have been able to check for myself. However, that is just my own, limited experience.

There's a lot of bad actors on the astral plane from the human realm, that i know for sure, so i don't see why there couldn't be bad actors from other realms of beings. I've heard a number of accounts from people where it is difficult to see how the abductors could be motivated purely by helping the abductee. Of course humans are far from pristine in our interactions with other animals and other people - that doesn't excuse bad behavior from other realms. IMO.

BG i am very sad to hear about the bs you've caught for simply speaking your mind. It's just wrong, and i hope that you can find a way to keep your very valuable testimony available so sincere people can benefit from it.

And best wishes with your physical health! i understand that physical health is not the be all and end all of the point of being, but it sure feels better :)

Hi Brownie!!! my yahoo email got dead somehow :( i'll send you my new one or you can always leavee a message at my website, style related or not! please give 'The Big E' a bunch of hugs from me and possibly a snuck snack too ;)

Hi Mike! i had a fun synch - i was listening to BG's videos on my smart fone whilst walking my regular route. During video two, i started to hear two ladies come up the path talking rather loudly when BG says on the video, "oh, i hear some people walking down the path, i'll stop recording for a while..."

and yes, those were the only 'people' i saw during that walk! one other guy came up behind me on that walk, but he was a solitary jogger. Fun!

Happy Day All! steph

lhl said...

Here's an interesting talk by John Mack on reptilians.
It begins at 6:30.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I'm sorry for all the hurt you've received due to your opinions, Bright. That's so typical of the human condition :(

Mike Clelland! said...

I posted this because of Bright Garlic's tone and emotional tenderness. I found these videos quite moving.

Concerning the UFO stuff, I am very cautious trying to say what is true and what isn't. I don't quite see things the same way Bright Garlic does, but I don't see things the same way with anyone.

I do respect his passion for speaking his truth.

Mike C

tinyjunco said...

Hi Mike! I read the Sesh Hariri post when it was up (and also enjoyed the video). If i recall correctly, you stated that you try to present opinions and experiences from *all* parts of the spectrum of contact experience.

I for one greatly appreciate this about your site - because it is very rare, because it is true, and because it is the hardest thing for humans to grasp. We are not built to be holding two opposites at the same time about the same thing, yet my strong feeling is that this characteristic of the ufo experience (for want of a better term) is at the core of any hope of understanding. Any time we focus on one side or the other we miss half of what's going on - a clever way to hide, isn't it?

I had the same thought about your choice of videos from Jeff Mishlove, especially Vallee's description of ufos, talking about the absolutely insane amounts of energy they produce - similar to what's put out by a small nuclear power plant. Now THAT is a very physical object!! at the same time, ufo are surrounded by/seem to precipitate the most evanescent/spooky events: strong emotions, ghostly sightings, poltergeist events, nightmares and strange dream visitations.....

We need to keep ALL of these 'opposites' in our consciousness if we hope to come to grips with this. And Mike you are one of the very few who consistently manages this (along with Vallee and Mishlove).

Hang in there Mike, you're beautiful, steph

Bright Thingy said...

Hey Mike and Steph -

In 1991 I was very similar in attitude. I tried to be open about how I saw these experiences and others. I was very neutral and for a while I probably saw things more on the negative darker side but slowly I let go and learned to see my experiences in a much more benevolent light without polarities. But that took a lot of tough experiences to get there.

We're all on a different journey and that's an amazing thing !

Thanks RPJ - much appreciated ! May everyone continue there great work in 2013 !!!


Wary said...

I watched the 3 videos so far.

On the third video you can hear the sound of cars driving past; 2 times in the space of 1 minute. Looks like he is in an area very close to a highway. I am not finished watching the 3rd video but to me he seems to be in a state forest park. I have been to so many in my state, I gather he is also from my state. I noticed the carpark, very typical of carparks in forest parks. Also I noticed people visiting walking in the background in the bushy area. I heard their voices too. If the encounter did happen, with the space aliens and the spacecraft and all that, there should at least be a witness who has noticed the spacecraft. I can't believe that the entities he was talking about got to the carpark without a single person, aside from him, noticing them. Did he say in the first video that he live in the area and in the second video he stopped the video because he said his neighbours walked in to ask him something or something? As far as I know, in forest park no private individuals are allowed to live on it except the government employed state park officers or ranges. Is he a park ranger? He also said that he was at the carpark at 9.00. If AM, then surely someone must have noticed what he was up to but if PM, one will wonder why he was allowed to be there at that late. Forest parks closes for visitors at 4.30 in winter and 5.00 PM in summer.

To me his delivery is not convincing, as if he makes it up along the way. His story sounds too gross and contrived to be believed. Is he writing a book? Long hair, alien encounter, in the forest, new- agey feel good ideas, buddhist ideas spiced with Gaia movement like talk, these aspects make me suspicious of his experience. Was he miraculously cured in the process of encountering these aliens? Having said that I wish him well and hope for his speedy recovery.

Are we seeing a cross between carlos castaneda, timothy leary and aldous huxley here? He is writing a book, right?

I have talked to an insane person and that was my cousin and insane people can sometimes sound sane and

Don't you get me wrong. I believe that there is a supernatural world aside from our natural world, but his whole story does not sound so convincing to me for all the observations I cited above.

Bright Garlick said...

Hey Wary.

Your kind of reaction is one reason why I may well choose to disappear !

Your judgments are way off base and you know nothing at all about me.

Good luck in your assessments of people''s hair personality !

Mike Clelland! said...

Below is some of what I wrote in the opening text, where I introduced the video series.

I stand by what I wrote.

... The reward of watching is that you get to hear BG's calm and insightful re-telling of what happened to him that day

... I am absolutely thunderstruck by the thoughtful voice of this man

...The beings he encountered projected a kind of unconditional love, and he tries to articulate the complexities and the implications of how that felt - and what it might mean. Watching these videos is an extremely touching and sensitive experience.

Bright Thingy said...

Hey Mike - my long hair salutes you and your very kind heart.

In a world of what feels like ever increasing hostility (which is not an easy admission for someone who tries to see good), it makes all the world of difference to have the support of someone as kind, as considerate and as compassionate as you !

Hey Wary - what does a sane alien experiencer really sound and look like ? Obviously not like me !

Best wishes to ya Mike !

And Wary - you can suck my purple doodle with your all knowing persona !


Bright Garlick said...

Steph thank you very much for your considerate comments and for sharing your very personal experiences with your NDE.

I am not sure if you were referring to the Buddha himself "one who has thus gone" - something beyond transitory things or Buddhas gone before.I tried hard during and after to put what I experienced into a Buddhist context but I couldn't. I am not even sure I buy into a lot of the mystical aspects of Buddhism any more - if ever I did. But I certainly still see great truth and merit in the Buddhadharma.

Like you I found my reality breaking down - but that began with my first conscious encounters in '91. Each encounter pushes my understanding of reality. Now I am happy with that ever expanding view of I don't know. What I do know is always only temporary.

In the late 80's/early 90's I was fascinated by astral experiences. But I slowly came to believe that there is no such thing - just different states and stages (I like Ken Wilber's stuff here) of consciousness or awareness. The astral is just a projection.

I found big mind/small mind ideas useful for understanding this. I have no problem with other disincarnate beings and life after death etc but I don't follow many of the popularizes of astral teachings. I spoke with my own entity about this and was given a different understanding that helped me to see past that. I do see ignorance in all forms of sentience but I don't believe that any bad players are space faring because their are rules and actions to prevent that but there may be bad players who are disincarnate or bound to Earth.
I still believe that insight and compassion are the key to dealing with such apparent intrusions. Plenty of bad ghosts just needed a listening ear and love ! I think many of these other beings are the same.

A lot of what I have learned from someone who worked with ET's and from the ETs themselves has taught me that much of the so called hostilities and bad behaviours are coming from humans via lower arms of The Architecture and not the ETs themselves but there is a great deal of confusion and lack of awareness on this subject. People just don't know how widespread and invasive the human created alien abduction phenomenon is. Unfortunately the guys doing it are so able to screw with peoples heads that people can't tell the difference.

I recently had surgery for a Hernia repair and had a period of being awake during surgery and then being outside of my body but having no kind of astral body - just pure consciousness and sometimes when The Creator Races visit they take me somewhere where I experience something similar and it is remarkably similar to the NDE experience. So much so that I wonder what consciousness or the soul (a non Buddhist concept !) is ? I found on the one hand I was a separate form and yet everything at once. That's why those 2 races are so hard to be with - they have complete compassion that it destroys all sense of ego and self. It is literally like being in the presence of god and of God. I imagine it's easy for people to analyze that on the outside and say things like Wary said or "That's just a Lucian Grail Experience or an archetypal experience describing the transmogrification of the hero" and so on but to have the experience yourself - as you would know from your NDE, is beyond words and conceptions and so very difficult to fully understand. Mike is so right when he has previously said the encounters and all round weirdness are almost beyond description and understanding.

Through these experiences, the sense of self feels like a work in progress.

Mike as you have discussed - the encounter experience or whatever you call it - is a deeply spiritual experience and just when you think you've found your feet, the ground dissapears from under you. It is a never ending process that transforms the soul...

Oh, and Steph, that synchronicity you described at the end was just great !

Thanks for sharing your experince and your reflections.


Happy ja said...

Hi bright G. My name is Emil, I am a 25 year old dude and I have always felt I had a connection to E.Ts like they are my guardians. I have always been both fascinated by and frightened of them. When I was 6 I fell out of a massive silky oak tree backwards. I was so scared that I closed my eyes, but when I opened them I was holding onto the branch that saved my life.. or at least my legs. I have seen U.F.O's in the sky all my life, however living in Alice Springs it is quite normal. Another incident is a dream which Involved me standing in the driveway in the early hours of the morning watching this blue shimmering light that resembled a puddle of water. Now I realise this was too real to be a dream and Aboriginals have described the same light to me. I had a motorcycle accident In 2009 where I remember leaving my body and I have since fully recovered and I have been a "no crap" sort of person ever since. Not taking nor giving, when I used to just bottle everything up. In 2011 I curiously tried to see my aura and by the next day I was using negative magnetic energy to push one hand away from the other. Not knowing what this was, I then started to use this on people to do things like get to the front of lines at the pub, win debates. They would just start stuttering and be very intimidated when I would focus my palm before them, expelling energy from under the table. Feels like holding a balloon full of hot air. After trying to convince people of this at a party last year, I discovered what it was when I expelled all of my energy onto someone, a big guy, who was later crying and everyone else was scared of me. Then I realised that anger, guilt and general negativity was actually physical and what I had was the gift of ridding myself of it through the palms of my hands. I have also had lots of encounters with spirits, who no longer scare me. I hope it becomes the same with E.T. Getting back on the main subject, I have had one episode of missing time this year where I woke up on the couch out the front filled with joy and enlightenment. In the last month I have had 2 visions in semi- consciousness at bed time. 1 was of a bright pure white light coming towards me. So lovely to look at. Then I went "Whoa hold on! am I being abducted?!" So I sat up quickly. a week later I just saw a fade in/ fade out Image of like a bald, clean shaven persons face, but with huge black eyes. This did not scare me for some reason. Instead I was thankful. Then on the 20th of October, I was tipsy in the garden at midnight and I said "I am ready, reveal yourselves to me". Then I focussed my energy upwards into the stars and felt some energy beam going straight through the top of my head and the stars began to appear closer. Felt incredible. Then suddenly in my head I heard this bizarre squiggle language and I physically started to hear sharp clicking and clacking. I jumped up and said "I'm sorry, I am not ready". What do you make of this? Were they proving to me that I wasn't prepared for their appearance? I just wish I knew what they were saying.

Unknown said...

Hey Wary - an update response to your comment.

I live in a national park that around this time had a significant natural event that closed the park off - excluding all tourists. It has 170 people and fewer than a dozen live 1km away from the site.

You should do a little more homework before trying to debunk.

Debra Jayne East said...

Garlick. I enjoyed your videos.Many of your comments about your contact ring very true.I hope you do not take these videos down. They are for those of us that believe and want to know the truth.Thank you and many blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us which National Park that the Encounter took place?. When i was in primary school i did tell some class mates about a time when i saw some strange objects in the sky.
I was told to shut up! everyone around me turned hostile, that's why i have never told any one!. Bright you are a Brave man for telling your story hope your health gets better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bright
Just wanted to confirm from own experiences and from certain details in your encounter description, that I believe your report is true!
What is so special about your encounter is that you made the effort and took time to upload a detailed description with emphasis on the "heart" & "spirit" element of the highly inspirational event.
There are so many other "lonely experience-rs" out there for whom your video will be heaven sent. So
keep them on the server!!
For those other "lonely ET experience-rs" I highly recommend checking out an privately collected UFO & Et encounter data base by Albert Rosales from Mexico "" "Hummanoid Sightings Report".
However beware! Dont be put off by the "weird" and some doubtful reports-drug abuse related, which Albert has included in his collection. The bulk are real events, which confirm a worldwide phenomena and although each event mentioned is very factual and quiet short is will give the searcher a very good picture whats really happening.
Bright ! i believe that the cancer with a potential terminal outlook was a necessary catalyst for you to overcome your fear of potential consequences from launching your videos. It has served its purpose now as you did launch those videos indeed. So you do not need the cancer anymore and it can go!Just be healthy.
Also I would not worry about having to move, because certain people will only harass you if you got consciously available valuable
"technical" information exploitable for "military-industrial complex" activities, which i highly doubt in your case.
Regarding the " Propaganda of Bad Aliens", that is already collapsing. The reason why ET make the enormous effort of creating " individual & personally experienced events" is to counteract agency organized " truth distortion" programs and it is working very well indeed!
Thanks again for detailed elaboration of your beautiful encounter! With many blessings K.P.

Anonymous said...

Statistically most direct ET encounters take place in low population density areas around the world. So some of best encounters can be found in countryside, Russia
South America & China.
Australia has one of the lowest population density in the world.
Any body living 30k's away from one of the furthest suburbs around one of our mega-cities is in the "Bush". The Bush is a safe environment for Et's to do contact, and provided as stated by Bright in his Vidoe , and only then if you are ready yourself as well!

Bright Garlick said...

Thanks KP and Happy Ja and Debra and Anonymous for all your kind comments and for Mike for posting the videos.

I will keep them up and am currently also uploading audio versions to Internet Archive (look up my name).

I'm sorry KP I can't reveal where I live, to protect my privacy here and out i the world. It is a well known location.

I did end up moving after being harassed but moved back again, despite actual surveilence of my home and that particular contact site. I can't be bothered any more about what people say or threaten. Thanks for the encouragement.

I have a new blog here :, which is moving towards a website aimed at teaching people how to make contact. It's a slow work in progress.

I've had quite a number of encounters since that event and I hope to post a little about some of them when I eventually find the time !

May you all be well !

Thanks again Mike !

Bright. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bright Garlick, I have been looking at your videos for a while, and feel I want and need to tell you that they are very good, and I can tell you are very connected to the source (love), so stay true, to You. Filter away the minds of those who are for destruction, by seeing them for what they are, forgive them for their ignorance, and move your thoughts away from them. As you know, you are a of the source, and that is all you need.

much love

Mikkel Grum Bovin said...

Hi - im completely and utterly convinced that bright tells the truth - the 2Felling sick2 in close proximity to the "Small Guy´s" is COMPLETELY consistent with what the experiencers - Jim Sparks - Dr Reed - Simon Parks - Trawis Walton -Dan Burich - and a host of Abductees reports - nearly verbatum - b. c o m UT not 1 and these peopke has gained NOTHING but trouble , by talking openly about there expeiences 1 i salute you bright - and hope you are well, and i send you love and hope , and good vibes from Copenhagenn -
Best Regards
Mikkel Grum Bovin @ g m a l

Piotr Ilczyszyn said...

Hey guys here's my 2 stories... I hope that someone can make sense of them. I'm not making any of this up and I hope that someone is able to shed some light on it or throw in their 2 cents.

Story 1:

It was 2008, I was at my friends house relaxing and having only a couple of beers. After about 12am we went to sleep and I crashed in his room and he took the couch. At some point in the night I was suddenly awoken by the strangest feeling. Much like when your phone vibrates, my entire body, mainly from my chest felt like that, so intensely that it woke me up. I looked to my right and beside my bed was a child like figure in a blue-ish colour, beside my bed. I asked it directly "who are you?" and there was no verbal response, rather in my head, in my own voice I got a reply/message of "don't worry, go back to sleep." Not wanting to anger this being or whatever it was, I played by his rules and tried to ignore it, but I was beyond that because I was alarmed at the situation. I then noticed two things, one being that even if I close my eyes, I could still "see" the being in my room ad secondly, that vibrating feeling happened whenever it made a step around the room. My friend also had a dog which was 14 years old, blind, deaf and stupid as all hell. It started barking and playing with this child like being for nearly 15 minutes. After some time the thing left and I remained awake for several hours, astonished at what just happened. I thought I'd seen a ghost, or something and I did not even believe my own story as I told it to my friend in the morning, it sounded like lies coming from my mouth. So that's my first story.

Story 2:

It was 2011, I was soaking up Rays in my backyard and listening to music. I started thinking about how a friend of mine was talking about inducing an outer body experience by meditation an I decided to give it a shot. I relaxed, rid my mind of all thoughts down to just focusing on my breathing. This took a good hour and a bit (felt like) and eventually I tuned out the breathing focus as well. When this happened, I forced my mind out of my body and began to float above myself, clear as anything. Lying on my front, I could see some spots on my back that I'd never seen before, I saw my glass of water next to my head and my iPhone. Also there was this rainbow coloured "rope" coming from my centre and attached to the middle of my back. I began rising into the clouds, and I noticed that the clouds were not clouds at all, but millions of souls, all moving around and everywhere around me. I proceeded to rise higher through various beautiful "levels" and finally arrived at the "top" or highest point reachable. At this point I was now face up on my back as if I were lying on an operating table. I saw four tall white figures standing over me, looking down at me. They looked like your typical alien sort of being except thinner and much taller. One of them held a white cube, and placed it on my chest, then instantly I was transported straight back into my body where I came to and again was in disbelief at what I'd seen. After that, I fell into a great and lasting depression, and that's the end of my story.

If anyone can explain or share some knowledge or similar experiences with me that would be amazing! Thanks for reading. Looking forward to any responses.


Lexus Steiner said...

Bright... Your experience touched my heart!! I took an online test to see if I'd been abducted.. And well according to this test there's a 90% chance I have been.. (Several times) I have dreamt of beautiful beings.. One in particular befriended me at the age of 16.. I have not seen her again.. She took me to the most beautiful place.. I didn't want to leave!! Sorry I have so much I would like to say and ask.. I wrote you a reply that didn't paste..ugh but you are amazing stay true to who you are because you seem wonderful!! All that matters is what the guy in the mirror knows and has witnessed!! If you would like email me.. cheers.. And God bless you!!
~ Lexus Steiner

Lexus Steiner said...

Bright... Your experience touched my heart!! I took an online test to see if I'd been abducted.. And well according to this test there's a 90% chance I have been.. (Several times) I have dreamt of beautiful beings.. One in particular befriended me at the age of 16.. I have not seen her again.. She took me to the most beautiful place.. I didn't want to leave!! Sorry I have so much I would like to say and ask.. I wrote you a reply that didn't paste..ugh but you are amazing stay true to who you are because you seem wonderful!! All that matters is what the guy in the mirror knows and has witnessed!! If you would like email me.. cheers.. And God bless you!!
~ Lexus Steiner

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing that was beautiful...I could feel it in my soul Karen