Monday, October 29, 2012

blog statistics

Alone the right side-bar there is an gadget the shows the most popular posts of all time on this blog. I dug around this morning trying to makes some sense out of my stats.

On top of the list is an interview with Andy Colvin from 2010. According to the numbers, this is far and away the most popular thing I've ever done on this site. I'm not sure why, my only guess is that Andy has a big following. It's a pretty good interview, but I'm at a loss to know why it has so many hits. One thought is that it was linked to some other very popular site, and that influenced the traffic.

Number two is a post titled Tiny Dots on my Left Arm. I know exactly why this gets a lot of hits, it's because people are searching out exactly this information on-line. There is a way to check the search keywords folks are using on Google (or other engines). There is always some variation of this:

three dots + left + arm + unknown + scar + triangle + marks

I feel strongly that there are people all over the world that are using the internet to research their own odd scars. This implies that there are a lot of people with weird triangle marks on their body and they don't know how they got them. Looking at these numbers (and the long list of comments) I am forced to conclude that this is a very important clue in the overall mystery. I did a follow-up post on the unsettling fact that people are searching out this info about themselves.

Third on the list is a post that I'm really proud of, The Evolutionary Triad. This was strange one to write, things were emerging from the ether in a way that left me baffled. Nick Redfern left a comment that pretty much matches my experience when writing it:
Mike, this is a crazily, insanely, fascinating post - and I do mean that as a complement! Mind-screwing!!!
I also checked the hits on hosting site for the audio files. Looking at had a grand total for all downloads, I was shocked to see the number 2,259,016. This amazed me! The host site keeps numbers for each MP3 audio interview that gets down-loaded, and I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of these were from iTunes.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"On top of the list is an interview with Andy Colvin from 2010. According to the numbers, this is far and away the most popular thing I've ever done on this site. I'm not sure why..."

Have you read his books?
If not,you don't know what you're missing.
I love 'em.The only one I haven't read yet is his third one,but I do have a copy and will be reading it soon.
Colvin,like you,is into some very weird,but important s#!+,in my opinion.

Mike Clelland! said...

I haven't read his books. Alas - they are so HUGE they intimidate me...

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

They are worth the effort though...but you're right...the size can be intimidating.
At least your post here has reminded me of the third book of Andy's that I have tucked away in my bookcase.
So,I'll take that as a sign to blow the dust off it and get stuck into it.
Thanks Mike.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Bit of a sync here.
Loren Coleman's latest post has a Mothman reference -

" Name Game:
Hurricane Sandy,
Point Pleasant,and Mothman "

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I also find your new header interesting in relation to the Mothman/Thunderbird legends.

Storms are said to generate so much power as to create an
inter-dimensional portal of some kind which usually is when these creatures are spotted,hence the name Thunderbirds.

Here is a post from Andy's blog which sheds a bit of light on that subject -

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Personally,I liked your new Header,I come back and it's been replaced.
I thought it was very cinematic looking and very cool. :-(

Mike Clelland! said...

I'll put the western movie image back up soon enough - I'll be mixing it up a little bit...

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Mike,I'm reading Richard Martini's book "Flipside" at the moment and I think you would love this book especially Chapter 18
"Over The Rainbow" where one guy is taken back to his birth and discovers that he is a "walk-in" who is frequently being abducted by aliens so they can work on his DNA,because in the next seven years there is going to be some shift in our DNA according to what the aliens told him.
Sounds a bit weird,although gut-wise it doesn't seem too weird at all to me.
Buy the book and if you don't find it interesting I'll personally reimburse your purchase.
I got the Kindle version and downloaded the free Kindle ap so I could read it on my computer.

Grant Cameron mentioned this hypnosis technique of Newton's in his audio conversation with you.
This is something worth checking out,in my opinion.
An interesting read,for sure.

Lucretia Heart said...

I'm not surprised that your post The Evolutionary Triad proved so popular. Lots of material to work with on that one!

I remember the abductee groups in the 90s used to talk about the idea that the whole purpose behind the abductions being about moving humanity into our next form (with the idea of Neanderthals as being the last one) as a part of a series of such evolutionary interventions since the pre-chimp days.

Given my experiences, this is more than mere speculation for me. And there is no doubt that the aliens have themselves said that propelling our evolution (so more "creation" actually...) is what they're up to here.