Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dan Mitchell is back

The blogger formerly known for LUMINOSITY is now writing on a new site, titled Transmissions from the Imaginal.

In the inaugural post, Dan states:
Writing is cathartic and having spent many years creating and destroying blogs, I have found that with each destruction and creation a more crisp view of truth and reality presents itself.
With that being said this blog will function as a presentation of a clearer and more numinous view.


Anonymous said...

Yes Mike! I caught up on Dan's new posts on his new blog yesterday. I was pleased to see him back. I wish that any blogger (not just Dan) who feels like stepping away or gets sick of blogging, just post something to that effect--indicate that you may or may not be back, but don't finalize anything (because our feelings and attitudes can change and as Dan noted, writing is cathartic).

I also look forward to reading the blogger who'll be taking over the original Luminosity.

~ Susan

Lucretia Heart said...

I can not keep up with this guy! 8^o