Thursday, April 5, 2012

reassuring dreams, two nights in a row

For a while I was keeping a sort of diary of my experiences, I would just sort of dump them into a document on my computer. This document is now 111 pages long. I haven’t added anything in a long time, but I remembered about two dreams that seemed curious, and I searched them out. Here’s what I wrote: 

June 5th 2008
I am in Alaska working for an outdoor school. I just got done teaching a mountaineering course, and now I am at the base camp, a lovely farm north of Anchorage. I sleep in a little wall tent off in the woods near the farm. There is no nighttime, it's always daylight this time of year. 
I have had two weirdly vivid dreams, two nights in a row. 
The first was a full-blow abduction dream. Interior of an alien craft, a cold table, telepathy, weird alien hybrids (they looked like tiny shrunken old men) and people (yup, normal people) on the craft too. 
The exact details are extremely foggy, but the overwhelming impression was a sort of relief. There was NOTHING scary about this dream. The alien hybrids were small and nonthreatening. The people on-board seemed to have a purpose and a job, and it was somehow for the collective good. 
And the little aliens seemed so normal, I wasn't intimidated in the least. I literally thought to myself, "This is them? Why am I afraid of these dinky little things?" 
And, the most vivid memory from this dream was the telepathy and how it sounded in my own head. It was EXTREMELY clear and free of any "static." I was impressed, I thought: "Wow, this is working super well, there's no need to worry about communicating, because it's SO clear." 
The next morning I tried hard to remember what was told to me during the finely tuned telepathy, but I couldn't remember. 
Now, lemme say, this was a dream. Not some foggy memory of anything real. But I woke up feeling relived and at peace. There was something deeply reassuring about this dream, I was confronted with something that should have been scary, but it wasn’t, instead it just felt so normal. 
And then the following nights dream: 
This was filled with very moody and frightening images. Huge air-force jets chasing things in the sky, and people on the ground (myself included) watching helplessly. Eventually there was a terrifying nuclear explosion on the distant horizon, then bunches of them. I took shelter in a sort of children's puppet theater. And there was a reoccurring image of a boy "emerging" from a stage prop over and over. 
How do I interpreter this? The overtly theatrical ending, literally on a stage makes me wonder. And the weird repeating emergence of a little boy out of an obvious stage prop. It was a sort of jack-in-the-box thing, and the claustrophobic little stage reminded me of that theater in Disneyland with the mechanical Lincoln.
Anyway - both dreams were JUST dreams, and they were extremely vivid, colorful, cinematic and weirdly 3D. 
This weird imagery in both of these dreams is probably nothing - I want to convince myself of this - these are JUST dreams. It's probably nothing but my poor tortured psyche dealing with the 24 hour sunlight. But it feels weirder than that.

These are what I’ve been calling reassuring dreams, and I went through a period where I was having a bunch of them. And by reassuring, I mean the dream has a scary element of the UFO abduction phenomenon, but it isn’t scary at all. What I experience in the dream is sort of bland and normal. I've created a label for these dreams, click HERE for all of them.

Here's a good example of a (funny) reassuring dream.

There is a follow-up post below, another reassuring dream report, and this one seems even stranger.

All these reassuring dreams feel like a sort of projection from outside of myself. They FEEL like an implanted dream experience that is meant to calm me down - to REASSURE me. I haven't had an experience like this in a few years, these dreams all seemed to cluster around that summer. I think I know what I am implying. I have no other way to describe these dreams other than the way it feels.

Please note: 
The excerpt above has been edited slightly from the form I found it in the diary. I cleaned up some grammatical stuff and added a few extra sentences for clarity.


radio-jack said...

Interesting dream i've had similar vivid dreams myself, hope to read more

Red Pill Junkie said...

Can you describe the boy in the second dream?

Red Pill Junkie said...

PS: So you were in Alaska in 2008 when you had these dreams. Do you know if there was a lot of aurora activity that summer?

PS: It's SO GOOD to have the e-mail subscription once again! ;)

Mike Clelland! said...

My replies:
The boy in the jack-in-the-box thing was sort of bland retro normal whitey boy. Maybe like I was in my youth.
I have no idea about aurora stuff in July 2008. I do know that the sun was up the whole time I was in AK, well, it tipped just a little below the horizon near mid-night creating a gorgeous twilight.

Trish said...

Intriguing, Mike. Maybe a Jungian analyst should look at this dream and interpret it for you? Wouldn't trust a Freudian by a long shot!

Bright Garlick said...

Mike I don't know what these dreams meant for you and I can't rule out that they were purely symbolic or precognitive. But you can't rule out that they were implanted or seeds of them were implanted because I think we sometimes function better when things come to us through sleep.

Two things caught my attention in what you said : The jets chasing things in the sky - I have had recurring dreams of this - always related to UFOs and nuclear missile(s). Second, during my January 2011 encounter I was shown a nuclear strike from N Korea against the Northern US and it was intercepted by the aliens and a strike from Israel on Tehran - which destroyed Tehran. I was aware that variation in time lines could see a different outcome but I feel strongly that we are heading in both directions.

But regardless of whether these have any relationship to your dreams, it does seem that you must trust the reassurance (much like trusting the Steven Greer related mozzie !) I'm glad you are recording your dreams. I'd be curious to hear what symbols keep popping up, over and over again.

Happy dreaming !