Tuesday, May 1, 2012

LUMINOSITY comes to an end

We are due for the 2012 super-moon on saturday night

Dan Mitchell of LUMINOSITY is no longer blogging. Here is an excerpt from his final post:
I am leaving the paranormal/high strangeness field forever. While the history of this blog has been laced with various leaves of absence and returns, this will no longer be the case. This post is for the sake of progeny. I strongly suspect that present events are leading up to a "critical mass" that is now inevitable.

I owe the long time readers of this blog an explanation and I sincerely hope this post will be enough. I will begin by saying that on some level I suspect that during the writing of some of these posts that I had been inwardly compromised. Having gone over some of my older posts when everything began to come together last month, I was catching periodic errors and mis-judgments that were frankly not becoming of me or anyone else for that matter. Hence the need to ultimately take down all of my posts permanently out of fear of compromising others with ideas that may have not come directly from me as it were.
On one level, this is a loss to me personally, because I found his ideas so intriguing. His writing was so different than anyone else I've ever encountered. My own ideas on what may be behind this elusive phenomenon were greatly expanded because of his introspective essays.

On another level, he was treading in dark waters. He was articulating malevolent ideas, brutal thoughts of a hostile nature. There were times I truly worried for his sanity.

He shared some experiences that fit cleanly into the UFO abduction lore, and I know he recognized that but he saw something much more sinister at play. He recounted some stories that were so terrifying and strange that it left me at a loss to even comprehend the source of what might have been happening.

I have a very intuitive friend, Anya Briggs, and she thought that some of his darker postings might have even contained an kind of alchemical incantation burred within the text. She saw the potential for nefarious magic within these posts.

Dan implies that his writings "had been inwardly compromised." What does that mean? Was he being compelled to write certain things from a source beyond himself? If so, I understand why he is ending this on-line presence.

I feel I can address this from my own experience.

On March 22nd, 2011 I read a post on LUMINOSITY in the morning. The events shared in that post absolutely amazed me. As I was reading, I felt totally compelled to record it as an audio essay. So I did.
One-click download HERE.
27 minutes long

I need to try to describe this feeling of being compelled. As I read it that morning, my first thought was that this would make for a dramatic audio essay, and that thought soon morphed into a desperate compulsion.

It was incredibly difficult to read those words, I stammered and fumbled when I tried to record it, and I needed to edit extensively to remove my shaky muttering. I wanted to walk away and do it later when I was less emotional, but I couldn't. I needed to push through and post it immediately.

When it was up and posted, I sent Dan an email where I wrote: "Why was i so weirdly obsessed with recording this thing???"

The essay is titled Approaching the Post Human Self, and it describes his first-person experiences with some higher intelligence. The event took place on the night of the 2011super-moon. I'll add that we are due for the super-moon of 2012 just five nights from now.

Below is Dan's email, where he gave me permission to read, record and post the essay.
Hi Mike,
I have to tell you that my previous post was incredibly difficult to write for many reasons. There is so much more to the experience than I have realized and even the present answer that I have (if it is an answer at all) is really only one minuscule aspect of the thing. My guess at this point is that the encounter experience as a whole is indeed transformative, but it caters to us individually for a reason. I have so much more to expound on this whole thing without putting forth a system or solid teaching. It seems to be the most personal thing in the world.
Please feel free to do the audio. Keep me posted.
Kind Regards,


Laurence said...


He helped me in so many ways. His writing was conscise, deliberate and deeply profound. I told him of some of the experiences i had after reading his posts. He gave me direction.

When replying to his writing, You did your best when posting, however the weird anomalies to posting to his site made it at times an exercise in futility.

Peace to his and his family. Another brilliant writer that through your blog i was introduced to, is now gone.

Be well


Christopher Myers said...

Sounds like he touched his own "darkness" so to speak. I was never the same after this happened to me. I did give up fackbook and deleted my blog/blogs and re did them so many times as this is my only way to vent about the paranormal events in my life.

Therapy is ok for my everyday life, but they can never help me make closure the way a simple post can, even if it reaches no one for a response. It can be "scary" getting into some of these subjects as you may know, but if all my experence has taught me anything, like being a "no show" at the sync con, it's you can't make everyone happy and sometimes this includes yourself.

Just hope this makes him happy in some way, thats all that really matters IMO.

Meghan M said...

Man. This is so upsetting. I'm really bummed about him ending his blog. I don't see the harm in sharing thoughts and experiences; I do see the harm in shutting oneself up in fear of harming others... I hope this doesn't mean he is retreating into isolation... Then again, I don't know his whole story and so I have no room to make judgements. I just know that the content in his blog was incredibly moving and powerful and incited me to think in new ways. Again, not sure I understand why the blog needed to be deleted, but I guess I don't need to understand why.

Anonymous said...

Dan's writings fascinated me. His persona was unique--the combination of family man holding a "regular job" of some vaguely industrial sort, while also the fearless explorer of his inner life and its terrifying intersection with the unknowns of reality and death. I admired his bravery immensely. He seems to have had an epiphany upon being confronted with the mysteries of 9/11. Before this, he was unconcerned with politics and the daily grind of awful news, except as it reflected the general spiritual demise of humanity. Therefore it did not seem odd that he had never commented on the parapolitical and ritual nature of 9/11--it was just outside his sphere of concern. It can be a world-shattering experience to accept and feel in your bones the essential weirdness and inexplicable nature of 9/11, once you can no longer swallow the official narrative. To see this happening to Dan and its effect on him is disturbing, and one of the strangest and most affecting things I've ever observed on the internet. I think he is a sincere, well-meaning person, a true mystical seeker, and I hope he has support to help him get through this experience and to integrate it into his thinking. I wish him well and thank him for his blog.

Jen said...

I guess I have to disagree (respectfully) with Meghan. I have always respected and appreciated Dan's unique perspective on things, despite the fact that I don't always agree with him. I have considered him a friend and any time I have ever had any questions he has always replied to me in a kind and considerate way. I do feel that his posts on LUMINOSITY did not reflect the person that he is truly as many times he came across as extremely brutal, where that never came across in one-on-one communication. Ever.

I do have to say that I feel (personally) that tuning into what he was writing did at one time lead to manifestations in my own life experiences... It seems strange, but it happened. If you tune into something sometimes it can follow you home... to over simplify.

I think he was correct in the things that he wrote in his last post and I think that the best thing people can do at this juncture is to avoid situations with the paranormal and/or occult that could possibly compromise you. Humans are possible of manifestations that they are unaware of, and not necessarily in a "benevolent" context.

I respect Dan for ending his postings for feeling he may have been compromised. I only wish that more people had the fortitude to do the same. There is too much disinformation out there as it is.

Best to everyone.

Jen (fractaltimes.wordpress.com)

Mike Clelland! said...

Quick comment - I will miss his postings. I found them fascinating and heartfelt.

But - I understand his concern about tapping into something dark. I know that a lot of readers told stories of having odd experiences as a direct result of his essays.

I've spoken to Dan on the phone, and he is very soft-spoken and thoughtful. This was quite at odds with his on-line persona.

I wish him well.
Mike C

Jen said...

Ditto, Mike. :)

Damien said...

I respect Dan's blog. I truly do. It's fascinating and enlightening. And I have been following it from the very beginning.

But I really have to question his world view when he subscribes to the idea - as he does in his "final" post - that the World Trade Center was brought down by nuclear bombs. Really? I mean, really?? This is beyond absurd, and I have to question his rationality, which then reflects upon his own blog. The "nuclear" theory of 9/11 is very, very sloppy thinking, which then opens the question of whether Dan is really as an astute an observer of reality as he thinks he is. I'm really sorry to come across as a harsh critic, but I have to remain true to my own education. While I heartfully believe that the collapse of the twin towers was a profound psychic manifestation of the gestalt of the times, I think it's ridiculous to resort to sensationalist, "conspiratical" models to explain it. Nuclear bombs?? Go to Fulton and Church Street in Manhattan with a geiger counter and prove to me that there is residual radiation from a nuclear bomb. You won't be able to. When someone subscribes to these easy conspiracies without thorough thought, I then have to question whether the individual is really observing their own experiences with a discerning eye.

This sounds heretical, since Dan has repeatedly - and rightly - been questioning his own interpretation of his experiences (as many of us do). But his "sign-off" of his blog reeks of a simplistic surrender to a crazy - and thoughtless - conspiracy theory.

Kandinsky said...

I enjoyed reading his blogs and they allowed for more speculative, personal comments than I usually feel comfortable with. In terms of 'dealing with the deep,' I'm at a loss to think of another blogger who expressed so much in such detail.

He's spent a lot of time peering into the abyss and it isn't healthy.

From one stranger to another, I hope he reassesses and re-evaluates. As the summer creeps in and our moods are lightened, I hope he finds some bone-warming sunspot in the garden and recharges the batteries. In some sense he might understand, the attraction of commentators to the darker end of the internet is very much the siren call of hungry ghosts.

Jason E said...

Fascinating. Started off reminding me of HP Lovecraft, then when the coloured light arrived Philip K Dick came to mind. By the end I was thinking of Anthony Peake's work. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I will miss Dan! I've read him from the beginning, when his entries, which he eventually took down, were classic close encounter experiencer fare.

I wish him and his family well because this does seem to be generational/inherited. Or as he put it maybe a few months ago - his "wyrd"....sort of a characteristic that a family carries.

I'd worried that he was being manipulated with 'screen memories' re.- his marvelous visits into the imaginal realm. If so then yes, he was compromised and that could put his beloved family at risk.

As for 9.11, I think many of us Americans have questioned our official government narrative and we know that our government(and some others) is quite capable of False Flag Operations. It doesn't mean we aren't patriots to question and then reject the offical "story". But we will be ridiculed or judged, which is why I don't discuss it in person or online (until now in this post).

We live in scary right-wing trending times in America. Someone like Private Bradley Manning can be imprisoned and mistreated indefintely for doing a rightous, patriotic act - releasing, to Wikileaks, videos of our soldiers murdering innocent civilians. Then we have the Patriot Act continuing to be used and abused by the government. And there's the horror of watching (usually shown only on Current TV or MSNBC) militarized police starting fights- beating up Occupy Wallstreet Protesters - including female senior citizens!

Okay, I've written enough about politics and usually manage to separate ufology from politics. (sorry Mike, this are just my middle-aged cynical opinions).

~ Susan

Delorus said...

I always appreciated his bravery in trying to catch smoke in a jar so to speak. 9-11 was another impossible act played out in public view. Maybe Dr. Judy Woods or Paul Laffoly on Radiorbit (with Mike Hagen, also missed and wished well by me) got as close with the jars to that smoke as anyone has.

Robert Anton Wilson has helped me through the years with basically quantifying my conflicting thoughts as multiple personality aspects and thinking in terms of percentages instead of beliefs. Such as "I am 70/30 that there may well have been a directed energy beam from an unknown satellite, or possibly another source." Pretty open ended, which is where my beliefs, if I have any, reside. I do believe in compassion and loving kindness.

I wish the best for Dan and his family and I hope he will find a peaceful heart. I'm grateful for what he shared and always felt it came from an honest place, if a scary one. I'm sure we who come here have had our shocks and scares as well. And delights.

Best wishes to you all, Delorus

Mike Clelland! said...

I am quite convinced that the twin towers did NOT fall the way the government is telling me. Something else happened.

I have read so much on the subject that it leaves my head spinning. All I know is they both fell, and it was NOT due to airplanes and jet fuel. So far, the best explanation comes from Judy Wood. Her ideas of some sort of exotic energy weapon seems to fit all the oddities reported and photographed.

The events of 9-11 are symbolic in such a brutal way. Something terrible happened, and the power structures have been lying and manipulating in a way that seems absolutely evil.

I just have the gut feeling that "something" else is going on, unfolding even now, that is sinister and vast.

Dan is articulating something I feel in my gut. I am unconcerned if the details he writes about match with the research that I've followed. That isn't important. What is important is how we - all of us - proceed forward in these dark times.

Mike Clelland

Red Pill Junkie said...

I was no longer following Dan on his blog after the first time he shut it down and erased previous comments --I kinda took that personally, maybe it's a childish attitude but there you go-- yet I concur with everybody in saying he was an unusually deep thinker endowed with much-needed clarity to delve into the murkier aspects of the Paranormal without the easy 'safe-line' of cultural preconceptions.

I wish Dan all the best and that he may find the peace and solace he's looking for, not just for him but for his family and children.

It is a pity and a great loss. An audio-conversation between He and Mike would have been incredible.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

have you seen the movie "Thrive" by Foster Gamble?


You can watch it for free on You Tube here;


Like the Hollywood slogan goes,
"If you see only one movie this year..."

Interesting how in the movie Foster says that he was compelled to make this movie.

Bright Garlick said...

Mike - I wonder if transgenerational loss, grief and trauma (which manifests as debts if unresolved in individuals) created Dan's demons. In many people I have worked with (as a counsellor) these unpaid debts/burdens affect whole families and sometimes manifest as perceived physical demons. Using a multidimensional approach to transforming problems - I have seen many people move beyond their demons.

I would like to imagine that Dan will realize and will experience the benevolent compassionate love of many alien entities. I suspect that more of this benevolent experience will come as Dan learns to integrate the demons and becomes whole. I am glad that Dan has begun to feel this kind of love.

So many people perceive their alien contacts as threatening/malevolent because they have not integrated their own shadow and acknowledged their own fear. They project onto the aliens that which is not true. I think Dan is starting to get this when he said ''flavoured by the human soul''.

I wish you peace and good health Dan.

Mike you read this so well. So much feeling ! I could easily imagine you reading blog posts as a regular part of your podcast !

PS. The robed aliens Dan describes sound a little like The Brownies/Teal'hia that I have documented.

KMG said...

Aw. This sucks. I enjoyed Dan's posts and they stimulated my thinking in a way that few other blogs have. And I read every post with an expectant attitude of "what will happen next?"

But having said that, I do not blame him at all for shutting down. To follow a deeply complex notion or a philosophy, or to preserve one's sanity and one's family's well being? For most of us, it's a no brainer.

Farewell, Dan. Maybe you'll let Mike do a follow-up interview later on and let us all know how you're doing.

kdefg said...

I will admit to being amused by all of the hype surrounding the 2012 winter solstice and the end of the Mayan calendar, but also intrigued by the thought that humanity could be poised for some kind of transition. I want to anticipate enlightenment or disclosure or revelation, rather than fear annihilation. For me, Dan's blog was like a flashlight tour thru a dark forest, with rest stops along the way. If our transition has already begun, I hope Dan will reappear when we emerge from that forest. When I saw his permanent closure announcement, I feared that he was abandoning us to some inevitable outcome. I had come to think of his archives like a flipside of the "Rapture Ready" site, but that was unfair. He always did have that disclaimer about his content being offered as a work of fiction. If change is coming, perhaps there is nothing we can do, neither to prevent it nor to prepare for it. Live in the moment, but live lucidly and aware. Dan's blog may have been a distraction to him, and as such closing it is probably the most healthy thing he can do.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,

I wanted to respond here in regards to your post, as well as Dan's.

"On another level, he was treading in dark waters. He was articulating malevolent ideas, brutal thoughts of a hostile nature. There were times I truly worried for his sanity."

I quite like you Mike & often peek into your blog, but I do not agree here with you entirely. Indeed, it is dark territory he has tread, but by no means is the man's sanity not intact. I find that it was a sane move to disengage from his blog & from the high strangeness & paranormal, rather than drown in it. He was witness to some pretty brutal & hostile things, but on a personal note, found him very personable & likeable. He worked hard to become this way. Sometimes the message delivered of things experienced is not always pleasant & can be horrendous. I've been down that road myself, but not nearly as far as Dan.

"I have a very intuitive friend, Anya Briggs, and she thought that some of his darker postings might have even contained an kind of alchemical incantation burred within the text. She saw the potential for nefarious magic within these posts."

I am not terribly experienced in inantation or nefarious majic, but I am not so sure about this. What I found for me personally is insight into what lays beyond & it isn't always pretty, particularly if one hasn't dealt with their issues here & now, or at least attempted to. And judging by the direction man is headed, it isn't so nice.

What I will say, though, is that it has given me a deeper insight into myself, as well as looking at issues I had been dodging for a long time & being brutally honest with myself, but not in a self dispariaging way. It has also caused me to really examine my own mortality & gain a deeper appreciation for every day subtleties that were perhaps overlooked before. And to not be frightened at what lays beyond this physical realm.
I count the man as a friend & am glad he has put this behind & has more time to focus on his wife & little ones. I wish him well on his continued journey.

Anonymous said...

*And judging by the direction man is headed, it isn't so nice.*

I'd meant to say "humankind" rather than "man". Forgot to proofread before posting :)

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Little Peregrine:

Yes, i did write; "...There were times I truly worried for his sanity."

What I meant was that when he took down his blog (ich he did periodcaly) my first reaction was - 'Oh shit - I hope he's alright."

And that feeling worried me. He wrote one post where he said he went to a secluded site at night with his name and address taped to his leg under his pants incase he didn't survive. That was a bold and scare thing to read.

Also -

I wrote: "I have a very intuitive friend, Anya Briggs, and she thought that some of his darker postings might have even contained an kind of alchemical incantation burred within the text. She saw the potential for nefarious magic within these posts."

Re-read my post above. I am not kidding, I felt a pull from an unknown source to record that essay. It was weird. What did I experience?

peace to you,
Mike C!

Anonymous said...

Hia Mike.

I am not sure which post you refer to, whether the one that you did an audio recording of or the last blog entry on Dan's blog, but I will say that I definitely felt a deep sorrow when I read the last entry & I was in tears. Not sorrow from Dan leaving, but the plight humankind is in now. I live in a larger city & the co-op I live in borders a very run down & drug infected area. The human tragedy witnessed daily is very weighing. That & the general disconnect from empathy. Today while walking home, there were firetrucks & cop cars blocking off an intersection where a highrise stood. A fellow was threatening to jump. People were standing around with their iphones & cameras hoping to catch a glimps of this man plummet to his death. We've turned into such a morbidly voyeuristic society & it saddens me. I do not feel good about the road humankind seems to be barreling down, but I do feel in my heart, that once I (we) cross that physical threshold, that is when the journey really begins. Not that I am saying that I am in any hurry for that journey to begin, I do hope that I am a very old lady ensconced in her rocking chair when I do leave. :)

Alright, I ramble. Do take care & have a great weekend.

Mike Clelland! said...

Little Peregrine,

Yes - Looking at our present plight and our human brothers and sisters can be brutal. But I feel there is more good than bad. Individually we shine, collectively we are zombies.

Also - the post I was referring to was the one above. I share how I felt weirdly impelled to record that audio essay. It could be interpreted that I was being controlled by an outside force, as if the post itself cast a spell on me.

Just sayin...

Mike C!

Anonymous said...

The farewell post is now gone from Luminosity as well. This action makes me think Dan wasn't quite telling the truth - he had said he no longer had the password to control the blog. Well, clearly he did, or he directed someone to act on his behalf. His writing was fascinating, and it sticks with me, but I learned to take his stories with a giant grain of salt because sometimes it felt like the honesty was lacking.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" - It simply may be that the new blogger who is to replace Dan, went in and deleted the final entry (at Dan's request or the new blogger's perogative).

~ Susan

Severin!! said...

Just one prefatory comment, to Mr. Clelland, before I get to my main point.
I encountered your work via "The Messengers", and can't thank you enough for your insights and for undertaking the exhaustive task of compiling and analyzing all of these encounters and stories. It struck me in a very personal way, for reasons that I will get into below.
For anyone who may read this, I came to Dan Mitchell's writing only in the last year, via the co-authored writing he did with Steph Young. From there, I have back tracked through what I could find about him; the occasional post or fragment of essay that can be found online. It sounds like most of you here were following him far more closely.
So, I am posting this for two reasons. First, I want to know if anyone either has, or can direct me to, a source for more of Mitchell's "Luminosity" era work. I know that he said he deleted much of this material because of concerns over what ramifications it might have to others. I respect that, for reasons very similar to what I think motivated him. But, as I will describe below, I feel compelled to pull that thread anyway. So, if anyone an help me with this, I would appreciate it.
My second reason for this comment is that I am intending on beginning my own blog that will be taking a similar approach to what Mitchell did. Like him, I have had a life that has been deeply marked by strange events. I am relatively new to all of this, in the sense that it is only in the last few years that I have been going back, and trying to come to some accounting of all of this.
For many years I was a practicing occultist. And, while I had many paranormal type occurrences during the periods of my practice, I was oblivious to many other peculiar things in my life; things that predated any active involvement with the occult.
My point is that for a long time I assumed that the strangeness of my life began only after I began my occult explorations. It was only when I began to explore these fields that are addressed on this site, and others like it, that other missing pieces began to fall back into place.
So, in essence, I am undertaking the same process that Mitchell did. Trying to create a forum/framework where I can start to correlate all of these experiences and see what I can find out.
If Mr. Clelland permits this to be posted, it would be appreciated.