Thursday, June 28, 2012

something up there responds

my backyard

Just a few nights ago I was camping in the Tetons with my girlfriend Erika. It was a beautiful clear night and we simply slept out under the stars. We were at about 9,500 feet above sea level and it made for some amazing sky watching.

We were in our sleeping bags looking up into the sky, we saw a handful of satellites cruising along at a steady speed across the sky. We got to see a few impressively bright shooting stars too. As I was close to drifting off, we saw one little dot in the sky, it seemed like nothing more than the satellites we'd been watching.

As a sort of joke (with a new-age schmaltzy tone) I spoke to the little dot in the sky: "I love you!"

At that point, it sort of pulsed a little bit brighter.

Erika and I both saw it, and I did it again, this time with an even more cloying voice: "I love you my little UFO!" ( * )

It happened again, just like before, there was an instantaneous response.

It happened about six time total. One of the glowing responses was impressively bright. I asked Erika about it the next day, sort of like, "Did that really happen?"

She confirmed, that yes indeed it happened. She said that one bright pulse was really weird, she had never seen anything like that in her life. I agreed.

Before posting this I called Kim Carlsberg, who runs a curious skywatching service called Sedona UFO Sky Tours. She takes clients out skywatching with military grade night-vision goggles. I explained about what had happened in the sky while camping, and she replied, "This happens ALL THE TIME. We se these lights pulse in response to lasers and when we ask them to, we are communicating.'

I said, "Wait, what do you mean communicating?"

She said, "They'll respond directly to our requests, we'll ask them to light up, and they do. We are communicating."

And that was pretty much what happened with me and Erika under the stars just a few days ago.

( * ) Yes, I really said, "I love you my little UFO." I said it in a childish sing-song voice, just like the My Little Pony commercials that I worked on back in my days in advertising. (example HERE)

I had seen this video (above) some months ago, and when I said "I love you" I was mimicking the people you hear in the audio. I am quick to poke fun at the new-age crowd, but this time the joke was on me. This is very accurate to what Erika and I experienced the other night!

Thank you Marilyn Brannon for sending me this video!

Please note:
The very first comment came from an experiencer named Bright Garlick, and his time stamp was 12:34 AM. That means PAY ATTENTION!


Bright Garlick said...

I'm glad you had the experience Mike. If you can spend time out there and still your mind, it is not difficult to connect with our friends and feel their presence in many different ways. You can ask them to telepathically respond in different ways to. Lasers are not necessary.

These lights you saw, I call them blinkers. I see them a couple of times a week in summer and less often in winter. You may also see strobes - long lights, burners - which flare up for long periods of time, ziggers which change direction and a range of other lights - some at very close proximitry - including the bright flashes right next to you. Some are obviously craft, others probes and god knows what the rest are - maybe even sentiences of their own !

Keep you heart and mind open and these experiences will lead you - maybe even away from your agnosticism towards recognizing benevolence.

Happy trails Mike, Bright.

Red Pill Junkie said...

What color was it?

After the response, how did it leave?

Did you dream that night?

Red Pill Junkie said...

>"Yes, I really said, "I love you my little UFO." I said it in a childish sing-song voice, just like the My Little Pony commercials that I worked on back in my days in advertising."

ZOMG! Mike, you're a Vintage Brony! :P

Brian Short said...

I've seen much the same thing at ECETI Ranch here in Washington. Basically, they harass the little floaty dots with lasers until they flash back, saying things like, "Power up!" and, yes, "We love you!" It's kind of weird, goofy fun.

The time that I was there, when it was my turn with the field glasses, I couldn't seem to find anything up there, no matter where I looked. One of the residents at the ranch suggested I just stare into one area and wait, so I tried that. After a time, as nothing happened, I began to get that dejected, left out feeling, like a little kid at recess who nobody wants to play with. Just then, something flashed brightly, right in the spot where I was looking, and was gone again in an instant. Nobody else seemed to notice it.

Mike Clelland! said...

I posted the video I was trying to find the other night when I originally posted this essay.

I took down the laser pointing video.

The new one features people saying "I LOVE YOU" in the audio. What you see in the video is VERY accurate to what Erika and I saw the other night.

Mike Clelland! said...

Also - Bright Garlik posted at 12:34 AM.

(see above)

Red Pill Junkie said...

The blinking's cool & all, but the straight trajectory is disappointing —if they stopped and changed direction that would be more compelling.

Charis Brown Malloy said...

This reminds me of the flashing green lights outside my house before I asked for a note and found one the following day. I would ask yes/no questions. For no, there would be no light flash. For yes, the flash would come on, either slowly or gently, or urgently. It was really amazing. What a rush when that happens :)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

This seems to tie into Chis Knowels'
"Wizards, Workings and Walk-Ins: The Ultimate Lifeform"

It seems that a lot of sync bloggers are bringing up similar posts.

" DMT and Talking to Aliens? "

" Great Gig in the Sky Part 5: Divine Vessels "


James said...

A little research on the subject does lend to a good possibility of various kinds of satellites.

You can check this website with your location and the date to see if any were present in that area:

A look at this thread may yield some insight, as well as other discussions and sites out there:

Also as one commentator on that youtube video points out, if the flashes occur on a regular, timed interval, then it is likely a satellite. So if you're talking to it, then you'd want to realize if you are asking questions at a regular or random interval.

Anyway, not trying to say you saw a satellite, just always good to weigh and balance available information

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to James:

I don't know what we saw. But yes - It certainly could have been a satellite. I don't discount that.

The repetitive "flash" effect could have been nothing more than just the sunlight hitting some surface of the satellite as it rotates. THe sun wasn't too far over the western horizon so this makes some sense.

B U T - - -

The flash was SO distinct and aligned with my playful exclamations of: "I LOVE YOU!" that it defied simple coincidence.

I have no answer, but SOMETHING positively weird happened in connection with my voice and that thing flashing. No exaggeration!

Bright Garlick said...

Hey Mike - din't get the time stamp thing for a while - did you mean 1234 - was that a synchronicity for you - me stupido sometimes !

Glad so many folks responded well to this post !

Happy interacting !!!

PS. thanks to your great conversation - I was fortunate enough to have 2 great conversations with Preston Dennett - which I hope to have posted later in the week.

Be well Mike !

Oplan said...

Back in 2007, june or july 22,James Gilliland was on coast to coast.Can't remember if it was Art Bell or george Noory,but he said something like - "I am told these ufos want to communicate with us".No sooner had James started to respond,when someone in the background shouted out that a UFO had appeared.I was listening to a downloaded podcast of that interview a week later.I was wondering to myself if it had merely been a publicity stunt.My tv was on,its ariel is not attatched to a wall,simply slung up onto the flat roof of my appartment.I get interference when birds are squabbling and use it as the high ground in their little fights..only - its 4.00 in the moring,and I can't hear any birds at all,anywhere.I get up and go into the back yard.In a normal voice I say "ok you got me out here,what do you want?"A small bright light appears, and steadily traverses the sky.I immediately pidgeon hole it in my mind."satellite" i think,and turn to look elsewhere.The thought barely enters my head when the thing starts getting brighter then dimmer..hmmmm..maybe its one of those iridium satellites..they flash,don't they,yeh must be an iridium dealy..I get the feeling its actually corkscrewing,the brightness is caused by it coming much closer to earth then rising up again.
I watch it till it goes out of view on the opposite side of the sky.As it fades from view,something catches my attention in the corner of my eye.I turn to my left and see this pinkey-orange fuzzball do a huge loop de loop in the sky and just take off like a bullet out over the the speed of a rock from a catapult.I can't believe what I've just seen - there might have been 3 lights in a triangle shape with 2 at the 'bottom'and one above them so that the 2 bottom ones were a longer distance apart than the top one if that makes sense,but I'm not too sure about that detail - the loop and departure was extremely fast..I want to say there was an electric crackling like power lines in a heavy mist,but I'm not too certain if thats a detail I've added myself.
So I'm stood there mouth agape.A few seconds later,another 'satellite' approaches from the same area of sky the fuzzball shot off to.I watch it traverse the sky in a straight line over my head,and say to myself;'I'll watch it till it goes behind my neighbours wall then I'll go indoors.Again,no sooner had I made that mental decision,the light changed direction and veered off by about 15-20 degrees so that my neighbours wall would no longer obsucre its passage from me..I just was so funny..I waved to it and said out loud..'see you later - thanks for the show'.