Friday, April 20, 2012

men in black caught on a security camera?

NOTE added April 25th:
Presently there is a lot of on-line buzz that this is a hoax. But the sources and chatter leave my head spinning and I'm left more confused than convinced. I actually don't have the patience to follow it. Here's a link: ABOVE TOP SECRET forums.

men in black?

Curious video from a security camera in a hotel lobby. I can't vouch for it's authenticity, but it's certainly intriguing.

Here is a written REPORT on this incident. Very formal and well worth reviewing.

Here's something for you English majors, check out the use of the quotation "marks" on the home-page to The Aerial Phenomenon Investigation Team on their web-site.
The Aerial Phenomenon Investigation Team is a group of “professional investigators, intelligence analysts, and scientists” dedicated to conducting investigative research and analysis regarding unidentified flying objects (UFO) and other aerial phenomenon.
Hmmmm, this makes me wonder.

I always think of the sign I saw on the streets of New York that said: "FRESH" FISH. Uh-oh, does this imply something worrisome?


Michael D said...

Well, that bit at 0:46, with them stepping slowly backwards; that's about as suspicious as anything, I guess. I mean, who does THAT?????????

tinyjunco said...

Michael D., this is getting spooky - i noticed The Same Exact Thing!!!

and they're so darn *casual* about it. Creepy.

seriously, tho, it's a shame that video, etc. is so easy to fake these days. It makes me wonder what level/type of evidence would it take for any of us to feel seriously about this video? steph

Lord Jim said...

These guys fill out their trenchcoats a little too well to be spindly Nick Redfern MiBs.

Red Pill Junkie said...

They do seem to have very pale skin, which might have been make-up.

It's a shame we don't get to see a close-up of their faces though, it would have been nice to check if their eyes were indeed unnaturally big.

Obviously this doesn't prove anything, since they could have been cosplay artists or something, but it's an interesting video nonetheless.

It makes me think how in the 50s these persons would have blended easier with the crowd, but who uses hats nowadays? maybe the MIBs should consider switching to hipster clothing, and then even their spindliness and pale skin would look almost natural! :P

Red Pill Junkie said...


tinyjunco said...

RPJ: "maybe the MIBs should consider switching to hipster clothing, and then even their spindliness and pale skin would look almost natural! :P"

ha! love it! i have to admit that one line in the report seemed off to me: about how the two witnesses found themselves outside 'by happenstance'.

What, you can't say they were having a smoke or gossiping or taking towels to rooms or...? i can see not wanting to say if they were doing a drug deal or something - but oh wait that makes them less credible witnesses.

good example of how tricky it can be to evaluate these matters, how you have to build theory by taking info from a large # of narratives it seems to me. steph

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one who has raised eyebrows about Antonio Paris and his API company. Came across this...

Mike Clelland! said...

I heard an interview with Antonio Paris on MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE recently (easily searched) and I gotta say I wasn't all that impressed.

I am VERY suspicious of organizations like this that have web-sites that are jut a little bit too slick without any data posted.

Fernando Severns said...

They should have zoomed-in the security camera to get a clearer view of the faces of these two men on black suits. I wouldn't be shocked if their names were Kay and Jay. Hehe Anyway, who knows? it could be our first piece of evidence towards the fabled MIB.

Odessa Hanton said...

LOL! You got me right there, Fernando. I think the FBI has a better explanation about these MIB. What do you know? Those guys might be from FBI. :P